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Logo for the Sanrio Netflix series Aggretsuko.png
(Aguresshibu Retsuko)
Created bySanrio
Anime television series
Directed byRarecho
Written byRarecho
Original networkTBS
Original run April 2, 2016 March 31, 2018
Original net animation
Directed byRarecho
Produced by
  • Kelly Luegenbiehl
  • Kaata Sakamoto
  • Taro Goto
  • Yoichiro Shimomura
  • Miyuki Okumura
  • Akira Takayama
  • Yasue Mochizuki
Written byRarecho
Licensed byNetflix
Released April 20, 2018 present
Runtime15–27 minutes
Episodes40 + special (List of episodes)

Aggretsuko, also known by its original Japanese title Aggressive Retsuko (Japanese: アグレッシブ烈子, Hepburn: Aguresshibu Retsuko), is a Japanese animated comedy streaming television series based on the eponymous character created by "Yeti" for the mascot company Sanrio. The character first appeared in a series of animated shorts by Fanworks which aired on TBS Television between April 2016 and March 2018.

An original net animation (ONA) anime series adaptation was launched worldwide on Netflix in April 2018, followed by a second season in June 2019, a third season in August 2020 and a fourth season in December 2021. A fifth and final season is set to debut in February 2023.

A comic book series adaptation by Daniel Barnes and D.J. Kirkland was launched by Oni Press. The first issue was released on February 5, 2020.[2]

A mobile game, Aggretsuko: The Short Timer Strikes Back, was released by Hive for Android and iOS in July 2020. The game, which is available worldwide, includes the full 100 short episode series, which need to be unlocked individually via normal gameplay. Whilst subtitled, the short episodes were not dubbed into other languages.


Retsuko is a 25-year old and single anthropomorphic red panda, working in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm, trying her best to navigate through the typical problems encountered by young adults in 21st century Japan. Facing constant frustration every day from pushy superiors and co-workers, Retsuko lets out her emotions by going to a karaoke bar every night and singing death metal.[3][4] After five years of working the daily grind, Retsuko's misery causes her to undergo a series of events that puts her job in jeopardy, forcing her to shift her relationships with her co-workers and ends up changing her life in unexpected ways. After this, she continues to come up with ways to find happiness, and eventually comes to the conclusion that she would one day like to get married and raise a family. Unfortunately, her social anxiety combined with her naïveté often causes her to get into far more trouble than she expects while pursuing her dreams. Beginning with Season 4, the show focuses less on Retsuko as the protagonist and more on her colleagues at the office, each with their own unique set of problems. In the upcoming Season 5, the show will mainly focus on Retsuko being involved with the Japanese government along with Haida's life after quitting his office job.[5]


