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Ingo Kühl
1. Ingo Kühl im Atelier Berlin 2015.jpg
Ingo Kühl at the Berlin studio 2015
Born (1953-06-29) 29 June 1953 (age 68)
Bovenau, Germany
EducationKiel University of Applied Sciences, Berlin University of the Arts
OccupationPainter, sculptor and architect

Ingo Kühl (born 29 June 1953) is a German painter, sculptor and architect.


Ingo Kühl's birthplace, former police station in Bovenau, 1957
Papua New Guinea, East-Sepik area, Maprik District, in front of a Haus Tambaran, Ingo Kühl (drawing in a sketchbook) with indigenous men, 2012

Grown up in Bovenau near Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein as a son of a policeman, Ingo Kühl attended the Theodor-Storm-Realschule in Hanerau-Hademarschen. After a traineeship as a carpenter and a drafter he studied Architecture at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. From 1977 to 1982, he studied Architecture and Fine Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts. At that time Surrealism influenced his drawings dealing with Architectural Fantasies.[1] Motivated by an encounter with the painter Heinz Trökes in 1979, he turned towards painting. He traveled throughout Europe using his first sketchbooks. In 1977 a trip to Israel, Sinai Peninsula, followed. In 1978 he participated in an excursion to Teheran led by Prof. Rainer Ernst, with a sojourn in Isfahan. Additional to his Berlin artist's studio he ran a studio on the North Sea peninsula Eiderstedt (from 1980 to 1994), followed by studios on the North Sea islands Amrum an Nordstrand. Since 2002 Sylt has been his preferred domicile. In 1982 he had a studio in Brooklyn, New York. In 1984 he became a Member of the Chamber of Architects Berlin as a "self-employed architect" and tried to build one of Hermann Finsterlin's Architecture Visions.[2][3] In 1987 he resigned from the Chamber of Architects to devote himself entirely to painting. In 1988 he published the book "Luft und Wasser – Gedichte und Bilder" together with Sarah Kirsch in the Steidl Verlag.[4] The first bronze casting of an Architectural Sculpture was realized.

In 1999 he visited the Lofoten, set up a provisional studio in Reine in a rorbu and painted the view over the harbor to the mountain range. In 2000 he made a trip around the world: Thailand, Laos, New Zealand, South Pacific, Peru.[5] In 2001 he married Annette Kühl and they both spent a year in the South Seas: Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Fiji, Vanuatu. He painted South Sea pictures. Travels followed to Chile, where he painted the Picture cycle "Landscapes of the End of the World" (2005)[6] and circumnavigated Cape Horn on board of a sailing yacht (2009).[7][8] In Papua New Guinea he worked together with the indigenous sculptor Tomulopa Deko. The two explored the Sepik area (2010).[9] In 2012 he returned to Papua New Guinea with his wife and both traveled in company with Tomulopa Deko to the Sepik River again. Afterwards they visited the Trobriand Islands, where Ingo Kühl studied the Kula culture.

In 2019 he took part in the project "Tisch am Kliff" (Table on the Cliff): Two bronze plates each on the theme of 5000 years of Sylt history designed and assembled into a table plate by five artists, set up on the Wadden Sea in the immediate vicinity of the Sylt Museum in Keitum.[10]

Ingo Kühl lives in Berlin and Keitum / Sylt.



In his early work, echoes of Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Action painting and Tachism can be recognized. From 1983 he dealt with Landscape painting and after a phase of almost monochrome non-representational pictures that are reminiscent of the work of Gotthard Graubner, he turned back to paintings based on natural phenomena. The series of pictures Färöer (Faroe Islands) (1995)[11] and Winterreise (based on Franz Schubert) (1995/96)[12][13] were created. In 1998 he painted four large-format oil paintings on the subject of Vier Jahreszeiten (Four Seasons) for the Johanniter Hospital in Fläming in Treuenbrietzen.[14] These were followed by picture cycles such as Landschaften am Ende der Welt (2005)[15] and Das Haus am Watt (House on the Mudflats)(2015).[16]

Sculptural works[edit]

