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Virion of genus Okubovirus
Virus classification Edit this classification
(unranked): Virus
Realm: Duplodnaviria
Kingdom: Heunggongvirae
Phylum: Uroviricota
Class: Caudoviricetes
Order: Caudovirales
Family: Herelleviridae
Subfamilies and genera

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Herelleviridae is a family of bacterial viruses of the order Caudovirales infecting members of the phylum Firmicutes.[1] The family has five subfamilies, 33 genera and 92 species.[2]


The family's name, Herelle is in honor of Félix d'Hérelle, a French-Canadian microbiologist, the suffix -viridae is the standard suffix for virus families.[3]


Schematic drawing of a Bacillus phage SPO1 virion of the genus Okubovirus, cross section and lateral view.

The following subfamilies and genera are assigned to Herelleviridae (-virinae denotes subfamily and -virus denotes genus):[2]

The following genera are unassigned to a subfamily:[2]

Lastly, the species Brochothrix virus A9 is unassigned to a subfamily and genus.[2]


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