Game Changer Wrestling

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Game Changer Wrestling
  • January 1999 (original)
  • September 2013 (revival)
HeadquartersNew Jersey, U.S.
Founder(s)Ricky Otazu
Owner(s)Ricky Otazu (1999–2004, 2013–2015)
Brett Lauderdale and Danny Demanto (2015–2019)
Brett Lauderdale (2019–present)
FormerlyJersey Championship Wrestling (1999–2015)

Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), formerly known as Jersey Championship Wrestling (JCW),[a] is an American independent professional wrestling promotion based in New Jersey. The promotion was originally founded by Ricky Otazu in 1999; it was rebranded under its current name in 2015, after a sale to Danny Demanto and current owner Brett Lauderdale. The promotion specializes in hardcore wrestling, as well as mixed martial arts–inspired shoot style matches.

GCW has grown from running shows based in New Jersey, to holding events across the United States, as well as internationally in Japan and Mexico. Annual GCW events include Backyard Wrestling, Bloodsport, Joey Janela's Spring Break, the Nick Gage Invitational, and the Tournament of Survival.


As Jersey Championship Wrestling[edit]

Jersey Championship Wrestling (JCW) was founded by independent wrestler Ricky Otazu, also known by his ring name of Ricky O,[1] in January 1999 in New Jersey.[2][3] JCW ran their first show on January 29, 2000, in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.[4] Later that year, JCW hosted the inaugural Jersey J-Cup, which featured many of the top independent wrestlers of that period.[5] They would continue to host the tournament until 2004, when JCW was sold to rival company National Wrestling Superstars (NWS).[6]

The promotion would remain dormant for nearly a decade until September 2013 when, after the closure of National Wrestling Superstars,[7] Otazu reclaimed the rights to JCW and reopened the promotion.[6] In April 2014, JCW opened its own training school in North Bergen.[8] Later that year, JCW would return to hosting the Jersey J-Cup.[9]

2015–present: Rebranding as Game Changer Wrestling[edit]

In June 2015, Jersey Championship Wrestling rebranded itself to Game Changer Wrestling (GCW)[3] after being purchased by Brett Lauderdale and Danny Demanto.[10] Since the buyout, GCW began to predominantly feature hardcore wrestling and continued to enjoy success in the New Jersey wrestling scene. GCW became known for producing several tournaments featuring independent wrestlers; including the Nick Gage Invitational Ultraviolent Tournament,[11] the Tournament of Survival[12] and the Acid Cup.[13]

In March 2017, GCW produced Joey Janela's Spring Break show in Fern Park, Florida.[14] This would become an annual tradition for the company.[15] GCW would begin to expand throughout the United States and hosted its first show in Los Angeles in November 2018, titled To Live and Die in LA.[16] In April 2018, GCW partnered with Matt Riddle to produce Matt Riddle's Bloodsport, a show that fused professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.[17] Bloodsport would take place twice more in 2019, this time with the partnership of Josh Barnett.[18][19][20][21] In August 2019, GCW embarked on a two-day tour of Japan.[22]

In December 2020, GCW attempted to end their partnership with streaming platform Independent Wrestling TV (IWTV), later moving their content to FITE TV. In 2021, IWTV sued GCW for breach of contract.[23][24]

On January 23, 2022, GCW held the sold out The Wrld on GCW event, their debut at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The event marked the first GCW event to air on traditional pay-per-view outlets.[25][26]

On February 7, 2022, GCW signed Nick Gage to a contract, which was referred to as "the first and only contract that GCW will offer". GCW owner Brett Lauderdale said of the contract, "This is a major milestone moment for both Nick and GCW. I have always been against the idea of contracts in GCW but there are exceptions to every rule. From day 1, Nick has put his body, and literally his life on the line for the fans inside the squared circle. He deserves, and has earned the right to be rewarded for 20+ years of hard work and sacrifice. This historic contract will do just that, allowing him to continue his in-ring career at a pace that is beneficial to his health, while beginning to focus on opportunities that take him towards the next phase of his career. GCW would not have achieved the level of success it has without Nick F'N Gage, and we are proud to be able to say that GCW will remain Nick's home for the rest of his career".[27]

On April 12, 2023, GCW announced a working relationship with Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw), which will see GCW hold their inaugural events in Germany as part of wXw's 2023 World Tag Team Festival weekend.[28]


Blake Christian
Rina Yamashita
Joey Janela
Jordon Oliver

Game Changer Wrestling's roster consists mainly of independent freelancers and wrestlers contracted to promotions like All Elite Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and Major League Wrestling.


