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Kulipari An Army of Frog.png
Title card for season 1
Created byTrevor Pryce
Based onCharacters created
by Trevor Pryce
Developed byTrevor Pryce
Splash Entertainment
Voices of
ComposerMichael Tavera
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes23 (list of episodes)
Executive producersTrevor Pryce
Mike Young
ProducersSupervising Producers:
Clarise Cameron
Patrick Inness
Running time23 minutes
Production companiesThe Outlook Company
Splash Entertainment
Original networkNetflix
Original releaseSeptember 2, 2016 (2016-09-02)[1] –
November 20, 2018 (2018-11-20)

Kulipari is an American Flash animated streaming television series animated by Splash Entertainment. Its first season An Army of Frogs debuted in September 2016 as a Netflix original series. It was produced by Clarise Cameron and Patrick Inness. The show is based on Trevor Pryce's novel series An Army of Frogs. Kulipari: Heritage, a four-issue comic book miniseries published by Red 5 Comics, was released from August to November 2016.[2] The series was renewed for a second season called Kulipari: Dream Walker on March 8, 2017, which was released on November 20, 2018.[3][4] A graphic novel called Kulipari: Warflower was purported to be released on January 1, 2019, but it was canceled.

Three compilation movies for season 1, Kulipari: An Army of Frogs, Kulipari: Mercenaries and Kulipari: Amphibian's Rise have been released on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes between 2017 and 2018.


The series takes place in the Amphibilands—a hidden village of frogs. For many years the inhabitants of the Amphibilands have lived safely, protected by a magical Veil and an elite group of poison frogs called the Kulipari. The story begins with the frogs of the Amphibilands finding their homeland threatened by an army of scorpions teamed up with the magically powerful Spider Queen. Our hero, Darel, a young frog that has always dreamed of joining the Kulipari despite his lack of poison, finds himself at the front of the battle. With the help of his friends, Darel must overcome his anxieties to embrace his dream of becoming a Kulipari warrior and save all the frogs from extinction.[5]


Main characters[edit]

  • Darel - The main protagonist, and an Australian wood frog. Son of Apari and Acala.
  • Gee - Darel's loyal best friend, he is a fat, gluttonous, awkward Australian wood frog.
  • Coorah - Another Australian wood frog who is also a friend of Darel, and brief girlfriend of Arabanoo. She has medical skills.
  • Stinger - A young scorpion who is Marmoo's illegitimate son.
  • Tharta, Thuma & Tipi - Triplets, children of Apari and Acala and younger siblings of Darel.
  • Old Jir - An elderly Kulipari frog warrior living as a hermit near the village.

Professional Kulipari Frogs[edit]

  • Burnu - The green, wig-wearing male leader of an elite team of four Kulipari.
  • Ponto - Yellow male medic of Burnu's team, brother to Dingo.
  • Dingo - Brown female Archer of Burnu's team, sister to Ponto.
  • Quoba - The green, hooded female scout of Burnu's team, and Darel's brief girlfriend.
  • Wilka - The newest partner of Burnu, a white Kulipari female who was sent on a mission to infiltrate the spider god's fortress.
  • Koa - A young Kulipari frog who was raised by geckos. He was briefly kidnapped by Darkan.


  • Lord Marmoo - A powerful scorpion warlord who is the main antagonist of the first season and Darel's first biggest nemesis.
  • Commander Pigo - Marmoo's younger brother and right-hand man.
  • Spider Queen Jarrah - The queen of the redback spiders.
  • Darkan - A giant marine iguana warlord ruling the fortress city of Cardigal.
  • Nahradhan - The golden-colored "god" of spiders and their strongest Nightcaster, whom Falgha worked with after Season 1.
  • Daly - A white female spider Nightcaster and Darkan's right-hand woman.

Other characters[edit]

  • Apari - The late Kulipari husband of Acala and Darel's father (in the books, he is a corroboree frog).
  • Acala - Darel's mother and widow of Apari.
  • Arabanoo - A red-eyed tree frog, who initially thinks Darel will never become a Kulipari (in the books, he is an Australian green tree frog).
  • Turtle King Sergu - A wise old turtle and practitioner of Dreamcasting magic.
  • Pippi - A young platypus girl and a Stargazer student who has visions that help Darel on his quest. She remains and becomes a Dreamcaster of the new settlement in Season 2.
  • Killara - A green lizard mercenary leader who works for Marmoo with his people.
  • Skink - A female skink mercenary working for Killara.
  • Nogo - A large and strong male bearded dragon mercenary working for Killara.
  • Xava - An mute white male lizard living with in the village Darel founded.
  • Caz - An elderly male scorpion and a survivor of the Amphibilands wars.
  • Falgha - A female redback spider who is the current leader of the spiders after the fall of Cardigal.