Retsuko (烈子)
Voiced by: Kaolip, Rarecho (vocals) (Japanese); Erica Mendez, Jamison Boaz (vocals) (English)[6]
A 25-year-old red panda in her company's accounting department who lets out frustrations over her job by singing death metal at a karaoke bar. She is an amiable introvert who suffers from social anxiety, and is prone to unrealistic dreams to the point where it negatively impacts her and those around her. After Retsuko bad-mouths her boss, Ton, on TV, Ton nicknames her "Short-Timer" (Japanese dub) or "Calendar" (English dub), implying her job is on the line. When confronted with a new problem, personal or otherwise, she quickly retreats to a corner and tries to resolve the issue alone, if she does not outright surrender. This shows that her emotional maturity is lacking, and she is reluctant to confide in others. However, she slowly develops a healthier emotional state with help from her friends and, ironically, the co-workers she often cannot stand. By Season 3, she goes fully public with her death metal singing, thus beginning a lucrative side hustle.
Director Ton (トン)
Voiced by: Souta Arai (Japanese); Josh Petersdorf (English)[6]
The domestic pig director of the accounting department, who constantly gives Retsuko a hard time through blatant sexism or overwork. He spends significant time practicing golf instead of working, though it is shown that he is an incredibly skilled and speedy accountant despite being tech illiterate. Though he regularly belittles Retsuko, it is implied that he greatly respects her, and possibly sees her as his successor. He has more than once stepped into her personal life with timely wisdom to save her from situations that are causing her grief. In spite of his toughness, he has a soft spot for his family, and initially hides from them the fact that he was forced to quit his job in Season 4. He is also protective of his workforce, refusing to fire anyone in the accounting department when incentivized to do so by the new president.
Fenneko (フェネ子, Feneko)
Voiced by: Rina Inoue (Japanese); Katelyn Gault (English)[6]
Retsuko's fennec fox co-worker and closest friend in the office. Highly perceptive and insightful, she is able to deduce anyone's mental state through mere observation of their habits and deviations from their usual patterns – namely, through scrutinizing others' social media. Cynical by nature, she often openly criticizes something only to later enjoy it, sometimes to an obsessive degree. She also has a close relationship with Haida and an unusual rivalry with Tsunoda. She has a highly distinctive, monotonous laugh.
Haida (ハイ田)
Voiced by: Shingo Kato (Japanese); Ben Diskin (English)[6]
Retsuko's mild-mannered spotted hyena co-worker, who has a crush on Retsuko. His roundabout approach to confessing his feelings puts him in many comical situations; in many ways, he shares the same social anxiety and confidence problems as Retsuko, resulting in poor communication with her. Despite being rejected, he struggles to move on and continues to pine for her, often reacting badly whenever she goes out with someone. However, he does give Retsuko space to keep himself in check, and genuinely cares for Retsuko's well-being and happiness. Haida is an avid punk rock fan, and plays bass guitar. Haida is skilled in programming and IT work, but his work is frequently dismissed by the tech illiterate seniors in Accounting, leaving him frustrated. In Season 4, Haida is suddenly promoted to Accounting Director but later quits the company altogether after being forced to partake in financial fraud.
Director Gori (ゴリ)
Voiced by: Maki Tsuruta (Japanese); G. K. Bowes (English)[6]
A gorilla lady who works as director of marketing at Retsuko's company. Along with Washimi, she does yoga with Retsuko and eventually joins her in karaoke. Despite her serious nature at work, she is highly excitable and takes great interest in bonding with Retsuko. A running gag with Gori is her over-the-top mourning over failed relationships, usually romantic ones. Despite being 40 years old and incredibly career-driven, she has high hopes to still get married someday and continues to make bold attempts to find "the one."
Ms. Washimi (鷲美)
Voiced by: Komegumi Koiwasaki (Japanese); Tara Platt (English)[6]
A secretary bird who works as the secretary to the company's CEO, and arguably the company's de facto CEO due to the actual CEO's incompetence. Strong-willed and confident, she is very wise and gives Retsuko a lot of sage advice when she is not busy keeping Gori's excitability in check. She sometimes axe kicks to intimidate those who frustrate her (mostly her boss), embodying the classic hunting behavior of her animal. Though very level-headed, she loses significant composure when the topic of marriage comes up, having gone through a bitter divorce after a four-month long marriage in her past.
Tsunoda (角田)
Voiced by: Rina Inoue (Japanese); G. K. Bowes (English)[6]
A perky gazelle coworker of Retsuko who frequently sucks up to Ton in order to remain in a favorable position and to lighten her own workload. Her shameless approach to office politics and social media stardom earns her the ire of many. However, she is highly self-aware and more genuine than her personality lets on. She is an expert on discerning the emotional and mental states of those around her. As the show progresses, she gradually develops a closer friendship with Fenneko.
Komiya (小宮)
Voiced by: Sota Arai (Japanese); Todd Haberkorn (English)[6]
Ton's meerkat right-hand subordinate. Like Tsunoda, Komiya sucks up to Ton, but he appears to be motivated by genuine admiration for Ton while Tsunoda only does so for her own calculated benefits. In Season 3, it is revealed that he runs a popular blog on JPop idols and becomes a big fan of Retsuko after seeing her sing on-stage.
Tsubone (坪根)
Voiced by: Maki Tsuruta (Japanese); Debra Cardona (English)[6]
A Komodo dragon who is a senior to Retsuko in the accounting department. She is highly condescending and is implied to enjoy watching others fail, usually by giving them one of her many air-tight snack jars to open. Much like Ton, she frequently uses her seniority to push her extra work onto Retsuko. She is implied to have a significant bond with Ton, having worked in the Accounting department for almost as long as he has. Likewise, she is also tech illiterate, and gets defensive when asked to update the way she does her work.
Kabae (カバ恵)
Voiced by: Yuki Takahashi (Japanese); Misty Lee (English)[6]
