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Madonna is considered by the Guinness Book of Records and different media as the "best-selling solo artist of all time."

This appendix lists the best-selling female music artists of all time. The criteria for inclusion in the annex are singers who have reached more than 75 million copies of their musical productions; in cases where two or more artists have sold the same number of copies, they were ordered according to the seniority of their career. Sales may have been in different formats: vinyl record, cassette, compact disc (CD), music video, DVD or in Mp3 through legal downloads on the Internet. There is no official entity that certifies sales in their totality;[1] thus sales figures may also vary according to the year of publication or the diffusing media.

The artist with the highest sales of all time is Madonna, with around 300 million of her musical productions distributed since her recording debut;[2][3] she was also certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the "best-selling female solo artist of all time". Simultaneously, Madonna has been named on several occasions by different media as the most influential woman in music thanks to her unprecedented success and she is also the musician with the highest sales of all time,[4] while Shakira is the best-selling Latin female singer in history. The United States is the country of origin of twenty of the top-selling artists.

Artists with the most copies sold[edit]

300 million or more records sold

Artist Country of origin Period of activity Genre(s) Estimated sales
Madonna  United States 1982–present Pop / dance /

electronic music

300 million[5]

200-300 million records sold[edit]

Artist Country of origin Period of activity Genre(s) Estimated sales
Rihanna  Barbados 2005–present R&B/

dance/ dancehall/ pop/

hip hop/

trap/ rap/ ballad

250 million[6]
Taylor Swift  United States 2006–present Pop / country /

country pop / rock /

folk / alternative

200 million[7]
Mariah Carey  United States 1990–present R&B / pop / dance pop /

adult contemporary

200 million[8]
Whitney Houston  United States 1977 - 2012 R&B / pop rock / dance

pop / pop soul / adult


200 million[9]
Céline Dion  Canada 1981–present Pop / pop rock / dance pop

/ adult contemporary / chanson

200 million[10]

100-199 million records sold[edit]

Artist Country of origin Period of activity Genre(s) Estimated sales
Barbra Streisand  United States 1960–present Pop / adult


150 million[11]
Katy Perry  United States 2001–present Pop 143 million[12]
Lady Gaga  United States 2005–present Pop / dance /


124 million[13]
Adele  United Kingdom 2006–present Pop / soul 120 million[14]
Beyoncé  United States 1997–present R&B / pop 118 million[15]
Nicki Minaj  Trinidad and Tobago 2008–present Hip-hop / pop 100 million[16]
Britney Spears  United States 1998–present Pop / dance / dance-


100 million[17]
Shania Twain  Canada 1993–present Country Pop 100 million[18]
Janet Jackson  United States 1982–present R&B / pop 100 million[19]
Cher  United States 1964–present Pop / rock / dance /


100 million[20]
Olivia Newton-John  Australia 1966–present Pop 100 million[21]
Tina Turner  United States 1958 - 2009 Rock / Pop 100 million[22]
Linda Ronstadt  United States 1967–present Rock / folk / country 100 million[23]
Donna Summer  United States 1968 - 2012 Pop / disco / R&B 100 million[24]

75-99 million records sold[edit]

Artist Country of origin Period of activity Genre(s) Estimated sales
P!nk  United States 1995–present Pop / pop rock /


90 million[25]
Ayumi Hamasaki  Japan 1998–present J-pop / pop / dance /


80 million[26]
Alicia Keys  United States 1996–present Hip-hop / R&B /


75 million[27]
Christina Aguilera  United States 1993–present R&B / pop / rock 75 million[28]
Shakira  Colombia 1988–present Latin pop / pop / pop


75 million[29]
Enya  Ireland 1982–present New-age / Celtic 75 million[30]
Aretha Franklin  United States 1956–present Soul / jazz / blues /


75 million[31]

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