Four Knights of the Apocalypse

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Four Knights of the Apocalypse
First tankōbon volume cover, featuring Percival (right) and Sin the Fox (left)
(Mokushiroku no Yonkishi)
Written byNakaba Suzuki
Published byKodansha
English publisher
ImprintShōnen Magazine Comics
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Magazine
Original runJanuary 27, 2021 – present
Anime television series
Directed byMaki Odaira
Written byShigeru Murakoshi
Music byKohta Yamamoto
Licensed byNetflix (streaming)
Original networkJNN (TBS)
Original run October 8, 2023 – present
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Four Knights of the Apocalypse (Japanese: 黙示録の四騎士, Hepburn: Mokushiroku no Yonkishi), also known as The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse,[4] is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. It is a sequel to Suzuki's previous series, The Seven Deadly Sins. The manga has been serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine since January 2021, with its chapters collected into seventeen tankōbon volumes as of June 2024. The manga is licensed in North America by Kodansha USA. An anime television series adaptation, produced by TMS Entertainment and animated by Telecom Animation Film, aired from October 2023 to March 2024. A second season is set to premiere in October 2024.


Set years after the disbanding of the Seven Deadly Sins, Britannia's most infamous Holy Knights, the series focuses on the young boy Percival, who discovers that he is destined to be part of a group of four knights prophesied to destroy the world. Targeted by the forces of Camelot as a result, Percival travels to find the other three members of the Four Knights alongside Lancelot, a Liones knight who is the son of the Seven Sins member Ban.[5]



Following the conclusion of The Seven Deadly Sins on March 25, 2020, it was announced by the manga's author, Nakaba Suzuki, that his next work would serve as a sequel to the series.[6][7] Suzuki also revealed that the new series was tentatively titled The Four Knights of the Apocalypse.[8]


While planning the storyline for the manga, Suzuki originally desired to use the character of Tristan—who was introduced at the end of The Seven Deadly Sins as the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones—to be the protagonist of Four Knights of the Apocalypse.[9][10] However, Suzuki eventually changed his mind, not wanting to have a main character so closely related to the cast of his previous series.[11] Instead, he decided to have Percival, a character created specifically for the sequel, as the protagonist.[12][13] During an interview in April 2021, Suzuki commented that, in regards to Percival's design, he particularly focuses on the cuteness of the character when drawing him, adding elements that are able to highlight this in Percival, such as his helmet and cloak.[14]



Written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki, the manga was announced in November 2020.[15][16] The series began its serialization in Kodansha's shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine on January 27, 2021.[17] Kodansha has collected its chapters into individual tankōbon volumes. The first volume was released on April 16, 2021.[18] As of June 17, 2024, seventeen volumes have been released.[19]

North American publisher Kodansha USA has licensed the series for simulpublication in North America as it is released in Japan.[20] With the first five chapters of the series already available when it started to be published on February 23, 2021, on multiple digital platforms, including Crunchyroll Manga, BookWalker, ComiXology and Amazon Kindle, with a chapter of the manga translated into English being released weekly.[21][22][23] The series is available in English worldwide (except Japan) on the digital manga service Azuki, which was launched on June 28, 2021.[24] Additionally, Kodansha Comics started releasing the volumes in print on January 25, 2022.[25][26]