Retsuko's hippo chatty coworker. Kabae is a middle-aged woman who frequently runs her mouth as the company's rumor mill. She is easily excited by new gossip but claims to never spread anything malicious. She is happily married to her husband and has three kids at home. Her motherly personality, when applied at work, has polarizing results on the younger workers at the office. In Season 4, she reveals that she has a considerable amount of espionage and stealth skills, showing Retsuko how to sneak around the office building's ventilation shafts.
Resasuke (れさすけ)
Voiced by: Shingo Kato (Japanese); Max Mittelman (English)[6]
Retsuko's one-time, and oblivious, red panda boyfriend in Season 1, who works in the Sales Department at their trade firm. Nicknamed the "Out of Pocket Prince" (Japanese dub) or "Space Cadet" (English dub), he is constantly zoning out, irresponsible with job duties, soft-spoken, and has zero social awareness. He has a large collection of thriving plants at home, suggesting that his character is a play on the Japanese term "herbivore men".
Anai (穴井)
Voiced by: Sota Arai (Japanese); Billy Kametz (English)[6]
A Japanese badger recent college graduate and a new hire in Retsuko's accounting department beginning in Season 2. He is very happy and eager on the surface, but does not take any kind of feedback lightly, treating it as a personal attack. This causes him to neurotically harass whoever "criticized" him via email demanding a written apology and recording all future conversations with the threat of escalation. As such, his professional and social skills are very lackluster, though his brick wall approach to criticism also renders him immune to the office politics others freely exercise. He is, however, receptive to Kabae's motherly approach, and gradually learns to get along with everyone through her, suggesting that he regularly suffers from extreme anxiety. He is also an excellent cook and later sells his home-cooked meals to his co-workers. In Season 3, he becomes more emotionally stable, having found a girlfriend and writing a cookbook as a side project.
Tadano (只野)
Voiced by: Chiharu Sasa (Japanese); Griffin Burns (English)[6]
A donkey who is briefly Retsuko's boyfriend in Season 2. Initially shown as a lazy, jobless bum, Tadano is actually the founder of his own AI company that is quickly rising in stock and is both incredibly wealthy and intelligent. Tadano's laziness is attributed to the fact that he quickly loses interest in any task he finds mundane, and is driven to bring his AI program to the masses in hopes of moving society past late-stage capitalism, supporting programs like universal basic income. Retsuko slowly falls for the laid-back but driven Tadano after meeting him in driving class, unaware of his true identity, and starts a genuine, happy relationship with him. However, the relationship ends when Tadano revealed that he is not interested in having kids or getting married. Tadano remains a recurring character in later seasons, befriending the people around Retsuko and continues to support her and her friends without asking for anything in return.
Retsuko's mother
Voiced by: Maki Tsuruta (Japanese); Kaitlyn Robrock (English)[6]
Retsuko's overbearing red panda mother, who is currently unnamed. Beginning in the second season, she regularly visits Retsuko, unannounced, trying to pressure her into marriage with one of many bachelors found via matchmakers. Despite her questionable actions, such as duplicating Retsuko's apartment key without her permission, she genuinely cares about Retsuko's well-being and gives her more opportunities to grow into adulthood by, often under immense emotional pressure, pushing her away from her comfort zone of "work, home, phone, sleep" as well as cooking and cleaning for her when she is visiting.
Hyodo (豹堂)
Voiced by: Sota Arai (Japanese); SungWon Cho (English)[6]
A leopard who is a window washer at Retsuko's building by day and the manager for the up-and-coming idol group "OTM Girls" (short for Ōtemachi) by night. Retsuko initially meets him when she accidentally crashes into his van, forcing her to take up a second job as the group's accounting manager to pay off her debt. When Hyodo inadvertently discovers her singing death metal at her regular karaoke spot, he decides to move the OTM Girls in a pop/metal fusion direction and coerces Retsuko into the center of the group. He is secretive about his day job with the girls, suggesting a sense of shame over it. Though highly aggressive and intimidating, his anger is implied to be a front to cover his feelings about his own failings and incompetence, as he is very poor with finances.
Manaka (マナカ)
Voiced by: SAYUMI (Japanese); Deva Marie Gregory (English)[6]
The chinchilla lead singer of the OTM Girls. In stark contrast to Retsuko's extremely passive personality, Manaka is confident and brash. She often behaves like a diva, but she genuinely cares for those around her, including Retsuko. Her bold personality comes from the fact that she neither desires nor cares for approval from others, and encourages Retsuko to be less afraid of upsetting others, accident or otherwise. When she is not performing, she's a store clerk at a local convenience store.
Inui (戌井)
Voiced by: Rina Inoue (Japanese); Abby Trott (English)[6]
A Borzoi who works in the General Affairs department at Retsuko's company. Introduced in Season 3, Inui is a sweet, gentle, and caring woman who tries to pursue a relationship with Haida after a chance encounter. Though they initially get off to a good start due to their shared love for punk rock, with Fenneko and Gori both pressuring Haida to accept her, Haida eventually turns her down. Though obviously hurt, Inui gracefully accepts the rejection.
Himuro (ヒムロ)
Voiced by: Yohei Azakami (Japanese); Trevor Devall (English)[6]
A Saluki who is the External Director of Retsuko's company. Introduced in Season 4, Himuro is promoted to CEO after the original CEO is hospitalized. He is very strict and possibly sociopathic, prioritizing obedience and determined to modernize the company at any cost. While his initial methods are financially sound, Himuro unabashedly begins to lay people off from the Accounting Department to save costs, and promotes Haida to Accounting Director. Surrounded by hostile board members who see him as an upstart outsider, Himuro eventually resorts to ordering Haida to cook the books. He quits after being exposed by the other members of the Accounting Department for fraud.


