List of Peabody Award winners (1970–1979)

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The following is a list of George Foster Peabody Award winners and honorable mentions from the decade of the 1970s (1970–1979).


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC News Eye of the Storm
BBC Television Civilisation
CBS Award for the Dr. Seuss animated programs, including Horton Hears a Who! and The Cat in the Hat
The Selling of The Pentagon[1] (Roger Mudd, correspondent)
CBS News 60 Minutes
NBC The Flip Wilson Show
Hot Dog
NBC News Migrant: An NBC White Paper (presented by Chet Huntley)[2]
NBC Radio The Danger Within: A Study of Disunity in America, a documentary narrated by Bill Ryan with a discussion hosted by Frank McGee[3]
NBC Radio and Douglas Kiker Award for Kiker's reports from Jordan
Voice of America and Garry Moore Personal Award for VOA's presentation of news and public affairs programming, in particular Moore's New York, New York
John E. Drewry Personal Award to the of Dean of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism from 1940 to in 1969 for his role in the foundation and administration of the Peabody Awards
PBS Evening at Pops
KCET-TV/Los Angeles, CA and PBS The Andersonville Trial
KMEX-TV/Los Angeles, CA Peace... On Our Time: KMEX-TV and the Death of Rubén Salazar, highlighting the work of station manager Danny Villanueva
WAHT/Annville-Cleona (Lebanon), PA Award for the series Medical Viewpoint and the documentary Pearl Harbor, Lest We Forget, highlighting the work of Fred Williams
WFBE/Flint, MI Listening/4, a series designed to teach listening skills to Flint area school students
WPBT-TV/Miami, FL Polithon '70, a statewide radio/TV broadcast featuring candidates for statewide public office
WWL-TV/New Orleans, LA This New Frontier, a documentary profiling the nation of Israel


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC Make a Wish
ABC and William Blinn Brian's Song
Mississippi State Educational Television Authority Institutional Award for its efforts "to expand and modernize school curricula, to accelerate learning, and to equalize education in every classroom of the state."
NBC This Child is Rated X, an NBC White Paper documentary which examined "gross inequities" of juvenile facilities in the United States
Institutional Award for the network's dramatic programming, in particular All the Way Home, Jane Eyre, The Price, and The Snow Goose
NBC Radio Second Sunday
John Rich Personal Award for his work as Far East correspondent for NBC News
George Heinemann Personal Award for his work on "entertaining and constructive" children's programming for NBC
Voice of America Institutional Award for VOA's "Promotion of International Understanding"
WWVA/Wheeling, WV Junior Town Meeting of the Air
WHA/Madison, WI Wisconsin on the Move
Dr. Frank Stanton Personal Award to the CBS president for his protection of journalistic freedom in the face of political scrutiny
CBS The American Revolution: 1770-1783, A Conversation with Lord North, Eric Sevareid interviewed Lord North, played by Peter Ustinov
WCCO/Minneapolis, MN The Heart of the Matter, University of Minnesota Dean E. W. Ziebarth's recounting of his open-heart surgery
WQED-TV/Pittsburgh, PA The Turned On Crisis, produced by Rhea G. Sikes and Charlotte Woodside
United Nations Television United Nations Day Concert with Pablo Casals (parts one and two)
Arthur Godfrey Personal Award for his "innovative programming... uniformly characterized by high quality, wholesome entertainment"


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC ABC Afterschool Specials (including Last of the Curlews and Santiago's Ark)
ABC Sports Award for coverage of the Games of the XX Olympiad
National Public Radio All Things Considered
Westinghouse Broadcasting Company Breakdown, a radio series investigating "the critical deterioration of various systems that are an important part in the life of every American"
CBS Captain Kangaroo
The Waltons
WWL-TV/New Orleans, LA China '72: A Hole in the Bamboo Curtain
KOAC/Corvallis, OR Conversations with Will Shakespeare and Certain of His Friends
Broadcasting Foundation of America Institutional Award for its "promotion of international understanding" through distribution of various radio programs and specials
Voice of America Institutional Award for its coverage of the 1972 U.S. political campaigns
WHRO-TV/Hampton-Norfolk, VA Institutional Award for the station's educational programming
NBC Award for the TV specials Jack Lemmon in 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous, 'S Gershwin, Liza with a Z, and The Timex All-star Swing Festival
Pensions, The Broken Promise, an NBC Reports investigation that exposed failings in privately administered group pension systems
NBC Radio Monitor
NBC and its owned and operated stations Award for the radio documentaries No Fault Insurance - Right or Wrong? and Second Sunday: A Seven-part Series on the Cities
NBC, BBC, and Time-Life Films The Search for the Nile
WNET/New York, NY and BBC The Restless Earth, a film on plate tectonics scripted by Nigel Calder and narrated by David S. Prowitt
KGW/Portland, OR Open Door
Alistair Cooke Personal Award for his work in America: A Personal View by Alistair Cooke
Bill Monroe Personal Award for Monroe's interview work at NBC News
District of Columbia Schools Radio Project The Noise Shows
WABC-TV/New York, NY Willowbrook: The Last Great Disgrace, an investigative report examining successes and failures of care for residents with mental disabilities at Willowbrook State School[4]