No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 April 16, 2021[18]978-4-06-522982-8January 25, 2022[27]978-1-64651-452-6
  1. "The Boy's Departure" (少年は旅立つ, Shōnen wa Tabidatsu)
  2. "Chance Encounters" (邂逅, Kaikō)
  3. "On Father's Trail" (父の手掛かり, Chichi no Tegakari)
  1. "The Unknown Force" (未知なる力, Michinaru Chikara)
  2. "The Four Knights of the Apocalypse" (〈黙示録の四騎士〉, Mokushiroku no Yonkishi)
A youth named Percival lives with his grandfather Varghese atop an island above the clouds known as God's Finger. On Percival's 16th birthday, Varghese is fatally wounded by a knight in red armor who seeks to prevent the coming of four prophesied individuals known as the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Before dying, Varghese reveals his killer to be Percival's father, Ironside, a Holy Knight from Camelot. Climbing down God's Finger for answers, Percival acquires traveling companions in the mysterious fox Sin and a street performer named Donny.
2 June 17, 2021[28]978-4-06-523579-9March 15, 2022[29]978-1-64651-454-0
  1. "The Next Destination" (目指すべき場所, Mezasubeki Basho)
  2. "The Demon of Echo Gorge" (木霊の谷の悪魔, Kodama no Tani no Akuma)
  3. "Percival the Guinea Pig" (パーシバル、実験台モルモットになる, Pāshibaru, Morumotto ni naru)
  4. "Venom-Mixing Boy" (調毒少年, Chōdoku Shōnen)
  5. "Trampling Upon Their Hearts" (心踏みにじりし者, Kokoro Fuminijirishi Mono)
  1. "Percival's Rage" (パーシバルの怒り, Pāshibaru no Ikari)
  2. "It's Showtime!!"
  3. "A Resolve Further Honed" (さらなる決意, Saranaru Ketsui)
  4. "The Lonely Young Lady" (孤独の令嬢, Kodoku no Reijō)
3 September 17, 2021[30]978-4-06-524838-6May 24, 2022[31]978-1-64651-455-7
  1. "Anghalhad and Her Dream" (夢見るアングハルハッド, Yumemiru Anguharuhaddo)
  2. "Sistana Shaken" (戦慄のシスタナ, Senritsu no Shisutana)
  3. "Confrontation with Evil" (悪との対峙, Aku to no Taiji)
  4. "Resolve for the Battle" (戦いへの覚悟, Tatakai e no Kakugo)
  5. "An Act of Evil" (悪の所業, Aku no Shogyō)
  1. "The Name of the Magic" (その魔力の名は, Sono Maryoku no Na wa)
  2. "Hope" (希望ホープ, Hōpu)
  3. "Young Heroes" (幼き勇者たち, Osanaki Yūsha-tachi)
  4. "Arthur Pendragon" (アーサー・ペンドラゴン, Āsā Pendoragon)
4 November 17, 2021[32]978-4-06-525999-3July 12, 2022[33]978-1-64651-604-9
  1. "Who's the Leader?" (リーダーは誰だ!?, Rīdā wa Dare da!?)
  2. "A Thrilling Day in Cant" (わくわくカント探訪, Wakuwaku Kanto Tanbō)
  3. "Uncle and Nephew" (叔父と甥, Oji to Oi)
  4. "Master and Pupil" (師と弟子, Shi to Deshi)
  5. "Roar of Destruction" (破滅の咆哮, Hametsu no Hōkō)
  1. "A Boy's Resolve" (少年の決意, Shōnen no Ketsui)
  2. "Raging Storms" (吹き荒ぶ嵐, Fukisusabu Arashi)
  3. "A Real Holy Knight" (本物の聖騎士, Honmono no Seikishi)
  4. "The Peaks of Fear" (おそろしの山, Osoroshi no Yama)
5 January 17, 2022[34]978-4-06-526601-4October 11, 2022[35]978-1-64651-605-6
  1. "The Evil Feast" (魔宴, Maen)
  2. "True Natures Exposed" (さらけ出された本性, Sarakedasareta Honshō)
  3. "A Sinister Endeavor" (邪悪なる試み, Jaaku naru Kokoromi)
  4. "Cernunnos, the Mystic Beast" (幻獣ケルヌンノス, Genjū Kerununnosu)
  5. "The Cornered" (追いつめられる者, Oitsumerareru-mono)
  1. "The Rescue" (救済, Kyūsai)
  2. "The Goat Sin" (ゴート・シン, Gōto Shin)
  3. "Fearsome Attackers" (恐るべき襲撃者たち, Osorubeki Shūgekisha-tachi)
  4. "Fissures" (亀裂, Kiretsu)
6 March 17, 2022[36]978-4-06-527286-2November 15, 2022[37]978-1-64651-606-3
  1. "The Dark Talismans" (闇のタリスマン, Yami no Tarisuman)
  2. "The Intense Battle Unfolds" (激闘のはじまり, Gekitō no Hajimari)
  3. "The Lost Children" (追い詰められた子羊たち, Oitsumerareta Kohitsuji-tachi)
  4. "The Chivalric Code" (助言, Jogen)
  5. "The Realization" (気づき, Kizuki)
  1. "Final Blow of Desperation" (追い討ちする絶望, Oiuchi-suru Zetsubō)
  2. "Departing from Sin" (シンとの別れ, Shin to no Wakare)
  3. "Lancelot" (ランスロット, Ransurotto)
  4. "Bewilderment" (とまどい, Tomadoi)
7 May 17, 2022[38]978-4-06-527911-3February 28, 2023[39]978-1-64651-728-2
  1. "The King of Liones" (リオネス王, Rionesu-ō)
  2. "Meliodas and Percival" (メリオダスとパーシバル, Meriodasu to Pāshibaru)
  3. "Triple Trouble" (トリプルトラブル, Toripuru Toraburu)
  4. "Trickery" (奸計, Kankei)
  5. "Tristan" (トリスタン, Torisutan)
  1. "Knights of Prophecy Meet" (予言の騎士の邂逅, Yogen no Kishi no Kaikō)
  2. "Liones in Panic" (リオネス・パニック, Rionesu Panikku)
  3. "Creeping Omens" (忍び寄る不吉, Shinobi yoru Fukitsu)
  4. "Led by the Nose" (手玉に取られる男, Tedama ni Torareru Otoko)
8 August 17, 2022[40]978-4-06-528656-2May 16, 2023[41]978-1-64651-729-9
  1. "Liones in Flames" (灼熱のリオネス, Shakunetsu no Rionesu)
  2. "The Fourth Arrives" (四人目現る, Yonninme Arawaru)
  3. "The Start of a New Legend" (新たなる伝説の始まり, Aratanaru Densetsu no Hajimari)
  4. "Taming a Wild Horse" (じゃじゃ馬ならし, Jaja Uma Narashi)
  5. "Those Seeking Revenge" (復讐者たち, Fukushūsha-tachi)
  1. "The Nightmare Anew" (悪夢は再び, Akumu wa Futatabi)
  2. "The Assessment" (品定め, Shinasadame)
  3. "The Four Knights vs. the Servants of Chaos" (〈黙示録の四騎士〉 vs. 混沌の使徒, Mokushiroku no Yonkishi vs. Konton no Shito)