More characters to be listed



Season 1: An Army of Frogs (2016)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by
11"Episode 1"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
While a young frog named Darel dreams of becoming a Kulipari warrior like his late father, Lord Marmoo of the Scorpions starts conspiring with Spider Queen Jarrah to attack the Amphibilands.
22"Episode 2"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
While training with Arabanoo the Tree Frog, Darel accidentally destroys the local market. The townspeople and the Chief ban him from training as punishment. Unfortunately for the frogs, the Scorpion King's army is crossing the Veil with the Spider Queen's magic.
33"Episode 3"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel discovers that Scorpion soldiers have broken through the Veil, and uses his Kulipari training to defend his friends and family.
44"Episode 4"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel's best friend Gee is captured by the Scorpion soldiers. Darel must use his Kulipari training to find and save his best friend, who was caught by a scorpion.
55"Episode 5"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel disguises himself as a sandpaper frog to join a group of lizard mercenaries and rescue Gee, but are the lizards able to be trusted?
66"Episode 6"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
After rescuing Gee, Darel and his friend decide to stay at the Scorpion camp and do some damage. Meanwhile, their friends and family in the Amphibilands are preparing for battle under the guidance of Old Jir.
77"Episode 7"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel and Gee finally meet the famous Kulipari and go on a journey together to find the Turtle King to save the veil.
88"Episode 8"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
The Spider Queen finally manages to break down the Veil, allowing the Scorpions to enter the Amphibilands.
99"Episode 9"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
The Kulipari (and Darel) join the villagers to fight the scorpion army and the Spider Queen's magic.
1010"Episode 10"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Though Lord Marmoo and Queen Jarrah have been temporarily defeated, Darel and the Kulipari go on a journey to find a way to prevent the scorpions from invading the Amphibilands again.
1111"Episode 11"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
The Rainbow Serpent delivers an important message to Darel, while the Spider Queen makes Lord Marmoo stronger than he's ever been before.
1212"Episode 12"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel and the Kulipari exit the Veil in search of allies who can help defend the Amphibilands from Lord Marmoo and his Scorpion Army.
1313"Episode 13"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel leads the bruised and banished frogs and platypi through the desert, trying to find water with the Rainbow Serpent's help.

Season 2: Dream Walker (2018)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by
141"Episode 1"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
As the Kulipari thrive in their new settlement of Nova Australis, Chief Bindi of the Gecko tribe seeks Darel's help to rescue his kidnapped son.
152"Episode 2"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
While the Kulipari youth deal with a snake problem, Darel and his party descend upon Cardigal, where Darkan's guards scour the area for intruders.
163"Episode 3"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
Darel dons a disguise to rescue Ponto deep inside the dungeons of Darkan's fortress. Stinger and the triplets tend to a poisoned Jir back home.
174"Episode 4"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
As Jir's condition worsens, the Kulipari youth search for a rare flower to be used in an antidote. Lady Fahlga offers to help Darel in locating Ponto.
185"Episode 5"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
With all of Cardigal focused on the tournament, Captain Killara offers Darel and his rescue party a way to slip inside Darkan's palace undetected.
196"Episode 6"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
Per Killara's plan, Darel and party find themselves easily infiltrating the palace dungeon. But a cleverly set trap awaits their arrival.
207"Episode 7"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
The events that transpired during Darel's rescue attempt are shown from Killara's viewpoint. Lady Fahlga gets an opportunity to exact her revenge.
218"Episode 8"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
The Kulipari youth rush to deliver the antidote to Jir. Chained to each other, Marmoo and Ponto must fight together to survive the tournament.
229"Episode 9"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
Darel and Lady Fahlga hatch an escape plan, urging Ponto to persuade Killara's soldiers to convince prisoners inside Darkan's castle to revolt.
2310"Episode 10"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
While Koa's body floats in a trancelike state, his mind struggles inside the dreamworld as a battle for his soul rages on between Sergu and Jarrah.


Mark Hamill was nominated for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program at the 46th Daytime Emmy Awards.


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