TV anime[edit]

A series of 100 one-minute anime shorts directed by Rarecho by Fanworks aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System Television between April 2, 2016, and March 31, 2018, as part of the Ō-sama Brunch television program.[7] Pony Canyon began releasing the shorts on DVD from January 18, 2017.[8]

Mobile game[edit]

In July 2020, a mobile game, Aggretsuko: The Short Timer Strikes Back, was released by Hive for Android and iOS devices. The game is a tile-matching puzzle game with the premise that Aggretsuko should begin working to build the furniture on the new company building, similar to games like Gardenscapes. For every ten levels completed, the user can download and see the episodes of the original one minute length TV Anime shorts.[9]

Netflix series[edit]

A Netflix original series was announced in December 2017, with Rarecho returning as director and writer at Fanworks.[10] The first season, consisting of ten episodes, was released worldwide on April 20, 2018,[11] with a second season which was released on June 14, 2019.[12][13] A third season premiered on August 27, 2020.[14] A fourth season premiered on December 16, 2021.[15] A fifth and final season is scheduled for a February 2023 release.[16]

A Christmas special was released on December 20, 2018.[17]

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally released
110April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
SpecialDecember 20, 2018 (2018-12-20)
210June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
310August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
410December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)

Season 1 (2018)[edit]

No. in
Title [a]Original release date
11"A Day in the Life of Retsuko"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
After five years at the same company, office worker Retsuko has to deal with many daily annoyances. She inadvertently arrives at work in her sandals, interacts with co-workers who either kiss up to the boss or couldn't care less about work. Her boss, Ton, makes her do menial tasks like dusting his desk and getting him tea, and then piles a bunch of papers on her, keeping her late at night. Afterwards, she lets out her frustrations by going to a karaoke bar and singing death metal.
22"A Good, Hard-working Girl"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
While shopping in a clothing store, Retsuko unexpectedly meets up with her free-spirited friend, Puko. During a dinner together in a restaurant, Puko reveals that she's going to start her own business, and asks if Retsuko wants in. Retsuko is hesitant as she can't leave her job. But, after enduring more frustration at work – Tsubone gives her more paperwork, and she watches Ton and Komiya do nothing but daydream of playing golf – she is set up to quit her job.
33"Short-timer"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
Retsuko expressed her frustrations with the boss on broadcast television while walking in Shibuya. With the glimmer of hope that she can quit the job and start working in Puko's shop, Retsuko tries to prevent her coworkers to know about this and becomes more inclined to stand up to her superiors. But, after learning that her dream job is not what she is expecting, her plan to quit the job backfires. To make matter worse, Director Ton and Komiya discovers that Retsuko has been browsing on how to quit the job and knows about her plans, thus Director Ton nicknames her "Short-Timer" and will subject her to more work and power abuse.
44"Walking Down the Aisle"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
Retsuko and her friend are visiting a wedding reception, commenting on how the couple is perfect for each other, and Retsuko gives away most of her money as a wedding gift. Soon, when she gets a call from her friend that the couple is getting divorced, she resents giving away the money. But after thinking about marriage, Retsuko considers that if she got married, she would finally be able to quit her job. With the plan set in motion, she starts to take yoga classes, where she meets and befriends her co-workers Gori and Washimi. On the way back home, Retsuko gets a call from her friend that the couple is back together again, thus the money given to them is not a waste.
55"Exposed"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
Retsuko keeps on with her daily routine, taking yoga classes with Gori and Washimi, along with working in the office and getting abused by her superiors. One night, while walking towards the station, Gori and Washimi end up taking Retsuko to her usual karaoke bar. The note which is given to Gori by their yoga instructor reveals a song number, which she inputs into the jukebox. As the song plays, Retsuko finally reveals her love for death metal songs, and also reveals her activity of venting her frustrations through karaoke.
66"Stoking Rebellion"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
At work, Retsuko keeps on getting abused by Director Ton and other superiors, though she notices how Tsunoda easily gets along with the boss. Retsuko decides to hang out with Tsunoda one night at dinner, asking her for tips on how to make up with the boss. The plan backfires when Retsuko makes up to the boss at the wrong time. Hearing about Retsuko's troubles, Washimi uses her connections with the company president to help her out. Thus, that night, the president gives Director Ton a warning. Ton is secretly not happy about it.
77"The Duel"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
The next morning, Director Ton acts uncharacteristically nice, scaring all the co-workers in the Accounting Department. Ton wants to find out who reported him to the president. That night at an office party, Retsuko hopes she can clear the air with Director Ton, only for Ton to determine that it was Retsuko who had him reported. During a karaoke duel, Ton raps about how useless Retsuko is. Retsuko, almost in despair, finally unleashes her rage form and responds with death metal, knocking everyone out.
88"The Out of Pocket Prince"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
Retsuko tries to keep her death metal form a secret from Fenneko and Haida (luckily Director Ton doesn't remember what happened at the office party). One day, Tsunoda invites Retsuko to an office mixer, which she is finally convinced to join. Fenneko also joins after Haida asks her to protect Retsuko. At the office mixer, Retsuko starts to have a hearty conversation with Resasuke, a worker from the Sales Marketing Department. From that moment, she feels she has finally found her dream boy.
99"A Rosy World"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
Retsuko falls head over heels for Resasuke, becoming oblivious to how bad things really are. She falls into a love-crazed state, talking about Resasuke to Gori and Washimi. Retsuko starts to spend more time with Resasuke, giving him a lot of canned coffee with Post-it messages. They go to an amusement park together. Although the intense walking in the wrong kind of shoes gives her sore legs and freezing cold winds cause her to catch cold, Retsuko keeps on being happy with him – and decides not to vent her frustrations in karaoke.
1010"The Dream Ends"April 20, 2018 (2018-04-20)
Retsuko keeps on hanging out with Resasuke while still enduring the pain she is going through. Haida learns that Retsuko is dating Resasuke, and feels bad that he doesn't have the guts to ask her out. With the end of the quarter getting near, the Accounting Department has to go all out with the end report while dealing with staff shortages (Haida is admitted to a hospital, Tsubone broke her arm while trying to open her jar of cookies, and Kabae is accused of being a spy and detained by authorities). Director Ton talks some sense to Retsuko about her current situation, and she is finally allowed to help the Department finish the report. That night, she takes Resasuke to the karaoke bar to finally vent her frustrations. After her death metal singing, she snaps out of her love-crazed state and sees Resasuke for who he really is. It is later revealed that Resasuke is an "herbivore man". The next day, Retsuko and Fenneko pay Haida a visit. Back at the office, everything goes back to normal, and Retsuko keeps on doing her work and still gets abuse from superiors.

Special (2018)[edit]

Title [a]Original release date
"We Wish You a Metal Christmas"December 20, 2018 (2018-12-20)
Retsuko becomes so obsessed with getting likes on Instagram that she forgets to make plans for Christmas Eve. Haida fears asking Retsuko out because of the nightmare of Retsuko rejecting him. Director Ton makes Retsuko overwork for the night, thus missing out on the Christmas Eve celebration. In desperation, she creates a simple dinner set-up in the office to be posted on Instagram for Christmas Eve. Fearing she might be alone, Haida quickly sets out to look for her. Meanwhile, Gori and Washimi end up hanging out with Retsuko, due to their own plans being foiled. The three of them eat ramen for their Christmas Eve meal. After the meal, Retsuko meets up with Haida and both return home together.