  4. "The Nephilim" (ネフィリム, Nefirimu)
9 November 17, 2022[42]978-4-06-529487-1August 15, 2023[43]978-1-64651-910-1
  1. "Secret Maneuvers" (暗躍する者, Anyakusuru Mono)
  2. "The Blade of Treason" (裏切りの刃, Uragiri no Yaiba)
  3. "A Friend's Transformation" (友の変貌, Tomo no Henbō)
  4. "Freezing, Burning Hearts" (凍てつき燃ゆる心, Itetsuki Moyuru Kokoro)
  5. "The Demon Mela-Galland" (悪魔のメラガラン, Akuma no Meragaran)
  1. "Frantic Resistance" (必死の抵抗, Hisshi no Teikō)
  2. "Royal Holy Knights vs. Mela-Galland" (王国聖騎士 vs. メラガラン, Ōkoku Seikishi vs. Meragaran)
  3. "Advent" (降臨, Kōrin)
  4. "The Power of the King" (王の威光, Ō no Ikō)
10 January 17, 2023[44]978-4-06-529938-8November 7, 2023[45]978-1-64651-911-8
  1. "A King's Pride" (王の矜持プライド, Ō no Puraido)
  2. "Hyperion" (ハイペリオン, Haiperion)
  3. "King Arthur vs. Lancelot" (アーサー王 vs. ランスロット, Āsā-ō vs. Ransurotto)
  4. "After the Brawl..." (激闘終わって…, Gekitō Owatte...)
  5. "Their Respective Conflicts" (それぞれの葛藤, Sorezore no Kattō)
  1. "Prepared to Part Ways" (別れの決意, Wakare no Ketsui)
  2. "Transition of an Era" (パーシバル隊結成!!, Pāshibaru-tai Kessei!!)
  3. "The Gloom" (暗鬱, An'utsu)
  4. "Buddings" (芽生え, Mebae)
11 March 16, 2023[46]978-4-06-530933-9February 13, 2024[47]979-8-88877-072-6
  1. "Guinevere" (ギネヴィア, Ginevia)
  2. "Departure"
  3. "The Four Knights Set Off!" (四騎士始動!!, Yonkishi Shidō!!)
  4. "The Bride's Greeting" (花嫁の出迎え, Hanayome no Demukae)
  5. "Confrontation" (対峙, Taiji)
  1. "The Great Wolnack Search" (どきどきウォルナック探訪, Dokidoki Worunakku Tanbō)
  2. "Madrigal of Youth" (青春マドリガル, Seishun Madorigaru)
  3. "Occurrence on the Night of Prayer" (祈りの夜の出来事, Inori no Yoru no Dekigoto)
  4. "Assassin in the Dark Night" (闇夜の刺客, Yamiyo no Shikaku)
12 June 15, 2023[48]978-4-06-531567-5May 7, 2024[49]979-8-88877-073-3
  1. "City of Battle" (壁の街の戦い, Kabe no Machi no Tatakai)
  2. "Counterattack" (反撃, Hangeki)
  3. "Requiem of Silence" (静寂の鎮魂歌レクイエム, Seijaku no Rekuiemu)
  4. "Unable to Be Said" (言えなかった言葉, Ienakatta Kotoba)
  5. "Flames of Reminiscence" (追想の炎, Tsuisō no Honō)
  1. "Shredded Hearts" (軋むココロ, Kishimu Kokoro)
  2. "The Crazed King" (狂王, Kyō-ō)
  3. "To the Demon Realm" (いざ魔界へ, Iza Makai e)
  4. "Intrusion into Demonity" (魔界への侵入, Makai e no Shinnyū)
13 August 17, 2023[50]978-4-06-532614-5August 6, 2024979-8-88877-206-5
  1. "A Demonic Welcome" (魔界の歓迎, Makai no Kangei)
  2. "Savior" (救い主様, Sukuinushi-sama)
  3. "The Wild Child's Solitude" (じゃじゃ馬の孤独, Jaja Uma no Kodoku)
  4. "Calamity Behemoth" (災いのベヒモス, Wazawai no Behimosu)
  5. "A Trying Week" (試される一週間, Tamasareru Isshūkan)
  1. "In Pursuit of Strength" (強さを求めて, Tsuyosa o Motomete)
  2. "Me Today Over Me Yesterday" (昨日の自分より 今日の自分より, Kinō no Jibun yori, Kyō no Jibun yori)
  3. "Wavering Hearts" (揺れるココロ, Yureru Kokoro)
  4. "Zarura N'Du" (ツァルラ・ンドゥ, Tsarura Ndu)
14 October 17, 2023[51]978-4-06-533154-5November 5, 2024979-8-88877-307-9
  1. "The Mission Begins" (任務開始, Ninmu Kaishi)
  2. "The Battle of the Albion" (アルビオン攻防戦, Arubion Kōbōsen)
  3. "The Boy of Destiny" (宿命の少年, Shukumei no Shōnen)
  4. "Vaz Zigra" (ヴァズ・ジグラ, Vazu Jigura)
  5. "The Battle Trigger" (開戦の火蓋, Kaisen no Hibuta)
  1. "Clash! Clash! Clash!" (激突!! 激突!! 激突!!, Gekitotsu!! Gekitotsu!! Gekitotsu!!)
  2. "Banquet for Braves" (強者たちの宴, Tsuwamono-tachi no Utage)
  3. "If Not You, Then Who?" (キミがやらずに誰がやる, Kimi ga Yarazu ni Dare ga Yaru)
  4. "The Washouts" (できそこない, Dekisokonai)
15 January 17, 2024[52]978-4-06-534182-7February 4, 2025979-8-88877-308-6
  1. "Resolve" (不退転, Futaiten)
  2. "Realm of a Master" (達人領域, Tatsujin Ryōiki)
  3. "Knights of 'War'" (〈戦争〉の騎士, Sensō no Kishi)
  4. "Prayer" (祈り, Inori)
  5. "The Day You Were Born" (キミが生まれた日, Kimi ga Umareta Hi)
  1. "The Day You Went Away" (キミが消えた日, Kimi ga Kieta Hi)
  2. "Invasion" (侵攻, Shinkō)
  3. "The Fox Sin of Greed" (フォックス・シン, Fokkusu Shin)
  4. "In Search of Hope" (希望を探して, Kibō o Sagashite)
16 April 17, 2024[53]978-4-06-535177-2
  1. "The Resisters" (抗う者たち, Aragau Mono-tachi)
  2. "Hewn in Two" (両断, Ryōdan)
  3. "The Stranger" (ストレンジャー, Sutorenjā)
  4. "The Conversation" (対話, Taiwa)
  5. "The Advancing Dragnet" (迫る包囲網, Semaru Hōimō)
  1. "Forest of Sloth and Envy" (怠惰と嫉妬の森, Taida to Shitto no Mori)
  2. "Nasiens in the Fairy King's Forest" (妖精王の森のナシエンス, Yōsei-ō no Mori no Nashiensu)
  3. "Unseen Pain" (見えざる苦しみ, Miezaru Kurushimi)
  4. "The Shape of Truth" (真実の姿, Shinjitsu no Sugata)
17 June 17, 2024[19]978-4-06-535783-5
  1. "The Drug of Yore" (いにしえの秘薬, Inishie no Hiyaku)
  2. "A Sad Crossing" (悲しきすれちがい, Kanashiki Surechigai)
  3. "Tragedy" (悲劇, Higeki)
  4. "Cracks" (亀裂, Kiretsu)
  5. "Family Battle" (家族の戦い, Kazoku no Tatakai)
  1. "Love Melts Curses Like Ice" (愛は氷の如く呪いを溶かす, Ai wa Kōri no Gotoku Noroi o Tokasu)
  2. "Difference in Ability" (実力差, Jitsuryoku-sa)
  3. "Dark Clouds Looming" (たれこめる暗雲, Tarekomeru An'un)
  4. "Overwhelmed" (蹂躙, Jūrin)

