143 Records

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143 Records
Parent companyWarner Music Group
FounderDavid Foster
Distributor(s)Warner Records
Atlantic Records
Country of originU.S.
Official websitewww.143records.com

143 Records was the record label of producer David Foster. 143 was a sub-label of Warner Records and Atlantic Records. The numbers 1-4-3 are derived from the words "I (1 letter) love (4 letters) you (3 letters)."[citation needed]



When record producer David Foster signed a deal with Warner Bros. in 1995, it enabled him to start 143 Records.[1] Foster gave the responsibility for running the label to manager Brian Avnet.[1] One of the label's first signing was Irish folk-rock band the Corrs.[1]

In 1997 Foster and Avnet concluded "logo labels" like 143 were in a "bad spot". Foster sold the label back to Warner and then became senior vice-president at the corporation.[1] On September 20, 2001, Warner Music Group announced it was shutting down the label.[2]




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