Season 2 (2019)[edit]

No. in
Title [a]Original release date
111"Time to Grow Up"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
Retsuko becomes increasingly frustrated with her mother's overbearing ways. It starts with an intense call from her mother, then her mother purchasing a cosplay maid's outfit for her, and finally when her mother secretly comes to visit and Retsuko mistakes her for a burglar. Retsuko's mom asks Retsuko to attend an arranged meeting with a suitor, and Retsuko completely flips out at her mom for setting up the meeting against her will.
122"The New Hire Named Anai"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
The company hires a new worker named Anai who, at first glance, seems nice and eager. Director Ton appoints Retsuko to train Anai well. Following her mother's request, Retsuko meets with the suitor, who is nice enough but not right for her. During work, Retsuko teaches Anai how to do the work, but he is completely nervous and keeps making mistakes. Retsuko comments on his performance, but Anai takes those words as personal attacks on him. He begins writing constant passive-aggressive e-mails to Retsuko, claiming that she is abusive and demanding that she reply to his accusations as soon as possible.
133"Double Moratorium"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
Ton berates Retsuko for Anai's lack of progress on the job, but Retsuko tries to hide the fact that every time she tries to lecture Anai, he blackmails her by recording her voice. She keeps on getting e-mails from him, demanding written answers to his accusations. When she meets with Anai inside the Archives Room, Retsuko finally blows her top and shows him her metal face. She talks about this to Gori and Washimi, who both suggest to her that Retsuko should take it easy with Anai. But when she goes looking for Anai, she discovers that he has gone on leave – first sending a fax to Director Ton about how Retsuko "abused" him. Fearing for herself, Retsuko resolves to try running away by learning how to drive. She signs up for a driving course in hopes of getting a license.
144"Unavoidable Impact"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
Retsuko continues to attend driving school, and befriends a laid-back donkey named Tadano. At work, the company is planning to host a Family Appreciation Day event – each Department will plan to contribute something to the food stalls. Unexpectedly, Director Ton appoints Retsuko to work with Anai to prepare the stalls for the Accounting Department. This is a nightmare for Retsuko, as she wants to be as far away from Anai as possible, so she chooses to do all the stall work alone. Haida comments on Anai not wanting to help Retsuko, but this activates Anai's defense mechanism – he writes Haida e-mails about the "attacks to his personality" and demands written responses.
155"United Front"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
Haida realizes what Retsuko has been facing with Anai. Retsuko and Fenneko are doing their best to keep Anai under control. All plans have failed, including asking Tsunoda to use her charm and Director Ton to use his aggressiveness. To everyone's surprise, Kabae is able to control Anai by treating him in a motherly fashion. At driving school, Tadano suggests that Retsuko should make up with Anai during the event. At Family Appreciation Day, the Accounting Department's yakisoba stall is not doing well because Retsuko is not a good cook, until Kabae manages to convince Anai to cook instead. Anai turns out to be an excellent cook and the stall becomes a runaway success. With this experience, Retsuko makes peace with Anai.
166"Unknown Future"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
After the event, Anai finally comes in line with the work, and he provides cheap lunch service, cooking meals and selling them to co-workers. Retsuko again considers her mother's advice about finding a suitor. Retsuko participates in a matchmaking party and unexpectedly meets up with Gori, who is also looking for a suitor. Both end up failing to get one. At driving school, Retsuko passes the exam and officially gets her license, but she founds out that Tadano has left the school.
177"Growing Affection"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
Having gotten her license, Retsuko takes her friends Gori and Washimi on a road trip. During the trip, Washimi reveals that she was married once, but got divorced after four months. This starts an intense argument between Washimi and Gori, and they begin to drift apart. The trip ends with a rivalry formed between Washimi and Gori. Retsuko ends up asking Kabae about marriage, and Kabae tells her the story of how she met her husband. The company president reports to Gori and Washimi that an entrepreneur is coming to the company to give a presentation.
188"He Lives Above the Clouds"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
Tadano is revealed to be the CEO of a tech company. He has been developing an AI that will introduce more automation in society. Retsuko talks about the special visitor to the company, but finds out that Gori and Washimi are still rivals. Tadano happens to meet up with Retsuko on the street, and he asks her out. Retsuko feels that she may be falling in love with Tadano, and they start to date.
199"She's Dreaming"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
Retsuko enjoys her new life dating Tadano, who seems too good to be true. She joins up with Tadano on a business golf game, which unexpectedly includes Director Ton. After the game, Ton spots a paparazzo taking photos of them both. One night, Retsuko confesses her love to Tadano. At work, Director Ton warns Retsuko about hanging out with Tadano. News quickly spreads on social media about Retsuko's relationship with Tadano. Gori and Washimi see the news and decide to take action, putting aside their differences for Retsuko's sake. Retsuko doesn't worry about the bad comments on social media, but she is shocked to discover that Tadano is not interested in marriage.
2010"Wonderful Life"June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14)
News breaks about Retsuko's relationship, and Retsuko learns of Tadano's comments about marriage. Not willing to let him go, Retsuko decides that she might just go along with Tadano's lifestyle, with Tadano asking her to quit her job and live with him. Meanwhile, Gori and Washimi call in Haida to help out Retsuko. At work, Director Ton berates Retsuko over Tadano, saying that he is too different from her. That night, Retsuko, along with Haida, Gori, and Washimi, take Tadano to the usual karaoke bar. There, Retsuko expresses herself through karaoke, admitting that she wants marriage and that she can't be true to herself if she stays with Tadano. Thus the relationship ends. A few days later, Retsuko moves on with her life, and they both go their separate ways.