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format[edit]

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume.

  1. "Hope of a New Generation" (次代の希望, Jidai no Kibō)
  2. "Not at All a Tragedy" (それは決して悲劇ではない, Sore wa Kesshite Higeki de wa Nai)
  3. "The Return" (復活, Fukkatsu)
  4. Aratanaru Bōken e (新たなる冒険へ)


In May 2022, it was announced that the manga would receive an anime television series adaptation, titled The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse.[54] Produced and planned by TMS Entertainment,[a] and animated by Telecom Animation Film, it is directed by Maki Odaira, with scripts written by Shigeru Murakoshi, character designs handled by Youichi Takada, and music composed by Kohta Yamamoto. The main theme is composed by Yamamoto and Hiroyuki Sawano.[3] The series aired from October 8, 2023, to March 31, 2024, on TBS and its affiliates.[55][56] A second season is set to premiere in October 2024.[57]

Netflix acquired streaming rights to the series in October 2023,[58] and began streaming it on January 31, 2024.[59]


No.Title [60]Directed by [60]Storyboarded by [60]Original air date [61]
1"The Boy's Departure"
Transliteration: "Shōnen wa Tabidatsu" (Japanese: 少年は旅立つ)
Maki OdairaMaki OdairaOctober 8, 2023 (2023-10-08)
Percival is a boy who lives alone with his grandfather, Varghese, above the clouds on a mountaintop called God's Finger. On Percival's sixteenth birthday, a Holy Knight named Ironside arrives on a flying boat in hunt of Varghese, his former comrade whom he suspects is one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, a group of warriors prophesied to bring ruin to Ironside's liege, Arthur Pendragon. Ironside magically inflicts large gashes on the pair and leaves them for dead, but only Varghese is fatally wounded, while Percival mysteriously survives and heals from his injuries. Before dying, Varghese reveals Ironside to be Percival's father and urges Percival to find him, though Percival hesitates to leave until days later after finding a set of travel garments Varghese made for him. Donning Varghese's cloak and helmet, Percival climbs down God's Finger to the land of Britannia, where he encounters a red fox.
2"The Unknown Force"
Transliteration: "Michinaru Chikara" (Japanese: 未知なる力)
Keiko OyamadaMaki OdairaOctober 15, 2023 (2023-10-15)
Percival follows the fox out of the woods and encounters a traveling circus troupe of failed Holy Knight initiates. The troupe allows Percival to accompany them to the nearest village, which is under attack by a giant wolf. With the help of troupe member Donny, Percival easily defeats the wolf to rescue an old man and his grandson, which is observed by Pellegarde, the wolf's owner and a Holy Knight in league with Ironside. Pellegarde challenges Percival to a duel, taking an interest in training him. Percival is nearly defeated, but after he is cheered by the grandson, a magic power emanates from his hands and allows him to fight back.
3"The Four Knights of the Apocalypse"
Transliteration: "Mokushiroku no Yonkishi" (Japanese: 黙示録の四騎士)
Maki OdairaMaki OdairaOctober 22, 2023 (2023-10-22)
Pellegarde uses his fire magic against Percival's newly awakened power, which creates a swarm of "Mini-Percivals" that protect him and heal his injuries. Recognizing Percival's power as a form of rare Hero-type magic, Pellegarde identifies him as one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Percival and Donny are rescued by the red fox, who safely teleports them several miles away from Pellegarde. The fox, Sin, explains he is tasked with escorting Percival to the kingdom of Liones, revealing that Percival is destined to destroy the world as one of the Four Knights, and that the Holy Knights pursuing them are from Camelot, a kingdom within a realm of chaos ruled by King Arthur. While hunting for food at Echo Gorge, Percival saves a fairy-like creature from a sinister young herbalist named Nasiens, who drugs Percival to use as a test subject. The local fairies warn Donny and Sin about Nasiens, whom they blame for turning the gorge's plants and wildlife into monsters.
4"The Demon of Echo Gorge"
Transliteration: "Kodama no Tani no Akuma" (Japanese: 木霊の谷の悪魔)
Kim Min-SunMaki OdairaOctober 29, 2023 (2023-10-29)
Under Nasiens' captivity, Percival learns that Nasiens is developing an antidote for the poisonous miasma plaguing Echo Gorge, with the animals' mutations being an unintended side effect of his experiments. Deciding to trust Nasiens, Percival willingly drinks the untested drug despite its potentially lethal effects, proving it to be a success. After Percival convinces the fairies of Nasiens' innocence, Nasiens spreads the drug across the gorge and restores it to its original state through his magic ability, Mix Venom. However, the gorge is poisoned again by Ordo, Nasiens' long-lost mentor and adoptive grandfather, who has been transformed into a monster under the control of the fairy creature whom Nasiens imprisoned earlier. Realizing Ordo is the true source of the miasma, Percival promises to return Ordo to normal.
5"A Resolve Further Honed"
Transliteration: "Sara naru Ketsui" (Japanese: さらなる決意)
Yūichirō YanoYūichirō YanoNovember 5, 2023 (2023-11-05)
