Bōken Suisei

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"Bōken Suisei"
Single by Kurumi Enomoto
from the album Notebook II: Bōken Note-chū
ReleasedNovember 26, 2008 (2008-11-26)
LabelFor Life Music
Songwriter(s)Mor, Motoo Fujiwara
Producer(s)Mor, Motoo Fujiwara
Kurumi Enomoto singles chronology
"'Yesterdays (Taisetsu na Okurimono)'"
"Bōken Suisei"

"Bōken Suisei" (冒険彗星, Adventure Comet) is a song by Kurumi Enomoto, released as the fifth and final single from her second album Notebook II: Bōken Note-chū, two months before the album's release.[1]

The song was used as the ending theme song for Tales of the Abyss, an anime adaption of the Namco role-playing video game of the same title.[2] The single was produced by Motoo Fujiwara, lead vocalist of the band Bump of Chicken, and the band's producer and longtime collaborator with Enomoto, Mor. Bump of Chicken's song Karma was used as the original game's theme song, as well as the opening theme song for the anime.

The single was released in two versions: a limited edition featuring a DVD, plus a regular CD only version. The DVD features the music video for the song, along with an acoustic performance of it and a special animated video with clips from the anime. The CD+DVD limited edition featured a sticker with Abyss characters Luke and Asch, while the regular version featured a general themed Abyss sticker.[2]

The B-sides of the single were also written by Mor and Motoo Fujiwara. This is the first release by Enomoto where she has no song writing input into the lyrics/music of all of the songs. All three songs appear on Enomoto's second album, Notebook II: Bōken Note-chū.

Track listing[edit]


1."Bōken Suisei (冒険彗星, Adventure Comet)"Mor, Motoo FujiwaraMotoo Fujiwara6:00
2."Asagao (朝顔, Morning Glory)"Mor, Motoo FujiwaraMotoo Fujiwara5:08
3."Boku no Uta (ぼくのうた, My Song)"Mor, Motoo FujiwaraMotoo Fujiwara6:59


1."Bōken Suisei (Music Clip) (「冒険彗星」Music Clip)" 
2."Bōken Suisei (Acoustic Special Live Clip) (「冒険彗星」アコースティック スペシャル ライブ映像)" 
3."Bōken Suisei (Special Music Clip) (「冒険彗星」Special Music Clip)" 

Chart rankings[edit]

Oricon charts (Japan)[edit]

Release Chart Peak position First week sales Sales total
November 26, 2008 (2008-11-26) Oricon Daily Singles Chart 6
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 10 13,697 30,752
Oricon Yearly Singles Chart 371


Various charts[edit]

Chart Peak
First week sales
Soundscan Single Top 20[4] 16 8,511
Billboard Japan Singles Top 100[5] 9 N/A
CDTV Top 100[6] 10 N/A


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