Ring name Real name Notes
1 Called Manders Steve Manders
Alec Price Alan Parnell
Alex Zayne Alex Brandenburg
Allie Katch Allison Woodard
Arez Jonathan González
August Matthews Unknown
Bam Sullivan Unknown
Big Vin Unknown
Billie Starkz Lillian Bridget
Billy Dixon Unknown
Blake Christian Christian Hubble
Bobby Flaco Unknown
Bodhi Young Prodigy Unknown
Brayden Toon Unknown
Calvin Tankman Christopher Heyward III
Charles Mason Unknown
Charlie Tiger Unknown
Ciclope Jhonny Serrano Yedra
Cole Radrick Joey Hodge
CPA Unknown
Dan The Dad Unknown
Dante Leon Marcos Meza
Dark Sheik Sam Khandaghabadi
Davey Bang Unknown
Dominic Garrini Dominic Garrini Tag Team Champion
Dyln McKay Unknown
Effy Taylor Gibson
Fuego Del Sol Unknown
Grim Reefer Michael Corcoran
Gringo Loco Charles Santos
Homicide Nelson Erazo Indie Wrestling Hall of Famer
Hunter Drake Unknown
Jack Cartwheel Jack Cartwright
Janai Kai Janai Ruiz
Jay Lyon Unknown
Jeffrey John Unknown
Jimmy Lloyd James Lloyd Also known by the ring name "Broski Jimmy"
Joey Janela Joseph Janela
John Wayne Murdoch Unknown
Jordan Oliver Jordan Oliver, Jr.
Josh Barnett Joshua Lawrence Barnett
Joshua Bishop Unknown
Kerry Morton Kerry Morton
Kevin Ku Kevin Ku Tag Team Champion
Látigo Unknown
Leon Slater Leon Slater
Lio Rush Lionel Green
LuFisto Genevieve Goulet
Maki Itoh Maki Itoh Extreme Champion
Mance Warner Unknown World Champion
Marcus Mathers Unknown
Masha Slamovich Ann Khozine JCW World Champion
Matt Cardona Matthew Cardona GCW General Manager
Matt Makowski Unknown
Matt Tremont Matthew Tremont Deathmatch Hall of Famer
Microman Unknown
Midas Black Unknown
Miedo Extremo Jonathan Uriel Gijon Perez
Mike Jackson Unknown
Mr. Danger Unknown
Nick Gage[29] Nicholas W. Wilson Contracted wrestler
Nick Wayne Nicholas Finley
Ninja Mack Brenden McAleavey
Parrow Mike Parrow
Reed Bentley Unknown
Richard Holliday Joe Zimbardi
Rico Gonzalez Unknown
Rina Yamashita Rina Yamashita Ultraviolent Champion
Sam Stackhouse Unknown
Santana Jackson Unknown
Sawyer Wreck Unknown
Shane Mercer Shane Goode
"Speedball" Mike Bailey Émile Baillargeon-Laberge
Starboy Charlie Charlie Hilder
Steph De Lander Stephanie De Landre
Titus Alexander Titus Jimenez
Tony Deppen Anthony Deppen
Yoya Unknown
Zilla Fatu Isayah Fatu

Other personnel[edit]

Ring name Real name Notes
Adam Gault Adam Gault Referee
Brett Lauderdale Brett Hoffman Owner/booker
Chad Rico Chad Rico Referee
Dan Perch Dan Perch Referee
Dave Prazak Dave Prazak Commentator
Indie Wrestling Hall of Famer
Emil Jay Emil Hibian Commentator
Ring announcer
Johnathan Ashe Johnathan Ashe Video producer
Jordan Castle Jordan Cassel Commentator
Max Recon AJ Kissinger Referee
Scarlette Donovan Scarlette Donovan Referee
Veda Scott Veda Scott Commentator
Occasional wrestler

Halls of fame[edit]

Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame[edit]

Deathmatch Hall of Fame[edit]

Year Ring name
2019 Mad Man Pondo
Nate Hatred
Danny Havoc
Matt Tremont
2021 Supreme
Nick Mondo
2022 Wifebeater
Toby Klein
Dewey Donovan
J. C. Bailey
2023 Mike "Piss Jug Mike" Bieszck
Lowlife Louie
John Zandig
Brain Damage
2024 Abdullah the Butcher
Markus Crane
Gary Walter

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

Current championships[edit]

