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Virus classification Edit this classification
(unranked): Virus
Realm: Monodnaviria
Kingdom: Shotokuvirae
Phylum: Cressdnaviricota
Class: Arfiviricetes
Order: Baphyvirales
Family: Bacilladnaviridae

Bacilladnaviridae is a family of single-stranded DNA viruses that primarily infect diatoms.[1][2]


Genome map of species Chaetoceros protobacilladnavirus 2 of family Bacilladnaviridae

Similar to other eukaryotic ssDNA viruses, bacilladnaviruses are likely to replicate their genomes by the rolling-circle mechanism, initiated by the virus-encoded endonuclease (Rep). However, the latter protein of bacilladnaviruses displays unique conserved motifs and in phylogenetic trees forms a monophyletic clade separated from other groups of ssDNA viruses. The capsid protein of bacilladnaviruses has the jelly-roll fold and is most closely related to the corresponding proteins from members of the family Nodaviridae, which have ssRNA genomes.[3] [4]


The following genera are recognized:[5]


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