The fairy creature controlling Ordo is shot by an unseen archer, revealing the creature to be a puppet of Talisker, a Holy Knight of Camelot. Percival is initially unable to use his magic, leading Nasiens to attack Talisker by himself, but regains his power after protecting Nasiens from Talisker's weather manipulation magic and gaining Nasiens' complete trust. While battling Percival, Talisker reveals he transformed Ordo on Arthur's behalf for helping the non-human races of Echo Gorge. Under Sin's guidance, Percival defeats Talisker by focusing his magic power into a sword-like form, which causes Talisker to drop the mystical Chaos Staff he used to manipulate Ordo, allowing Sin to destroy it and restore Ordo to human form. Percival resolves to stop Arthur and all of Camelot, angered by their disregard for non-humans, while Nasiens joins Percival's group to explore the world at Ordo's request. The group travels to the nearby town of Sistana, unaware that Ironside is there.
6"Sistana Shaken"
Transliteration: "Senritsu no Shisutana" (Japanese: 戦慄のシスタナ)
Hideki Tokonatsu,
Yūsuke Nakagama
Hiroyuki FukushimaNovember 19, 2023 (2023-11-19)
At Sistana, the Mini-Percivals lead Percival's group to uncover a buried piece of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, a mystical relief once used to seal the Demon Clan away. The group is confronted by Anghalhad (Anne), the local lord's daughter and an aspiring Holy Knight, who had buried the piece to hide it from Ironside. Suspicious of them due to her magic ability to detect lies, Anne is surprised by Percival's sincerity when he returns the piece, which she instead entrusts to him for safekeeping. That evening, Ironside reveals the rest of the Coffin to the townsfolk, promising their protection from the Four Knights of the Apocalypse in exchange for its completion. Witnessing this, Sin realizes he intends to activate the Coffin by sacrificing the townsfolk. While the others rush to protect the piece, having left it at their inn room, Percival brings Anne along when she endangers herself trying to expose Ironside's deceit. However, the piece is stolen by a demonic servant of Ironside disguised as Anne's maid, allowing Ironside to complete the Coffin. Sin sends Percival's group to destroy the Coffin as Ironside begins the sacrificial ritual.
7"The Name of the Magic"
Transliteration: "Sono Maryoku no Na wa" (Japanese: その魔力の名は)
Nobuo TomizawaNobuo TomizawaNovember 26, 2023 (2023-11-26)
Ironside's ritual summons a horde of spirits that transform Sistana's architecture into monsters. Percival attempts to break the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, but Ironside's overwhelming magic power and skill prevent him from coming close. Donny is intimidated into abandoning his friends, while Nasiens remains to help Anne defend Percival, enchanting her rapier to poison Ironside and hinder his movements. Nevertheless, Ironside strikes the group down and kills Percival, causing the Mini-Percivals to vanish and leaving his friends unable to revive him. Unaware of this, a returning Donny expresses confidence in Percival, which makes one of the Mini-Percivals reappear, renewing Nasiens and Anne's belief in Percival's survival. As his friends continue to affirm their faith in Percival, the Mini-Percivals multiply and bring him back to life. Percival credits his friends for fueling his magic, which he names "Hope".
8"Young Heroes"
Transliteration: "Osanaki Yūsha-tachi" (Japanese: 幼き勇者たち)
Arika YamatoHisao YokoboriDecember 3, 2023 (2023-12-03)
Ironside's summoned monsters are slain by a young man seemingly called by Sin to protect the townspeople. Ironside admits defeat and asks for Percival's forgiveness, but Anne exposes his surrender as another attempt on Percival's life, sending Ironside into a rage. With Nasiens' poison continuing to hinder Ironside's attacks, Percival succeeds in splitting the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, while Donny uses his power of levitation to retrieve the relic's centerpiece, the Dragon Handle; Percival's attack also destroys Ironside's helmet and reveals his face, unnerving Percival with his father's resemblance to Varghese. Ironside's comrade Mortlach convinces him to return to Camelot, likening the monsters' unidentified attacker to one of the Seven Deadly Sins, the most formidable warriors in Britannia. Sin returns following the Holy Knights' retreat, lying that the attacker was a group of forest animals. Percival's group leaves Sistana afterwards, joined by Anne with her father's approval.
9"Master and Pupil"
Transliteration: "Shi to Deshi" (Japanese: 師と弟子)
Yasurō TsuchiyaHiroyuki FukushimaDecember 10, 2023 (2023-12-10)
Percival's group travels to the fort town of Cant to prepare for a journey across Dalflare Range. At the town tavern, Donny encounters his maternal uncle and former mentor, Captain Howzer of Liones' Holy Knights, who is ashamed of Donny for deserting his knight training out of cowardice. In a drunken state, Howzer confiscates the Dragon Handle from Donny and berates him into running away, mistakenly accusing him and his friends of stealing the relic. Disgusted by Howzer's behavior, Nasiens challenges him to a drinking match, which Nasiens easily handles due to his immunity to alcohol. While Howzer is distracted, Nasiens deduces from the town's unusual wares and prices that the townspeople are selling stolen goods. His suspicions are proven when the townspeople intoxicate Percival and Anne into a stupor, revealing themselves to be a gang of bandits led by Edlin, another former apprentice of Howzer.
10"Roar of Destruction"
Transliteration: "Hametsu no Hōkō" (Japanese: 破滅の咆哮)
Yasurō TsuchiyaYūichirō YanoDecember 17, 2023 (2023-12-17)
