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(unranked): Virus
Family: Guttaviridae

Guttaviridae is a family of viruses. Archaea serve as natural hosts. There are two genera in this family, containing one species each.[1][2] The name is derived from the Latin gutta, meaning 'droplet'.[3][4][5]


The family currently contains one genera and species:[2]

Genus Alphaguttavirus and species Sulfolobus newzealandicus droplet-shaped virus were removed in ICTV version 2021.[6]


Viruses in the family Guttaviridae are enveloped. The diameter is around 70–95 nm, with a length of 110–185 nm. Genomes are circular, around 20kb in length.[2][3] The virons consist of a coat, a core, a nucleocapsid, and projecting fibers at the pointed end. The surface of the virion has a beehive-like ribbed surface pattern with protrusions that are densely covered by a 'beard' of long fibers at its pointed end. The genome is extremely heavily methylated.[citation needed]

Life cycle[edit]

DNA-templated transcription is the method of transcription. Archaea serve as the natural host.[2][3]


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