Hadım Suleiman Pasha

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31st Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
In office
April 1541 – 28 November 1544
MonarchSuleiman I
Preceded byLütfi Pasha
Succeeded byRüstem Pasha
Ottoman Governor of Egypt
In office
Preceded byDivane Hüsrev Pasha
Succeeded byDavud Pasha
In office
Preceded byGüzelce Kasım Pasha
Succeeded byDivane Hüsrev Pasha
Personal details
Bornc. 1467
DiedSeptember 1547 (aged 79–80)
Malkara, Sanjak of Vize, Ottoman Empire

Hadım (Eunuch) Suleiman Pasha (Ottoman Turkish: خادم سلیمان پاشا; Turkish: Hadım Süleyman Paşa; c. 1467 – September 1547) was an Ottoman statesman and military commander of Greek descent.[1][2] He served as the governor of Ottoman Egypt in 1525–1535 and 1537–1538, and as Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire between 1541 and 1544.[3] He was a eunuch.

The Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ordered Suleiman Pasha as governor of Egypt to conduct a naval expedition in the Indian Ocean, where he led the capture of Aden and the siege of Diu (in Portuguese India) in 1538.[4] Suleiman Pasha was a benefactor of his long-serving successor in the Egyptian governorship, Davud Pasha (served 1538–1549), whom he championed for the role to spite his rival and colleague, Rüstem Pasha.[5]

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Political offices
Preceded by Ottoman Governor of Egypt
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Preceded by Ottoman Governor of Egypt
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Preceded by Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
April 1541 – 28 November 1544
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