Cobblestone Jazz

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Cobblestone Jazz
Years active2002 (2002)–present
LabelsWagon Repair
MembersTyger Dhula
Mathew Jonson
Danuel Tate

Cobblestone Jazz is a Canadian trio based in Victoria, British Columbia, known for their jazz improvisation-influenced approach to making electronic music.[1] The band has been described as "a 21st century jam band, a 'Plastikman-meets-the-Grateful Dead' juggernaut."[2] The band consists of Mathew Jonson,[3] Danuel Tate,[4] and Tyger Dhula.[5][6] Together with regular collaborator The Mole (Colin de la Plante),[7] the group has also performed as The Modern Deep Left Quartet.[8]



The members of Cobblestone Jazz had been jamming and performing together since about 1996. The band was founded in 2002 and began playing electronic jazz music in Victoria. They later did some touring, including a set at Mutek 2003 in Montreal and performance in Madrid, Spain.[2][9] They recorded some tracks, including "Dumptruck" and “India In Me”, in 2006.[10][11]

In 2007 the group released a double album, 23 Seconds, through the German label !K7, featuring a studio and a live disc.[12][13]

In 2008 the band toured in the United States, and in 2009 the trio was joined by a fourth musician, Colin de la Plante, and performed at festivals as The Modern Deep Left Quartet. In 2010 this lineup released an album with leanings more toward electronic music influences than jazz. Reviews were fairly positive.[14][15][16][17]

In 2015 the band performed in Japan and released an EP, Northern Lights.[18]

The group played at the Houghton Festival in the UK in 2017.[19] They performed at the Caprices Festival in 2018.[20] As of 2021, they were slated to appear at the 2022 NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival[21] but they no longer have a website.




Year Album Label Reviews
2007 23 Seconds !K7 Allmusic [22]
Resident Advisor [23]
2010 The Modern Deep Left Quartet Wagon Repair
Resident Advisor [8]

Extended plays

Year EP Label Reviews
2002 5th Element EP Itiswhatitis Recordings
2005 The Live EP Itiswhatitis Recordings
2006 The Creator EP Itiswhatitis Recordings Resident Advisor [24]
2006 Dump Truck Wagon Repair
2006 India in Me Wagon Repair Resident Advisor [25]
2007 DMT Wagon Repair
2007 Put the Lime in Da Coconut Wagon Repair Resident Advisor [26]
2009 Traffic Jam EP Wagon Repair Resident Advisor [27]
2010 Chance EP Wagon Repair
2011 Lunar Lander Wagon Repair
2011 Memories (From Where You Are) Wagon Repair Resident Advisor [28]
2015 Northern Lights Itiswhatitis Recordings
2023 Hip Waders Live and Death


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