Howzer passes out from his drinking match, allowing Edlin to imprison him and Percival's group. The group is released by Taizoo, the town bartender, who reveals that Edlin has blackmailed an ancient dragon into following his commands by stealing its egg and creating an illusory copy of it, with the real egg having already hatched. Meanwhile, Edlin attempts to recruit Donny, summoning the dragon to coerce him when he declines. However, some of Edlin's minions expose his deception to the dragon when they accidentally destroy the fake egg during a mutiny, provoking the dragon into attacking Cant. Howzer refuses to take action, still intoxicated and bitter towards Donny and Edlin, leaving Percival and Anne to search for Donny while Nasiens tends to the dragon hatchling hidden in their cell. After Donny rescues Edlin and declares his intent to resume his training, Percival saves them both and battles the dragon, but finds his magic ineffective against it.
11"A Real Holy Knight"
Transliteration: "Honmono no Seikishi" (Japanese: 本物の聖騎士)
Haruki KasugamoriNobuo TomizawaDecember 24, 2023 (2023-12-24)
Sin rebukes Howzer for his poor treatment of Donny, revealing Donny's role in saving the Dragon Handle from Ironside, as well as Percival's identity as one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, which makes Howzer regret his earlier harshness. Howzer quickly defeats the dragon after being magically soberized by Nasiens, who reunites the dragon with its child, calming the dragon. Apologizing to his pupils, Howzer promises to train the repentant Edlin again and reconciles with Donny, who explains his past cowardice as a misguided attempt to live for his deceased mother's sake. Howzer offers the handle back to Donny, but Donny is too nervous to take the responsibility of carrying it. Percival accepts the handle instead, with Howzer forging it into a sword for him. Before Percival's group leaves Cant, Sin privately transforms into the young man from Sistana and fires an enchanted arrow over Liones in the distance, signalling his retrieval of Percival to Liones's king, Meliodas.
12"A Sinister Endeavor"
Transliteration: "Jaaku naru Kokoromi" (Japanese: 邪悪なる試み)
Nobuo TomizawaHiroyuki FukushimaJanuary 7, 2024 (2024-01-07)
Percival's group travels through Dalflare Range, where he and Donny find a village inhabited by people with black eyes and frozen, smiling faces. The two carelessly cross a magic barrier into the village, where they are treated hospitably; following after them, Sin is put to sleep by the village elder. A local hunter, Ardd, stops Nasiens and Anne from entering the village, warning that the villagers are monsters in human disguise. Unable to cross the barrier himself, Ardd offers to help Nasiens and Anne rescue their friends. Anne determines Ardd to be trustworthy after he says his daughter, Connie, was taken by monsters as an infant. As instructed by Ardd, Anne enters the village with Nasiens and destroys its idol, which lifts the barrier and exposes the villagers' true forms as members of the Demon Clan. However, the demons remain docile and friendly, with the seemingly human elder explaining he has been protecting them from Ardd, who reveals himself as a Holy Knight of Camelot named Ardbeg.
13"The Cornered"
Transliteration: "Oitsumerareru Mono" (Japanese: 追いつめられる者)
Chika Nenbe,
Hiroyuki FukushimaJanuary 14, 2024 (2024-01-14)
Ardbeg seals the village's demons within a magical Amber of the Four Archengels for their clan's siege on Britannia in the Holy War sixteen years earlier, despite their elder's assertion that these demons abstained from the war. Recognizing Percival as one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, Ardbeg turns against Anne and the others to kill him with his mystic beast familiar, Cernunnos. Sin awakens and instructs Percival to combine his magic with his sword, which multiplies the sword's power enough to sever Cernunnos's antlers. After Nasiens drugs the beast, Ardbeg retreats to the nearby Crystal Grotto, where he lures Percival's group and uses his Reverse magic to transform them into babies. Ardbeg prepares to kill Percival while the group's mental states are regressed, but tearfully falters when Anne's crying reminds him of Connie's death in a demon attack during the Holy War. As Ardbeg tries to regain his resolve, he is confronted by the elder.
14"The Goat Sin"
Transliteration: "Gōto Shin" (Japanese: ゴート・シン)
Keiko OyamadaKeiko OyamadaJanuary 21, 2024 (2024-01-21)
The elder unveils his true identity as Gowther, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and confiscates Ardbeg's magic amber. Ardbeg threatens to kill Percival, but stops when Gowther conjures a replica of Connie from Ardbeg's memories. Despite recognizing her as an illusion, Ardbeg is overjoyed to see his daughter again and finds closure in her death, realizing Arthur's deceit in promising to resurrect her. Observing Ardbeg's surrender through a bird familiar, the Holy Knight Tamdhu throws spears at Percival from afar. Ardbeg dies protecting Anne, which prompts Gowther to hijack Tamdhu's body and attack his teammates before Tamdhu is killed by their leader, Fiddich. After the demons are unsealed and Percival's group return to their normal ages, Gowther explains the recent events to them while lying that Ardberg left peacefully. Anne notices Gowther's lie, and is devastated when he shows her Ardbeg's memories his life and death.
15"The Dark Talismans"
Transliteration: "Yami no Tarisuman" (Japanese: 闇のタリスマン)
Kim Min-SunHiroyuki FukushimaJanuary 28, 2024 (2024-01-28)
