Jennifer Pepperman

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Jennifer Pepperman is an American television soap opera director and producer.

A veteran of several shows, Pepperman was executive producer of the short-lived Prospect Park online reboot of One Life to Live.[1][2] She is also known for her work in WWE. She is currently employed by All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as Vice President of Content Development.[3]

Positions held


As the World Turns

  • Director (August 2004- September 2010)
  • Occasional Director (2004)
  • Associate Director (2000- August 2004)

Guiding Light

  • Production Coordinator (Mid-1990s)

One Life to Live

  • Executive Producer (April 2013–August 2013)
  • Director (May 2011- January 2012)
  • Associate Director (2010)
  • Coordinating Producer (1998-2000)

Awards and nominations


Daytime Emmy Award

  • Win, 2007, Directing Team, As the World Turns
  • Nomination, 2001-2003, Directing Team, As the World Turns
  • Nomination, 2000, Directing Team, One Life to Live
Preceded by Executive Producer of One Life to Live
April 29 – August 19, 2013
Succeeded by
Show canceled


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