Since 1986 he has been making sculptures in clay and plaster based on his drawings on the subject of architecture fantasies, one of them was cast in bronze in the art foundry Hermann Noack in 1988. It served as a model for an accessible, unfinished and temporary architectural sculpture The Eighth Day on the Obermarkt in Görlitz (1996) as well as for several casts in plaster, acrystal and zellan.[17] Furthermore, he created eight colored reliefs of clay on the subject of Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount for the senior citizens' home next to the Christ Church in Görlitz (1997) and the five-part series West Coast, inspired by the West Coast of New Zealand. In 2008 three Architectural Sculptures entitled Raum – die ganze Stadt (Space – The Whole City) were cast in bronze. An enlarged version of the Architecture Sculpture of 1988 was produced in 2009 (on a scale of 5: 1) and shown in the exhibition Art on the Beach in Rantum on Sylt. In 2010 in Keitum on Sylt he created together with Tomulopa Deko from Papua New Guinea two carved and colored sculptures Wedding Chairs in the form of Kundu drums. In 2019 the bronze relief Boat in a moving sea was created.


Engineering- and architectural drawings were followed by studies according to the Old and New Masters and things from the visible world. The graphic work includes drawings, works oil on paper, watercolors, lithographs and etchings. He published graphics, for example in the "Vor Island" ("Before Island") map, which he produced before traveling to Iceland.[18]


Signatur von Ingo Kühl.jpg

Oil paintings are usually signed on the back (and provided with a catalog raisonné number), while works on paper are signed, numbered and dated on the front and prints under the motif. The signature is engraved on sculptures.

Exhibitions (selection)[edit]

Solo exhibitions[edit]

  • Architektur-Phantasien, Hochschule der Künste Berlin, 1981[19]
  • Zeichnungen 1976–81, Hochschule der Künste Berlin, 1982[20]
  • Figures and Formkomposits, The Center for Art and Culture of Bedford Stuyvesant Inc., Brooklyn, New York, 1982.
  • Mare nostro, Centro Cultural São Lourenço, Almancil, Portugal, 1986.
  • Luft und Wasser, Nordfriesisches Museum, Nissenhaus Husum, 1988.
  • Winterreise nach Franz Schubert, Sender Freies Berlin (SFB), Haus des Rundfunks (1996) and Philharmonie, Berlin 1997.
  • A velha ponte de madeira da Quinta do Lago, Centro Cultural São Lourenço, Almancil, Portugal, 1998.[21]
  • Paisagens marinhas, Centro Cultural São Lourenço, Almancil, 2001.[22]
  • La Mer, Espace Culturel Français, Port Vila, Vanuatu, South Pacific, 2002.[23]
  • Dance – Masks – Ceremonies, National Museum of Vanuatu, Port Vila, 2002.
  • Südseewellen, Ethnologisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Dahlem, 2004/05.[24]
  • Macht der Natur, Museum der Stadt Bad Hersfeld, 2005.[25]
  • The Creation / Die Schöpfung, University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea, 2010.
  • Rund um Kap Hoorn, Botschaft der Republik Chile, Berlin, 2013/14.[26]
  • In der Nähe des Meeres, Nordfriesland Museum, Nissenhaus, Husum, 2018.[27]
  • Meeresnah, Sparkassenstiftung Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel, 2018.[28]
  • In der Nähe des Meeres, Galerie Kairos, Berlin, 2019.[29]
  • Weltrand – Aquarelle, Ölbilder und Skulpturen von Ingo Kühl, Stadtgalerie Alte Post, Westerland / Sylt, 2019.[30]


Public collections (selection)[edit]

  • Nordfriesland Museum, Nissenhaus, Husum.
  • National Museum of Vanuatu, Port Vila, Vanuatu.
  • Sylt Museum, Keitum, Project Table on the Cliff.[42]
  • Sparkassenstiftung Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel.[43][44]

Bibliography (selection)[edit]

Catalogues and books by Ingo Kühl[edit]

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  • The Wise Tree, text by Behzad Nashat, illustrated by Ingo Kühl, 2019, also published in German and French, ISBN 978-3-89468-291-0.[60]
  • Sylt literarisch „An diesem erschütternden Meere habe ich tief gelebt“ with watercolors by Ingo Kühl, publisched by Werner Irro, 2021, ISBN 978-3-8319-0806-6.[61]

Writings about Ingo Kühl[edit]

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