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Web portal
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OwnerPostmedia Network and Quebecor Media
LaunchedFebruary 4, 1996; 28 years ago (1996-02-04)[1][2] is an English-language Canadian portal site and website network, and is a subsidiary of Postmedia Network.[3] The phrase Canadian Online Explorer[2] appears in the header; the name is also evidently a play on words on canoe (or canoë in French).

Canoe's head office is in Toronto at 333 King Street East.[2][4]

At launch, Canoe was a joint venture between Sun Media (Toronto Sun Publishing Corp.) and Rogers Communications (Rogers Multi-Media Inc.) though Rogers sold its shares of Canoe to BCE Inc. within its first year.[5]

At the height of its popularity, Canoe had both English and French language version and owned a significant number of websites, including JAM! and the Sun Media newspaper sites. According to May 2008 data from comScore Media Metrix, Canoe's portals and services receive over 7.7 million unique visitors per month in Canada, including over 3.2 million in Quebec.


Canoe offers the Canoe, La Toile du Québec ( - defunct) and Argent ( or .com - defunct) portals, as well as the TVA and LCN websites.[which?] Canoe offers online services related to employment (

Defunct domains[edit]

Canoe has offered online services that have since gone defunct, abandoned or usurped. These include a site for continuing education ( - defunct), housing ( - defunct), automobiles ( - defunct), expert services for car dealers (ASL Internet[which?]), dating ( - defunct), social networking ( - usurped), classifieds ( - defunct) and online advertising solutions ( - defunct).

The main site originally operated as, however this domain was abandoned and later usurped by a gambling website which captures user traffic intended for the old site. Some of the old URLs might still work by changing to and/or archives of at the Wayback Machine. was excluded from the Wayback Machine by its new owners (the gambling website) to complicate efforts by sites like Wikipedia from directing traffic away from the gambling site. However, many archives of the .ca site are also available at which has no exclusion policy. Finally, because Canoe is a news aggregator, many of the same articles are still available as live URLs at the other sites where Canoe originally obtained them from.


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