Season 3 (2020)[edit]

No. in
Title [a]Original release date
211"The Blessings of Life"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
With her romance over, Retsuko fills the void with a virtual boyfriend, Seiya the unicorn, but gets reckless with in-game purchases. With her savings all but depleted, she survives by only eating bread crusts. Meanwhile, Haida learns that Anai has a girlfriend, and quickly spirals into an existential crisis about his own relationship status. Retsuko later goes on a spa trip with her mom and gets a generous amount of cash from her as gas money, and decides to treat herself to some take-out. However, things go south when she inadvertently backs into a parked minivan car in the restaurant parking lot.
222"Deep in the Hole"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
The leopard who owns the minivan collects Retsuko's details and but leaves before giving Retsuko his own. Paranoid about her financial straits, Retsuko goes to Gori for a quick loan, but Gori has blown her savings on a down payment to a new suite. The leopard calls Retsuko back and introduces himself as Hyodo. To pay for the damages to the van, Hyodo makes an agreement with Retsuko – that Retsuko works for him to pay back the debt. Hyodo takes her to a rundown night club, where she learns that Hyodo manages an underground idol group.
233"A Sheltered Life"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
At the night club, Retsuko is introduced to Manaka and two other idols, who form the OTM Girls Hyodo manages. Owing to the long hours at the night club, Retsuko starts falling asleep at work. Washimi encourages Retsuko to make the best of her situation and gives her some cash to give her some relief. Retsuko decides to seize control of all of the idol group's finances from Hyodo to get them out of debt. Meanwhile, at work, Haida meets Inui, and the two quickly bond.
244"Winds of Change"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
The OTM Girls turn a profit for the first time thanks to Retsuko's business acumen. Retsuko also opens up an official OTM Girls social media page in order to override a fan's paparazzi-style page that had previously served as the official page. Retsuko also sets up her own video channel teaching her death metal voice to earn some ad revenue. Haida hits it off with Inui after an unexpected encounter in a record shop.
255"An Urchin in the Desert"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
While taking Manaka to practice her new song in a karaoke bar, Hyodo unexpectedly spots Retsuko singing death metal. The next day, Hyodo announces that the idol group will change their genre, and appoints Retsuko to be the new lead singer. Initially, Retsuko refuses, as she doesn't want to let the world know of her death metal singing. Manaka tells Retsuko to step up and stop worrying about stepping on other people's toes. Later that night, Retsuko is pressured into, and eventually accepts, her new role as the lead singer for the OTM Girls.
266"Crossroads"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
The group's popularity soars after a blogger's favorable review, thanks to Retsuko's performance in singing death metal. Hyodo proposes of selling CDs with handshake coupons that will allow the consumer to shake hands with the idols for a few seconds. The CDs sell out quickly, and the group takes off for a concert in Hokkaido. Concerned by Retsuko's odd behavior, Haida secretly tails her to Hokkaido. At Hokaiddo, Haida befriends Tadano, who flies him back to Tokyo. Back at the concert, the blogger who boosted the group's status shakes hands with Retsuko, and is revealed to be Komiya. Komiya promises Retsuko to keep her idol life a secret at work.
277"An Impenetrable Wall"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
The OTM Girls receive an offer to perform at a rock festival. Hyodo re-brands the idols into a band, and the members must learn how to play instruments. Haida's relationship with Inui moves along slowly and he continues to meet up with Tadano. At one night, Gori joins the two, where again they talk about Retsuko. Tadano takes interest in Gori's new matchmaking app. That night, Haida calls Inui to tell her that she can visit his place to see him playing the bass.
288"Bursting Her Bubble"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
Manaka's devotion to instrumental mastery inspires others to step up. Retsuko ends up asking Haida to teach her how to play the guitar. Against Fenneko's warning, Haida agrees to it, and has her come the same day Inui is to come over for dinner. Retsuko comes first, learning how to play the F chord. After she leaves, Inui arrives and makes dinner. Haida is significantly more awkward around Inui than Retsuko, and upon spotting Retsuko's pink handkerchief in the bathroom, Inui abruptly leaves the house, skipping dinner. Before leaving, she asks Haida point blank if he likes her as much as she likes him.
299"The End of the Moratorium"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
Fenneko and Tsunoda berate Haida for his indecisiveness between Inui and Retsuko. Elsewhere, Director Ton learns about Retsuko's idol life through his daughters. While acknowledging her reasons, he warned her about the dangers of idol life, and offers her cash to pay off her remaining debt so she can leave. But Retsuko, having grown fond of Manaka and the others as well as making the group substantially profitable, declines, putting the idol group ahead of her day job. Manaka discovers that the owner of the fake OTM Girls social media page has been actively stalking Retsuko. Later at another concert, during the handshake event, a fan comes with 100 tickets, granting him with 5 minutes with Retsuko. He spends his time roasting and verbally harassing Retsuko, much to everyone's horror.
3010"When You Count to Ten"August 27, 2020 (2020-08-27)
Retsuko is shaken by her encounter with the toxic fan, but denies that it's bothering her with the group. Through research from other avid non-toxic fans, Hyodo discovers that the fan who accosted Retsuko also runs that fake idol group's account. Later, more photos are posted to the fake account, fully exposing Retsuko's work and home addresses and schedule. Despite Manaka's and Hyodo's warnings, Retsuko keeps assuring them that nothing will happen. The deranged fan then attacks Retsuko at night on a busy street, but Haida quickly intervenes. During the scuffle, Retsuko bumps her head and faints. Inui assists the two, and she stops pursuing a relationship with Haida. After the assault, Retsuko shuts herself from the world, staying in her mother's house and on work leave for a few days. Haida and Fenneko discussed with Gori and Washimi about how to get Retsuko back to them. Haida eventually barges into Retsuko's house and drags her out to karaoke to get their feelings off their chests. Though Retsuko once again rejects Haida's feelings, Haida promises to help keep her safe. Retsuko eventually returns to work, and shows signs of more open communication with Haida.