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC, CBS, and NBC Jointly awarded to the TV networks for their "outstanding contributions to entertainment through an exceptional year of televised drama": ABC Theater: The Glass Menagerie and Pueblo, CBS Playhouse 90's Catholics (ITV Sunday Night Theatre) and NBC's The Red Pony
NBC The Energy Crisis: An American White Paper, reported by Frank McGee
Institutional Award for Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Borrowers and NBC Children's Theatre: Street of the Flower Boxes
NBC Radio Project 1 Experiment, for its Live in Concert presentations of The Carpenters and Helen Reddy
Second Sunday, for the reports "Communism in the 70s" and "A Right to Death"
ABC News Close-Up, under the leadership of Av Westin, citing in particular the episodes "Fire!" and "West Virginia: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Coal"
The First and Essential Freedom, narrated by Frank Reynolds and Sam Donaldson
WFMT/Chicago, IL Award for the series Music in Chicago and its broadcasts from the Lyric Opera of Chicago
WIND/Chicago, IL From 18th Street: Destination Peking
WRC-TV/Washington, DC Award for WRC's "Home Rule" editorial campaign, which promoted self-government in the District of Columbia
KNXT/Los Angeles, CA Institutional Award for the children's educational programs Learning Can Be Fun and Dusty's Treehouse
KNOW/Austin, TX Marijuana and the Law, a series of documentaries and editorials "to separate facts about marijuana from fiction," produced by Wendell Wise Mayes Jr.
WTIU/Bloomington, IN Myshkin
WCAU-TV/Philadelphia, PA Overture to Friendship: The Philadelphia Orchestra in China
Joe Garagiola Personal Award for his work on NBC's The Baseball World of Joe Garagiola
Lowell Thomas Personal Award "in recognition of his incredible 43 years of continuous daily broadcasts on CBS"
Pamela Ilott Personal Award to the Director of Religious & Cultural Broadcasting at CBS News for her work on Lamp Unto My Feet and Look Up and Live
Peter Lisagor Personal Award to the Chicago Daily News Washington Bureau chief for his analysis/commentary work on radio and TV
KANU/Lawrence, KS and the University of Kansas The American Past


Recipient Area of Excellence
WMAL/Washington, DC Battles Just Begun, a look at problems facing returning Vietnam War veterans
CBS Benjamin Franklin
CBS Radio CBS Radio Mystery Theatre
The Johnson Foundation Conversations from Wingspread
ABC Free to Be... You and Me
Sadat: Action Biography, produced by Av Westin and highlighting the interviews by Peter Jennings
WCCO-TV/Minneapolis, MN From Belfast with Love, a documentary profiling the strife in Northern Ireland
Tornado! 4:40PM, Xenia, Ohio
Institutional Award for the network's presentations of The Execution of Private Slovik, The Law, and IBM Presents Clarence Darrow
NBC Radio Second Sunday
KING-TV/Seattle, WA How Come?
National Public Affairs Center for Television Institutional Award for NPACT's "outstanding overall effort to bring meaningful public affairs programming to the nation"
WCKT-TV/Miami, FL Institutional Award for "a superb series of investigative reports which brought considerable response and change"
WSB/Atlanta, GA Institutional Award for Suffer the Little Children, Atlanta: A Portrait in Black and White, and Henry Aaron: A Man with a Mission
Carl Stern Separate Personal Awards to the legal correspondents (Stern with NBC News, Graham with CBS News)
Fred P. Graham
Julian Goodman Personal Award to the CEO of NBC "for his long years of dedicated service to the broadcasting industry"
Marilyn Baker Personal Award to the KQED-TV/San Francisco, CA reporter for her investigative work
WNBC/New York, NY Pledge a Job, a 5-day campaign "to blunt the impact of an unemployment crisis" in the New York City area
KTW/Seattle, WA The Hit and Run Players, a series of satirical comedy vignettes
KPRC-TV/Houston, TX The Right Man, a documentary profiling Dr. Robert Hayes' efforts to save Wiley College
WNET-TV/Washington, DC and PBS Theatre in America
KFAC/Los Angeles, CA Through the Looking Glass, a youth and arts radio show hosted by Leonora Schildkraut


