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Always Lancaster
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TypeDaily, morning
Owner(s)LNP Media Group
Founded1794 (original)
October 16, 2014 (as LNP)
Headquarters8 West King Street,
Lancaster, PA 17605
 United States
CityLancaster, Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States
Circulation78,819 [1]
WebsiteOfficial website

LNP is a daily newspaper headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The newspaper is published by the LNP Media Group, a division of the family-owned Steinman Enterprises. First published under its present name on October 14, 2014,[2] LNP traces its roots to one of the oldest newspapers in the U.S., The Lancaster Journal, which dates back to 1794.[3] The newspaper's broadsheet print edition is published in the morning, seven days per week. The paper's online counterpart is LancasterOnline.com. The online edition of the newspaper is currently blocked to European visitors as a response by LancasterOnline.com to the 2018 EEA data privacy regulations popularly known as GDPR.

LNP is the third-largest daily circulation print newspaper in the state of Pennsylvania, as of December 2016.[4]


In 2009, Lancaster's two daily newspapers, the morning Intelligencer Journal and the evening Lancaster New Era, which were both published by Lancaster Newspapers (present-day LNP Media Group) and headquartered in the same building, were merged to form the Intelligencer Journal-Lancaster New Era. Though the Sunday sister paper, the Sunday News, joined the combined newsroom in 2012, it continued to be published under the same masthead until the rebranding in October 2014.

In 2014, the Intelligencer Journal-Lancaster New Era, as well as the Sunday News, were combined, rebranded, and renamed LNP. The first issue of the newly renamed LNP was published on October 16, 2014.[2] Under its current masthead, LNP adopted the tagline Always Lancaster.[2][3] The rebranding was "aimed at representing and embracing the history of Lancaster County," the brand and the audience, according to the publisher.[3] The slogan also alludes to the abbreviation that was used to refer to "Lancaster Newspapers" for much of the latter part of the 20th century. The paper was redesigned to include a more visually-appealing format and more user-friendly sections and pages.

LNP's current newsroom includes journalists from the former The Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster New Era and Sunday News.

In May 2015, LNP closed its newspaper printing facility in downtown Lancaster, citing the need to improve print quality and upgrade full color options required for every page in the newspaper.[5] LNP newspapers are now printed at a newer facility owned by Advance Central Services Pennsylvania and the PA Media Group in Hampden Township, Pennsylvania, approximately 50 miles northwest of Lancaster.[5][6] The move allowed LNP to print an additional 60,000 newspapers on weekdays, as well as 80,000 more papers for its Sunday edition.[6]


On October 18, 2016, LNP's editorial board endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 presidential election.[7]

Political Positions[edit]

The LNP Editorial Board does not support the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania. The board had this to say in an Oct 2019 opinion piece: "We realize our stance will displease some LNP readers. Sixty-seven percent of the 2,028 Lancaster County residents who called, emailed or mailed comments to Lt. Gov. Fetterman during his 67-county marijuana listening tour were in favor of legalization. But the LNP Editorial Board aims to be a voice, not an echo. And we’re using our voice to say that legalization is a lousy idea." [8]


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