Season 4 (2021)[edit]

No. in
Title [a]Original release date
311"Someone from Work"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)
After quitting the OTM Girls, Retsuko moves to a new apartment, with Haida taking her home daily for her safety. As Haida struggles to deepen their relationship, meanwhile, the company is facing heavy losses due to a failed amusement park project rejected by Washimi and the new external director, Himuro. Ton is approaching his 30th anniversary as the accounting department's director, and Retsuko is tasked to find a gift for him. Fenneko attempts to set Haida and Retsuko up on a date under the guise of having him help her, but, intimidated by Retsuko's relationships with Tadano and Manaka, he makes up an excuse to leave.
322"The New Boss"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)
While Haida returns home, he sees the president of the company collapse near the river and helps him to a hospital. Through this incident, the next morning, Retsuko figures out that Haida had lied the previous night and becomes disappointed. At night, Haida confides in Fenneko that he feels he is too ordinary and not worthy enough to be in a relationship with Retsuko, using her relationship with Tadano and her stint as an idol as examples. The next morning, Retsuko and Haida learn that Himuro has been named the president's successor as the company's new CEO.
333"Dirty Work"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)
Retsuko and Haida's relationship continues to be awkward, despite Fenneko's attempts. Himuro tells Ton that the company is cutting costs and requests that he downsize the accounting department. Meanwhile, Retsuko discovers that Fenneko and Tsunoda have been setting her up with Haida and demands an explanation. After work, Ton consults with Komiya which employee in their department should be removed. The next morning, he brings a blank list to Himuro and later tells his wife that he has no intention of firing anyone, especially when the accounting department survived without firing anyone during the collapse of the bubble economy in the 1980s.
344"Unkept Promises"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)
Haida learns from his bandmate that his girlfriend had dumped him for having no career progression. During a drunken night out with Fenneko, Retsuko becomes frustrated about Haida's lack of confidence in pursuing a relationship with her. On their way home, Himuro takes the two to dinner as an apology for splashing a puddle on them, and in their drunken stupor, they complain about Ton. Soon after, Retsuko seeks advice from Manaka, who advises her that she and Haida are incompatible. When Haida takes Retsuko home the day after, she tells him he no longer needs to do so and that she prefers they stay as friends. Using Retsuko's feedback, Himuro reassigns Ton to the "career experience design" department, with his new office being a storage room isolated from the company building.
355"Options"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)
Ton is given no work, and despite stating otherwise, Tsubone discovers the reality of his situation. Tsunoda confronts Retsuko about her feelings for Haida, and under Okami and Gori's advice, Retsuko visits Haida to tell him that, while she is still unsure about her feelings, she is interested in him. The two go on a date and Haida becomes motivated at work. Meanwhile, Bibanuma offers a generous severance package to Kabae if she resigns voluntarily. Later, Himuro acknowledges that Kabae and Ton will leave on their own eventually through the realization that the company no longer needs them. As Ton falls into depression, he briefly contemplates jumping in front of a train.
366"Struggle for Survival"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)
Ton eventually quits his job but continues to maintain a facade in front of his family. Retsuko and the others begin to notice that Kabae has been working harder and has become less livelier than usual, causing them to suspect that the higher management may be targeting her as their next lay-off. Kabae begins missing work when her youngest son becomes sick, but even with Retsuko, Haida, and Anai covering her workload, the higher management finally convinces her to resign. Meanwhile, Haida's dedication to work and quick completion of tasks catches Himuro's interest.
377"Moving Up"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)
After his suggestion for improving work flow is approved by Himuro, Haida becomes more encouraged to work following positive feedback. While meeting with Manaka, Retsuko learns that Ton is now working at the convenience store with her. Retsuko feels guilty, despite Haida, Gori, and Washimi assuring her otherwise. Himuro becomes impressed with Haida's work ethic and promotes him as the director of the accounting department, replacing Yagyu. Meanwhile, Retsuko meets with Tadano.
388"Headhunting"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)
Retsuko asks Tadano for advice on helping Ton, and he suggests that she can work her online video channel that she once used to post her death metal song covers. Once she is successful enough to monetize her channel, she hires Ton as her accountant. As Retsuko becomes busier, Haida starts feeling insecure again, especially after discovering her channel and seeing Tadano take her home. This causes him to focus more on his job, and during a discussion with Himuro, the latter entrusts him with a special job that must be kept secret. When Retsuko returns to the office to retrieve Ton's air humidifier, she catches a glimpse of Haida's computer, containing an open spreadsheet of the accounting data she had worked on.
399"Unauthorized Access"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)
As Retsuko becomes suspicious about Haida, the accounting department's office goes under construction while Haida moves to his own suite. After work, Haida runs into Inui, who suggests he pays more attention to Retsuko. Meanwhile, Retsuko employs help from Kabae, Fenneko, and Ton to break into Haida's office and analyze the data on his computer. Ton suspects that Haida is inflating profits on the company's account book and suggests they find the true data. Retsuko visits Haida to confirm, but he gets angry over her doubting him. When Haida reports to Himuro the next morning, he questions the integrity of their actions, but Himuro convinces him not to waver, as it shows weakness. At dinner, Washimi asks Himuro what he thinks of Retsuko, and he answers that he sees her as obedient rather than rebellious.
4010"Rendezvous"December 16, 2021 (2021-12-16)