Anne remains inconsolable over Ardbeg's death, slowing the group down as they attempt to evade Fiddich's team of assassins, the Dark Talismans. Sin angers her by destroying Ardbeg's Chaos Staff, which she brought with her as a memento, leading Anne to berate Sin for his apparent uselessness to their team. She is surprised and cheers up after Sin apologizes, unaware that he deliberately provoked her to help her out of her despair. The team continues into the Entangled Forest, where they separate the Dark Talismans to fight them individually. Nasiens helps Percival defeat the assassin Elgin, although Percival saves Elgin from falling to his death, much to Sin's disapproval. Percival flies the group further through the forest with his magic, but they are intercepted by the assassins Burgie and Doronach on their flying horse. With Sin's assistance, Anne defeats Burgie while Donny realizes his "floating" magic's true potential as telekinesis, which he uses to effortlessly hurl Doronach away.
16"Departing from Sin"
Transliteration: "Shin to no Wakare" (Japanese: シンとの別れ)
Yasurō TsuchiyaAkitaro Daichi,
Hiroyuki Fukushima
February 4, 2024 (2024-02-04)
Despite the efforts of Percival's team, the Dark Talismans reassemble and have their injuries fully healed by Fiddich. When Sin restores the group's confidence with encouraging words, the Dark Talismans identify Sin as the group's ringleader and trap him with themselves inside a Perfect Cube to dispose of him. However, Sin kills Elgin, Burgie, and Doronach before assuming his human form, revealing his true identity as Lancelot to everyone. Lancelot effortlessly outmaneuvers Fiddich through his mind-reading abilities, interrogating him over the whereabouts of a knight in a star-shaped visor and Dubs the giant craftsman, before killing Fiddich when he attempts to retreat. Percival's friends become wary of Lancelot, but he regains their trust by explaining his mission of testing their resolve. Pellegarde arrives to challenge Percival again, but Lancelot abruptly teleports the group to Liones for an audience with Meliodas.
17"The King of Liones"
Transliteration: "Rionesu Ō" (Japanese: リオネス王)
Arika YamatoHitomi EzoeFebruary 11, 2024 (2024-02-11)
Awestruck by the sights of Liones, Percival wanders away from his friends and eventually meets Meliodas, who continues to run the Boar's Hat tavern in addition to his duties as king. Meliodas requests Percival's help in saving Britannia, explaining that the Four Knights of the Apocalypse were chosen to save the world rather than destroy it. Percival is suddenly distracted by shimmering magic crystals belonging to Chion, a Holy Knight of Liones who serves Meliodas's son, Prince Tristan. After Percival angers Chion's teammate Isolde by accidentally sticking his head up her skirt, Chion convinces her and fellow teammate Jade that Percival is one of Camelot's Chaos Knights, and prevents Percival from explaining himself by summoning a sylph to steal his voice. In the ensuing fight, Jade covers Percival's head in a sphere of darkness to blind him. Percival's friends arrive to defend Percival, but the sylph steals their voices before Isolde injures them with her mace. Unable to see if his friends are alive, Percival becomes aggressive towards the knights before Tristan intervenes.
18"Knights of Prophecy Meet"
Transliteration: "Yogen no Kishi no Kaikō" (Japanese: 予言の騎士の邂逅)
Chika Nenbe,
Noriko Tajiri
Akitaro DaichiFebruary 18, 2024 (2024-02-18)
Meliodas visits the bedridden former king Bartra, who foretells the moon and a distant thunderstorm will herald the Four Knights of the Apocalypse assembling, while an assassin of chaos and a traitor will bring disaster. Meanwhile, still blinded by Jade's magic, Percival goes berserk and attacks Tristan's team until he is calmed by his friends, who explain his identity as one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse to Tristan's team. Chion claims he mistook Percival for an enemy after seeing Isolde chase him, but Anne realizes he attacked Percival deliberately when Tristan scolds him for forgetting the description of Percival he received from Meliodas. Tristan reveals himself and Lancelot to be two of the Four Knights, and that he has brought the fourth knight, Gawain, a relative of King Arthur who wears an all-concealing suit of armor. However, Lancelot reports that Gawain has fled the castle. Percival and Tristan's teams split up to search for Gawain as it begins to drizzle and the moon appears. While monitoring the city, Lancelot is approached by a young girl who proclaims herself his lover and kisses him on the lips.
19"Liones in Flames"
Transliteration: "Shakunetsu no Rionesu" (Japanese: 灼熱のリオネス)
Kim Min-SunKim Min-SunFebruary 25, 2024 (2024-02-25)
The girl, Guinevere, demonstrates complete familiarity with Lancelot despite just meeting him, and informs him of where he will find Gawain. Meanwhile, Chion sneaks away to assassinate Gawain, paranoid towards the prophecied knights besides Tristan. Alerted to Chion's intentions by Anne, Tristan stops him from killing a figure wearing Gawain's armor, whom they discover to be an unrelated man who found Gawain's suit discarded and donned it on a whim. Elsewhere, Percival's group meets an unarmored man they suspect to be Gawain until Percival recognizes him as an unmasked Pellegarde, who has followed Percival from the Entangled Forest. The two resume their battle, which disrupts a muscular young woman's attempt to court Isolde. Agitated, the woman extinguishes Pellegarde's magic flames with her power of sunlight, revealing herself as Gawain. Tristan and Lancelot assemble with Percival and Gawain in the commotion, completing the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.
20"Taming a Wild Horse"
Transliteration: "Jaja Uma Narashi" (Japanese: じゃじゃ馬ならし)
Haruki KasugamoriHaruki KasugamoriMarch 3, 2024 (2024-03-03)
