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Lego Friends (stylized LEGO Friends) is a product range of the Lego construction toys designed primarily for girls. Introduced in 2012, the theme introduced the "mini-doll" figures, which are about the same size as the traditional minifigures but are more detailed and realistic. The sets include pieces in many color schemes such as orange and green or pink and purple, and depict scenes from suburban life set in the fictional town of Heartlake City. The main characters, one of which appears in every set, are Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. The sets are usually named after them. In 2018, Lego revamped the minidolls and gave them new looks.

The Friends product range replaced Lego's previous female-oriented theme Lego Belville, which had been in production since 1994, and featured dolls that were much larger than both the mini-dolls and minifigures. Other related product ranges have included Homemaker (1971–1982), Paradisa (1991–1997) and Scala (1997–2001).

Release history[edit]

Lego Friends was launched in January 2012 in North America (December 2011 in France), with 14 sets being released. Overall the first wave included 23 sets[1] and features five core characters, named Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie, in suburban settings. In the initial release the larger sets include bricks that can build a veterinary clinic, a malt-style café, a beauty salon and a suburban house; smaller sets included a "cool convertible," a design studio, an inventor's workshop and a swimming pool.[2][dead link]

Subsequent waves were released in future years, expanding on various interests of the characters and their friends. Specific themes have ranged from various vocational, recreational and academic interests to agriculture, equestrianism, wildlife animal rescue and rehabilitation, and pop stardom, all complementing suburbia-themed sets, as well as an Amusement park and skiing theme. The largest sets since the original wave have included Summer Riding Camp, Heartlake Shopping Mall and Heartlake Grand Hotel.[3]

Lego has also released accompanying products branded under the Friends theme. These include a picture frame which includes 49 Lego elements which is available from Lego brand stores and a display stand which includes 17 elements that was released as a promotional polybag.[3]

Amy Corbett was involved in Lego Friends from the beginning, and Bas Brederode has designed many Lego Friends sets and parts.[4][5]

In 2018, the LEGO Friends line released minor changes to the main characters. Mia's eyes changed from brown to green while her hair was changed from an actual red to true orange-based red, Emma and Andrea's eyes changed from green to brown and Andrea's got earrings, Olivia's skin became slightly darker and she got glasses (specifically blue glasses) and also now wore her hair up in a ponytail braid, and Stephanie's smile was made a little bigger, and hair a lighter shade of blond, as it was dark blond in the original series.[citation needed]

In 4th June 2019, it was announced that more sets were be released in 1st July 2019 and inspired by marine biologists.[6][7]


According to NPR, Lego Friends are "one of the biggest successes in Lego's history ... The line doubled sales expectations in 2012, the year it launched. Sales to girls tripled in just that year." The success has caused other construction-set companies such as Mega Blocks to introduce girl dolls.[8]


In June 2012, two books based on the Friends theme were released. Lego Friends: Welcome to Heartlake City and Lego Friends: Perfect Pet Show were released on June 18, 2012 by DK Publishing. Both books consist of 48 pages and are published in paperback.[9][10] DK Publishing have also released a Lego Brickmaster book based on the Friends theme on September 17, 2012.[11]

Animated series[edit]

Friends of Heartlake City[edit]

This series premiered in 2014.

Season 1 Episodes (partial listing):

  1. New Girl in Town
  2. Stephanie's Surprise Party
  3. Dolphin Cruise
  4. Mia's Ranch Romance
  5. Emma's Dilemma
  6. Friends of the Jungle
  7. Andrea's Big Moment
  8. Kate's Island
  9. The Grand Hotel
  10. Getting Out of Vote
  11. Getting the Message
  12. The Grateful Dud
  13. Girlz 4 Life
  14. The Drooling Detective
  15. Rabbitouille
  16. Change of Address
  17. Dive In
  18. I Told You So
  19. Snow Way
  20. Midwinter Night's Dream

Friends: The Power of Friendship[edit]

Another series titled Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship aired on Netflix on March 4, 2016.[12]


  1. Camp Wild Hearts
  2. Slam Dunk
  3. Keepin' It Real
  4. Roomies

Friends: Girls on a Mission[edit]

A 2018 TV series on Family Channel in Canada[14] and on KidsClick in the United States.

Season 1[edit]

  1. Welcome to Heartlake City
  2. Friendship House
  3. Sister Act
  4. Into the Woods
  5. The Shadow Group
  6. The Artist's Way
  7. Fashionably Old
  8. Match Made in the Studio
  9. The Daft and the Furious
  10. The Team
  11. Escape from Trash Island
  12. Need for Speed
  13. The Lake Monster
  14. Together Again
  15. Attack of the Alvahbots
  16. The Grand Prix

Season 2[edit]

  1. Explorers Day
  2. Lights Out
  3. Never Stop Exploring
  4. Heartness Monster
  5. Greene Gardens
  6. Frame & Fortune
  7. Locket & Key
  8. Real Friends
  9. Tunnel of Shadows
  10. Heartmore
  11. Le Scuba
  12. Map Quest
  13. Heart of the Sea
  14. Winner Sings All
  15. Mearff
  16. Once Upon a Lighthouse
  17. No Horsing Around
  18. Zobo 2.0
  19. Stranded
  20. Alvah's Flair
  21. Operation Keep Quiet
  22. Stakeout
  23. The Real Deal
  24. Walk This Way
  25. The Art of Being Carter Greene
  26. Save the Bay

Season 3[edit]

  1. Follow Your Passion
  2. House Guest
  3. Zobo and Zoe
  4. Game On
  5. Go for the Gold
  6. Strike a Chord
  7. Unstoppable Friendship
  8. Emma, P.I.
  9. Daddy’s Girl
  10. Miarella
  11. Part of the Herd
  12. Free Bird
  13. The Feels
  14. Artifact or Fiction
  15. The Right Stuff
  16. Gone with the Winds
  17. Mt Heartmore
  18. Welcome to the Jungle
  19. Splash Bash
  20. Making Memories


Lego Friends: Girlz 4 Life is a 2016 American Direct-to-DVD computer-animated film.

Video games[edit]

Lego Friends is a Lego-themed life simulation video game developed by Hellbent Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game was first released for Nintendo 3DS systems on 12 November 2013, and for Nintendo DS systems on 8 April 2014.[15] The game was later ported to and released for iOS devices on 31 July 2014.[16] The game is based on the Lego Friends theme of the same name and adapts many of the characters and settings from it.


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