With help from Hyodo, Fenneko, Kabae, Ton, and Ton's wife, Retsuko breaks into Haida's office to steal the true accounting data from a USB drive that he keeps in a safe. After Haida realizes his relationship with Retsuko has worsened, he confronts Tadano about his relationship with Retsuko, but Tadano calmly shows him there are no more than friendship. Later that night, Ton brings Haida to Retsuko's karaoke booth, where she attempts to convince him to stop manipulating the accounting data. Haida snaps at her over his feelings of inferiority, but she put clear that no one deserves to do something too dirty to prove his capability. The next day, Haida suggests to Himuro that they stop, as several employees are aware of their actions, but when Himuro dismisses him affirming he is disposable, he finally stands up for himself and confronts him through an arm-wrestling match affirming that, while disposable, this time he is his enemy. Retsuko helps Haida defeat Himuro with a death metal growl that manifests as a laser beam, causing both to be shot through a window and land on a scaffolding. Himuro and Haida quit the company, while the original president, Ton, and Kabae return. However, Haida is more confident about himself, and, when he joins Retsuko for a date, he finally can see Tadano in admiration.

After the end credits, the text "RETSUKO WILL RETURN" appears, along with a large number five in the background, hinting at a fifth season.


Critical Reception[edit]

Aggretsuko was met with critical acclaim in the United States. The series as whole currently holds 8/10 stars on IMDb according to 6.3K ratings.[18]

Season 1[edit]

The first season of the Netflix series holds a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 25 reviews, with the sites critic consensus reading, "Uniquely bleak for a Sanrio property, Aggretsuko balances biting corporate satire with adorable characters and absurdist comedy to create a surprising, insightful addition to the world of animation."[19] The season has been praised for its satirical portrayal of Japan's workplace culture, and of the pressures facing Millennial women in the workforce.[20] IndieWire gave the season a B+, and noted the distinctly Japanese stylistic elements of the animation that made it stand out from American productions.[21] The A.V. Club praised Aggretsuko for dealing with mature themes like misogyny and workplace anxiety, but criticized the season's romantic subplot, calling it "aggressively lousy".[22]

Christmas Special[edit]

Aiden Strawhun of IGN stated that the special "takes the fun of the first season and spinkles in a smidge of holiday flair" and complemented the special for its commentary on social media addiction, but says it was diminished by "feel[ing] like more of the same" as the preceding season.[23] Polygon writer Allegra Frank called the special "heartwarming" and said that it "deserves to be a holiday classic." Allegra commented on Haida and his infatuation for Retsuko, calling him "the pinnacle of an adorable love interest."[24]

Season 2[edit]

The second season holds a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 8 reviews.[25] Caitlin Moore of The Daily Dot wrote that the second season was "less satisfying" than the first, noting how the season focused more on Retsuko's "personal journey," thereby making it less relatable to a general audience, but still calls the season "fun in the moment."[26] Charlie Ceates of Cultured Vultures said the season has "much of the same charm as its predecessor" but pointed out that the plot progression closely mirrored that of the first season and how the show "may stagnate and get boring" if future seasons did the same.[27]

Season 3[edit]

The third season holds a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 5 reviews.[28] Karen Han from Polygon praised the season for tackling "more specific and modern issues," such as parasocial relationships between fans and celebrities on social media, but criticized the season taking a "straight thriller" turn along with the status quo ending for hurting the show's relatability.[29] Jacob Oller from The Spool wrote that the season was "all sorts of fun" and that "Aggretsuko continues to resonate, echoing through the skulls of rage-filled office workers everywhere," while praising the relatability of the anti-capitalist attitude possessed by Retsuko.[30]

Season 4[edit]

The fourth season holds a 67% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes according to 21 reviews.[31] IGN writer Britteny Vincent wrote that Season 4 "brings the absurdity and laughs to the reality of a manipulative workplace" but criticized the dynamic between Retsuko and Haida, referring to them as the two of the show's "most frustrating characters," for diluting the overall experience.[32] Petrena Radulovic of Polygon wrote that the fourth season "should inspire everyone to unionize their workplace," and praised the show's ability to balance "wild scenarios with more specific and relatable situations."[33]


Aggretsuko was nominated for an Ursa Major Award in the Best Dramatic Series category.[34][35] The Ursa Major awards are given in the field of furry fandom works and are the main awards in the field of anthropomorphism.[36][37]


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