The Four Knights disagree over how to deal with Pellegarde, with Gawain wanting to kill him for angering her. Percival tempts Pellegarde with an offer to join forces against Arthur, but Pellegarde declines and kidnaps Percival, trapping the others in a Perfect Cube. Gawain removes the barrier with an Absolute Cancel spell and attacks Pellegarde, who protects Percival when Gawain arrogantly shows no concern for the boy's safety. Percival stops Gawain from killing Pellegarde, leading her to assault Percival for his interference. Despite her tremendous power, however, she is defeated by Pellegarde due to her lack of combat skill, which sends her into a violent, childish tantrum. Tristan allows Pellegarde to flee for saving Percival, then placates Gawain by bolstering her ego. Meanwhile, two cloaked figures in Liones are cornered by a squadron of Holy Knights. One of the figures escapes while the other cloak lifts to reveal Melascula and Galland, members of the Demon Clan's Ten Commandments who have been reborn as Arthur's servants to take revenge against the Seven Deadly Sins.
21"The Four Knights vs. the Servants of Chaos"
Transliteration: "Mokushiroku no Yonkishi VS Konton no Shito" (Japanese: 〈黙示録の四騎士〉 VS 混沌の使徒)
Keiko OyamadaHatsuki TsujiMarch 10, 2024 (2024-03-10)
Melascula and Galland begin killing Liones's Holy Knights and non-human residents before the Four Knights arrive to battle them. Galland targets Gawain after sensing her magic's resemblance to that of Escanor, his adversary from the Seven Deadly Sins, which reminds him of his forgotten past as a demon, activating a spell Arthur placed on him that drives him insane. Gawain slices through Galland's indestructible body by teleporting her sword into him, allowing Percival to destroy him from the inside with an explosive Mini-Percival. Meanwhile, Lancelot interrogates Melascula over her and Galland's comrade, whom he confirms as the star visor knight. Melascula falls under Arthur's spell and is forced into her true form as a giant snake, but is defeated by Tristan's demonic powers, leaving a Chaos Staff behind.
22"Freezing, Burning Hearts"
Transliteration: "Itetsuki Moyuru Kokoro" (Japanese: 凍てつき燃ゆる心)
Maki Odaira,
Rintarō Kitabayashi,
Taiki Nishimura
Masayoshi NishidaMarch 17, 2024 (2024-03-17)
The star visor knight infiltrates the castle dungeon to retrieve an imprisoned comrade, interrupting Jade's interrogation of Chion. Jade and Chion are aided by Vice-Captain Guila, who unmasks the star visor knight as Jericho, formerly a Holy Knight of Liones and Lancelot's teacher who has since defected to Camelot. Jericho's ice magic freezes Guila despite the latter retaining her demonic abilities as a New Generation Holy Knight, but Lancelot stops Jericho from killing her. However, Jericho finds the prisoner, whom she is forced to kill to protect Camelot's secrets after failing to free him from his magic binds. Confronted by Lancelot for betraying his father, Ban, Jericho confesses to falling in love with Lancelot when he was a young child while she was still an adult; disgusted by her own inappropriate feelings, she joined Camelot under Arthur's promise to create a world where an older version of Lancelot can reciprocate her love. Jericho teleports to Camelot while Lancelot furiously screams Arthur's name. Meanwhile, the Chaos Staff activates and revives Melascula and Galland as a single, merged monster.
23"Royal Holy Knights vs. Mela-Galland"
Transliteration: "Ōkoku Seikishi VS Meragaran" (Japanese: 王国聖騎士 VS メラガラン)
Yasurō TsuchiyaToshihiko MasudaMarch 24, 2024 (2024-03-24)
The Knights of the Apocalypse and their allies battle the fusion of Melascula and Galland, dubbed "Mela-Galland", whose magic prevents their attacks from connecting. Gawain uses up her magic to damage Mela-Galland with an explosive spell to the surrounding area, causing Gawain to shrink to a childlike size. When the knights are further disoriented, town doctor Hendrickson arrives and explains the cause is a neurotoxin produced by Mela-Galland, allowing Nasiens to neutralize it. Dreyfus and Isolde arrive to support the Four Knights along with the rest of Liones's Holy Knights, which amplifies Percival's magic to the point of creating an army of intelligent Mini-Percivals to protect the Holy Knights. Further fueled by the knights' hope, Percival's attacks are strengthened enough to harm Mela-Galland's impenetrable body.
Transliteration: "Kōrin" (Japanese: 降臨)
Nobuo Tomizawa,
Haruki Kasugamori
Kazuhide Tomonaga,
Haruki Kasugamori
March 31, 2024 (2024-03-31)
Percival is assisted by Isolde against Mela-Galland, but both are outmatched against Mela-Galland despite Percival's newfound power. Tristan saves Isolde and, angered by her injuries, fully taps into his demon side after requesting Hendrickson to summon Lancelot for him. Tristan's demonic powers allow him to defeat Mela-Galland, but also cause him to lose all self-restraint and brutally maim Mela-Galland to death; sensing Tristan's predicament, Meliodas prepares to enter the battle to support him. Upon Mela-Galland's death, Arthur descends from the sky on a staircase made of rubble from the battle to personally assess the Four Knights' strength. Percival and Tristan charge towards Arthur, but he effortlessly deflects them and brandishes hundreds of magic blades in a display of power that immobilizes his opponents.



In June 2021, Four Knights of the Apocalypse was nominated for the seventh Next Manga Award in the Best Printed Manga category.[62]

Critical response[edit]

Ever since it began its serialization, the series has received a generally positive reception from fans and critics alike.[63] Junko Kuroda said the manga is "definitely an adventure fantasy that can be enjoyed smoothly", even for fans unfamiliar with The Seven Deadly Sins.[64]


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