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Katuruka is located in Tanzania
Shown within Tanzania
LocationKagera Region,
Coordinates1°55′S 31°18′E / 1.917°S 31.300°E / -1.917; 31.300
Site notes
OwnershipTanzanian Government
ManagementAntiquities Division, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism [1]
Official nameKaturuka Iron Age Site

Katuruka (Eneo la kale la Katuruka in Swahili ) is an archaeological site dated to the Iron Age. The pottery found in the site appears to be of the Urewe type, which is also found in other regions of the Lake Victoria basin. Additionally, there is proof that advanced iron smelting technology existed in the last few millennia BC. It is the first known instance of ironworking in central and southern Africa.[2][3] The site is located in Kagera Region of Tanzania.[4][5][6]


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