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(unranked): Virus
Family: Globuloviridae
  • Alphaglobulovirus
Negative-contrast electron micrographs of virions of Pyrobaculum spherical virus (PSV, genus Alphaglobulovirus). (Left) Intact virions; arrows indicate spherical protrusions. (Right) Partially disrupted virions extruding disordered nucleoprotein core. The bars represent 100 nm. Modified from (Häring et al., 2004; provided by ICTV).

Globuloviridae is a family of hyperthermophilic archaeal viruses. Crenarchaea of the genera Pyrobaculum and Thermoproteus (both in Thermoproteaceae) serve as natural hosts. There are four species in this family, assigned to a single genus, Alphaglobulovirus.[1][2][3]


The family contains one genus which contains four species:[3]


Virions in the Globuloviridae are spherical and enveloped. The diameter is around 100 nm.[1][2]

Genome organization of Pyrobaculum spherical virus (PSV) showing location, sizes and direction of putative genes.

Genomes are linear dsDNA and non-segmented, around 20–30kb in length.[1][2]

Genus Structure Symmetry Capsid Genomic arrangement Genomic segmentation
Alphaglobulovirus Spherical Enveloped Linear Monopartite

Life cycle[edit]

Viral replication is cytoplasmic. DNA-templated transcription is the method of transcription. Pyrobaculum and Thermoproteus archaea serve as the natural host. Transmission routes are passive diffusion.[1]

Genus Host details Tissue tropism Entry details Release details Replication site Assembly site Transmission
Alphaglobulovirus Pyrobaculum and Thermoproteus archaea None Injection Budding Cytoplasm Cytoplasm Passive diffusion


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