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Alice Waddington
Irene Lago Clavero

(1990-07-31) July 31, 1990 (age 33)
Alma materUniversity of the Basque Country
Years active2010–present

Alice Waddington (born July 31, 1990) is a Spanish film director, writer, photographer and costume designer[1][2] having developed most of her work in the field of modern cinema. Her directing style is defined by a contemporary approach to the golden era of large-scale-studio horror films (1920s–1970s) in classical production companies such as Hammer Films or Universal's Creature Features; mixed with current surreal humor and sometimes including musical cinema.

Early life[edit]

Born as Irene[3] on July 31, 1990, in Bilbao, Spain to a Catalan forensic psychiatrist and a Galician teacher. She grew up in the blue-collar neighborhood of San Mamés, known for its working-class pride and industrial surroundings pre-gentrification[4]. During the 1990s, Bilbao was experiencing significant changes and facing various socio-economic challenges, such as terrorism[5] and a heroin crisis[6], an awareness Alice credits with her first contacts with the abstract ideas of horror.

Waddington adopted her stage name[3] at sixteen, while assisting director of photography Quique López.[7] At 18, she studied advertising at UPV-EHU University where she started capturing promotion stills and directing fashion films as a photographer and assistant of photography for the Spanish editions of Harper's Bazaar, Neo2[8] and others.


At 20 and for three years, she worked as an advertising creative, a producer and an advertising video editor at the agencies Leo Burnett Iberia and Social Noise also specializing as a digital storyboard artist.

Actress Ana Rujas on Alice Waddington's short film Disco Inferno
Actress Ana Rujas surrounded by a FX wall of fire on the set of Waddington-directed Disco Inferno.

In 2014, with the help of Mexican executive producer Yadira Ávalos, Waddington took a year off advertising agency work to write and direct a short movie. She found sponsors[9] to help her produce her first narrative 11-minute film,[10] Disco Inferno (2015), which received nominations in 63 international film festivals including genre fan favorites such as Palm Springs,[11] Fantasia, Sitges (Noves Visions Short award[12]) or Fantastic Fest, which first awarded her as Best Director in her category, and second best feature project of the Fantastic Market for her movie Paradise Hills.[13] Eleven other international festival wins ensued, with a considerable comparative presence of the short picture in American and Canadian festivals.

Waddington entered pre-production of her first full-length feature, Paradise Hills in 2017[13] with Spanish production company Nostromo Pictures.[2][14] The film is a science-fiction thriller written by Brian DeLeeuw[15] and Nacho Vigalondo. It was released in 2019.

Waddington has pointed out in interviews that after Paradise Hills she desires to direct biopics, socially metaphorical fantastic horror about minorities[16] and terror stories that have taken place.[17]

In June 2019, it was announced that Waddington is developing her second film Scarlet, from a script written by her and Kristen SaBerre. The film will be distributed by Netflix.[18]

In September 2021, Waddington was tapped to direct adaptation of comic book series Dept. H for Netflix.[19]

Social activism[edit]

Waddington is a proactive demander for progressive social change regarding causes related to female cooperation[20] and sorority within the arts.[3]

In the context of film, she has been vocal about the need for both more female-led and more diversely-cast films worldwide[21] and about motivating young women to enroll into filmmaking programs.[22] She has also often mentioned the need for film studios around the world to hire more women, with an accent on women of color.[16]

Personal life[edit]

Waddington is fluent in Spanish and English and conversational in French and Catalan.



Year Title Director Writer Producer Notes Ref(s)
2015 Disco Inferno Yes Yes Yes Short film
2019 Paradise Hills Yes Yes No


Waddington's short film "Disco Inferno" has been presented on 63 plus,[23] genre and conventional film festivals across the world, winning several awards:

Year Festival Category Film Result
2015 Austin Fantastic Fest - United States Shorts with Legs - Best Director[24] Disco Inferno Won[25]
Austin Fantastic Fest - United States Best Feature Project Paradise Hills Won (Silver)[26]
Sitges Film Festival - Spain Noves Visions - Best Short Film[12] Disco Inferno[27] Won
2016 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival - United States Best Director[28] Disco Inferno[29] Won[30]
Slamdance Film Festival United States[31] Best Anarchy Short Film Disco Inferno[32] Won[33]
Monster Fest - Australia Best Cinematography Disco Inferno Won[34]
C-FEM - Festival de Cine Fantástico Europeo de Murcia Grand Jury Prize Disco Inferno Won
Mikrofilm Short Festival - Spain Best Director[35] Disco Inferno Won
Cinefantasy Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantástico - Brazil[36] Best Short Film[37] Disco Inferno Won (Best Soundtrack)
Festival de Cine de Horror - Mexico Best Short Film Disco Inferno Won[38]
Festival Fantosfreak - Spain Best Short Film Disco Inferno Won[39]


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