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Holiday House is an 11,000 square feet (1,000 m2) home, sitting on five acres in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, built in 1930 for the Harkness family, heirs to Standard Oil. Since 2013, it has been owned by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Inspired by the house's history and its former owner, Rebekah Harkness, Swift released a song titled "The Last Great American Dynasty" from her eighth studio album Folklore (2020).


The Harkness family[edit]

Stephen Vanderburgh Harkness was a progenitor of the extended Harkness family. He and his step-brother, Henry Flagler, and John D. Rockefeller invested heavily in Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler, the corporate forerunner to Standard Oil. Harkness became the second-largest shareholder, which made him extremely wealthy.[1] Harkness was a silent partner, though he served on Standard Oil's Board of Directors until his 1888 death.[2][3]

A half-brother of Vanderburgh Harkness, Daniel M. Harkness, was a trustee of Standard Oil and a very rich man (the equivalent of a billionaire in 2013 USD). The money was left to his son, William Lamon Harkness.[4] William died in 1919, with $53,439,000, about 70% of which came from Standard Oil shares.[5] In 2020 USD, the fortune would be worth $800,352,505.14.

William and Rebekah Harkness[edit]

William fathered two children with Edith Hale:[6] Louise Hale Harkness (1898–1978) who married David Sinton Ingalls, and William Hale Harkness.[7] In 1947, William Hale married Rebekah Semple West,[8] who was previously married to Dickinson Pierce, a descendant of Franklin Pierce, the 14th president of the United States.[9] After William Hale Harkness died in 1954, Rebekah remarried twice: first to Dr. Benjamin Harrison Kean, then to Niels H. Lauersen.

Rebekah lived at Holiday House after it was built in 1930. She apparently was quite unpopular with her neighbors, doing unusual things such as cleaning her pool with champagne. Rebekah used her late husband's fortune to support charitable causes, such as supporting the Joffrey Ballet.[10] She withdrew funding when the Ballet refused to rename in her honor, and created her own dance company: Harkness Ballet,[11] hiring most of the Joffrey Ballet's dancers.[12] The Harkness Ballet closed in 1975.[13] Rebekah also funded medical research.[14][15]

Taylor Swift[edit]

In 2013, American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift purchased Holiday House.[16] In 2020, Swift released her eighth studio album, Folklore, featuring a song about the house and its previous owner, Rebekah Harkness,[17] entitled "The Last Great American Dynasty".[18]


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