As of June 22, 2024

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days
Location Notes Ref.
GCW World Championship Mance Warner 1 June 2, 2024 20 Atlantic City, NJ Defeated Joey Janela at Cage of Survival 3 after cashing in his Do or Die championship contract. [30]
JCW World Championship Masha Slamovich 1 February 10, 2024 133 Jersey City, NJ Defeated Jordan Oliver at Jersey J-Cup. [31]
GCW Ultraviolent Championship 山下りな2020 Rina Yamashita 1 August 13, 2022 679 Atlantic City, NJ Defeated Alex Colon at Homecoming: Part 1. [32]
GCW Extreme Championship Maki Itoh 1 March 9, 2024 105 Atlantic City, NJ Defeated champion Joey Janela at Ashes To Ashes in a six-way scramble match also including Alex Zayne, Broski Jimmy, Jack Cartwheel, and Marcus Mathers. [33]
GCW Tag Team Championship Violence Is Forever
(Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku (portraited))
(1, 1)
November 4, 2023 231 Atlanta, GA Defeated Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) at ¿Sí Or No?. [34]

Former championships[edit]

Championship Date of entry First champion(s) Date retired Final champion(s) Years active Event
GCW Women's Championship November 23, 2003 April Hunter June 3, 2016 Deonna Purrazzo 13 Live event
JCW Light Heavyweight Championship April 14, 2000 Judas Young April 10, 2004 Kahagas 4 Live event
JCW Television Championship April 14, 2000 Kevin Knight February 22, 2004 Moondog Wenzel 4 Live event
JCW Six Man Tag Team Championship November 4, 2000 CJ Brock, Crazy Ivan, and Dave Greco November 4, 2001 CJ Brock, Crazy Ivan, and Dave Greco 1 Payback Time

Championship history[edit]

JCW World Championship[edit]

JCW World Championship[35]
Jordan Oliver with the current design of the title (2023–present)
Date establishedFebruary 11, 2023
Current champion(s)Masha Slamovich
Date wonFebruary 10, 2024
First champion(s)Jordan Oliver

Jersey J-Cup Tournament (2023)[edit]

First Round[36] Quarterfinals[31] Semi Final[31] Final[31]
Mike Bailey Pin
Jonathan Gresham 20:59
Mike Bailey Pin
Komander 12:33
Arez 12:38
Komander Pin
Mike Bailey Pin
Blake Christian 15:30
Jack Cartwheel
Marcus Mathers
Cole Radrick
Dante Leon
Dyln McKay
Cole Radrick 11:56
Blake Christian Pin
Alec Price 13:36
Blake Christian Pin
Mike Bailey 21:25
Jordan Oliver Pin
Joey Janela Pin
Starboy Charlie 16:34
Joey Janela Pin
Lio Rush 10:20
Tony Deppen 13:25
Lio Rush Pin
Joey Janela 28:56
Jordan Oliver Pin
Charles Mason Pin
Billie Starkz 14:19
Charles Mason 14:54
Jordan Oliver Pin
Alex Shelley 17:55
Jordan Oliver Pin

Jersey J-Cup Tournament (2024)[edit]

First Round[37] Quarterfinals[38] Semi Final[38] Final[38]
Masha Slamovich Pin
Man Like DeReiss 14:08
Masha Slamovich Pin
Matt Makowski 10:34
Matt Makowski 27:43
Tony Deppen Pin
Masha Slamovich Pin
Alec Price 11:55
Jonathan Gresham 9:40
Alec Price Pin
Alec Price 14:18
Joey Janela Pin
Joey Janela 13:36
Kerry Morton Pin
Masha Slamovich 18:50
Jordan Oliver TKO
Nick Wayne Pin
Marcus Mathers 17:17
Nick Wayne Pin
The Great Sasuke 12:58
The Great Sasuke 27:45
Mike Bailey Pin
Nick Wayne 21:05
Jordan Oliver Pin
Cole Radrick
Jack Cartwheel
Mr. Danger
Myron Reed
Charles Mason
Billie Starkz
Myron Reed 14:54
Jordan Oliver Pin
Griffin McCoy 21:05
Jordan Oliver Pin


No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
+ Current reign is changing daily
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days
1 Jordan Oliver February 11, 2023 Jersey J-Cup
Session 2
Jersey City, NJ 1 497 Defeated Mike Bailey to become the inaugural champion.
This was also the finals of the 2023 Jersey J-Cup tournament.
2 Masha Slamovich February 10, 2024 Jersey J-Cup
Session 2
Jersey City, NJ 1 133+ This was also the finals of the 2024 Jersey J-Cup tournament. [38]


  1. ^ The Jersey Championship Wrestling (JCW) name is currently utilized by GCW as the name of their developmental promotion. The modern JCW promotion runs a series of streaming events on YouTube.


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