All Times Through Paradise

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All Times Through Paradise
Box set by
ProducerVicky Vogiatzoglou (box set Coordinator), Mark Moffatt and Rod Coe ((I'm) Stranded), Chris Bailey & Ed Kuepper (Eternally Yours and Prehistoric Sounds)
The Saints chronology
Spit the Blues Out
All Times Through Paradise
Nothing Is Straight in My House
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BBC Musicpositive [1]

All Times Through Paradise is a box set compilation comprising the Saints' albums, singles released between 1977 and 1978, their EP One Two Three Four and unreleased 1977 performances from Paddington Town Hall, Sydney and The Hope and Anchor, London (titled Live In London 26/11/77). The discs were later released separately in 2007, except for Live In London 26/11/77 which remained exclusive to this set.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1: (I'm) Stranded, out-takes and non album tracks[edit]

All tracks are written by Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper except where shown.

(I'm) Stranded (1977)
1."(I'm) Stranded" 3:33
2."One Way Street" 2:56
3."Wild About You"Andy James2:36
4."Messin' with the Kid" 5:55
5."Erotic Neurotic" 4:07
6."No Time" 2:48
7."Kissin' Cousins"Fred Wise, Randy Starr2:00
8."Story of Love"Kuepper3:12
9."Demolition Girl"Kuepper1:42
10."Nights in Venice"Kuepper5:41
Bonus tracks
11."Untitled" (out-take) 2:56
12."This Perfect Day" (single version) 2:12
13."Lies" (B-side to "This Perfect Day") 2:05
14."Do the Robot" (B-side to "This Perfect Day" 12" single)Kuepper2:44
15."Lipstick on Your Collar" (One Two Three Four EP)Goehring, Lewis2:35
16."One Way Street" (One Two Three Four EP) 2:52
17."Demolition Girl" (One Two Three Four EP)Kuepper1:59
18."River Deep – Mountain High" (One Two Three Four EP)Spector, Barry, Greenwich3:53
Total length:55:51

Disc 2: Eternally Yours and The International Robot Sessions[edit]

Eternally Yours (1978)
1."Know Your Product" 3:15
2."Lost and Found" 3:50
3."Memories Are Made of This"Kuepper2:20
4."Private Affair" 2:05
5."A Minor Aversion" 3:07
6."No, Your Product" 4:07
7."This Perfect Day" 2:30
8."Run Down" 2:32
10."New Centre of the Universe" 2:21
11."Untitled" 2:47
12."(I'm) Misunderstood" 2:46
13."International Robots" 1:58
The International Robot Sessions
15."Lost and Found"  
16."The Ballad" (an early version of "Memories Are Made of This")"Kuepper 
17."This Perfect Day"  
18."Run Down"  
19."A Minor Aversion"  
20."Champagne Misery"  
21."Private Affair"  
22."No, Your Product"  
23."New Centre of the Universe"  
24."River Deep Mountain High"  
26."(I'm) Misunderstood"  
27."D the Robot"  

Disc 3: Prehistoric Sounds, out-take and Live at Paddington Town Hall, Sydney 21 April 1977[edit]

Prehistoric Sounds (1978)
1."Swing for the Crime" 3:41
2."All Times Through Paradise" 4:08
3."Everyday's a Holiday, Every Night's a Party" 2:48
4."Brisbane (Security City)"Kuepper4:22
5."Church of Indifference"Kuepper5:05
6."Crazy Googenheimer Blues" 2:32
7."Everything's Fine"Kuepper2:37
8."The Prisoner" 5:00
9."Security"Otis Redding2:22
10."This Time" 3:15
11."Take This Heart of Mine"Chris Bailey2:28
12."Chameleon" 5:16
13."Save Me"Aretha Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, Curtis Ousley3:34
14."Looking for the Sun" (studio outtake from Prehistoric Sounds) 
Live at Paddington Town Hall, Sydney 21 April 1977
16."This Perfect Day" 
17."Run Down" 
18."Erotic Neurotic" 
19."Demolition Girl" 
20."Nights in Venice" 

Disc 4: Live In London 26/11/77[edit]

2."Do The Robot"Kuepper 
3."Lost And Found"  
4."Lipstick On Your Collar"Edna Lewis, George Goehring 
5."River Deep Mountain High"Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry, Phil Spector 
7."Run Down"  
8."This Perfect Day"  
9."Messin' With The Kid"  
10."Orstralia"Ed Kuepper 
11."Night In Venice"  
12."(I'm) Stranded"  
13."Demolition Man"Ed Kuepper 
14."One Way Street"  


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