Recipient Area of Excellence
WCBS/New York, NY A Life to Share, an initiative aimed at educating parents in special areas of child development
WWL-TV/New Orleans, LA Jim Metcalf, A Sunday Journal
ABC Television ABC Afterschool Special
ABC Theater, for Love Among the Ruins
Alphaventure Big Blue Marble
Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, Inc. (Group W) Call It Macaroni
KDKB/Mesa, AZ Institutional Award for the station's "superior overall public service programming"
The Standard School Broadcast Institutional Award for the school's "educational radio service to citizens of the Far West"
WCKT-TV/Miami, FL Institutional Award for the station's "envious record of outstanding investigative reporting"
WCVB-TV/Boston, MA Institutional Award for overall programming excellence
WGMS and WGMS-FM/Bethesda, MD Institutional Award for the stations' "overall efforts to provide outstanding radio entertainment," citing in particular The Collector's Shelf and 200 Years of Music in America
WMAL/Washington, DC Institutional Award for radio documentary excellence, citing in particular Suffer the Little Children (profiles of sexually abused children) and The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle
WTOP-TV/Washington, DC Institutional Award "for overall public service effort," citing the Harambee episode "For My People" (review of minority hiring at the Washington Post) and the Everywoman episode "The Hidden World" (a medical look inside a woman's body)
WAPA-TV/San Juan, PR Las Rosas Blancas
CBS News Mr. Rooney Goes to Washington
The American Assassins, a profile of speculations into the assassination of John F. Kennedy (Dan Rather, correspondent)
Charles Kuralt Personal Award to the CBS News correspondent for On the Road to '76
Dr. James R. Killian Personal Award for Dr. Killian's 25 years of "unflagging, steadfast devotion" to public broadcasting
Jim Laurie Personal Award to the NBC News correspondent for his dedicated reporting on the fall of Saigon
KMOX/St Louis, MO "Sleeping Watchdogs," an investigation into government agencies broad consumer protection efforts
Kaiser Broadcasting Snipets
Voice of America "The Battle of Lexington," an episode of Two Hundred Years Ago Tonight
KABC-TV/Los Angeles, CA "The Dale Car: A Dream or a Nightmare?" an investigation that revealed a confidence scheme involving the construction of the Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation vehicle
WSOU-FM/South Orange, NJ The Land of Poetry
NBC Weekend
WFMT/Chicago, IL Music in Chicago: Stravinsky '75


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC Animals, Animals, Animals
Eleanor and Franklin
ABC News Suddenly an Eagle, a documentary about the lead-up to the Revolutionary War narrated by Lee J. Cobb and Kenneth Griffith
ABC Sports Award for coverage of the 1976 Winter and Summer Olympic Games
Jim Karayn and the League of Women Voters Award for organization of the 1976 presidential debates
CBS News 60 Minutes
In Celebration of US, the network's coverage of Bicentennial events across the United States on July 4th
In the News
WETA-TV/Washington, DC In Performance at Wolf Trap
WETA-TV/Washington, DC, WNET/New York, NY, and Bill Moyers "A Conversation with Jimmy Carter," an episode of U.S.A.: People and Politics
WNET/New York, NY The Adams Chronicles
KERA-TV/Dallas, TX A Thirst in the Garden, a documentary examining lack of potable water in the lower Rio Grande Valley
South Carolina Educational Radio Network American Popular Song with Alec Wilder and Friends (with Alec Wilder)
WGIR AM & FM/Manchester, NH Flashback 1976
Tomorrow Entertainment, Inc. Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys (aired on NBC[5])
Charles Barthold Personal Award to the WHO-TV/Des Moines, IA cameraman for filming a tornado striking Jordan, Iowa
Perry Como Personal Award for the NBC special Perry Como's Christmas in Austria
Sy Pearlman Personal Award to the NBC News producer for "The Sawyer Brothers," a segment of Weekend that raised suspicion of the guilt and conviction of two brothers in a North Carolina kidnapping
Bruce Morton and Hughes Rudd Joint Personal Awards to the anchors of CBS Morning News
WLBT-TV/Jackson, MS "Power Politics in Mississippi," an episode of PROBE that examined legal ethics and conflicts of interest
WBBM-TV/Chicago, IL and Franklin McMahon Primary Colors, An Artist on the Campaign Trail, which followed the WBBM reporter/artist creating works depicting the presidential campaigns
NBC Sybil
Associated Press Radio The Garden Plot: Food as a Weapon
KCET/Los Angeles, CA Visions


Recipient Area of Excellence
WNET/New York, NY A Good Dissonance Like a Man, a documentary on Charles Ives directed by Theodore Timreck
The Police Tapes
WNET/New York, NY and WETA-TV/Washington, DC MacNeil/Lehrer Report
WNBC-TV/New York, NY Buyline: Betty Furness
Award for NewsCenter 4's "F.I.N.D." investigative segments
WCBS-TV/New York, NY Camera Three
WHLN/Harlan, KY Coverage of a flood that hit the Harlan area in April 1977
National Public Radio Crossroads: Sea Island Sketches, produced by Robert Montiegel
WHA/Madison, WI Earplay
ABC and Lorimar Productions ABC Theater, for Green Eyes
ABC and David Wolper Roots
Multimedia Program Productions "Joshua's Confusion," an episode of Young People's Specials
Metropolitan Opera Association Live from the Met
Norman Lear Personal Award for All in the Family
Paul Hume Personal Award to the WGMS/Rockville, MD personality for A Variable Feast
Steve Allen Personal Award to the creator/host of the KCET (Los Angeles, CA)/PBS series Meeting of Minds
KABC-TV/Los Angeles, CA Award for reports into accountability by police in incidents involving civilian shootings
KPFA-FM/Berkeley, CA Science Story, produced by Laurie Garrett and Adi Gevins
NBC Tut: The Boy King, narrated by Orson Welles
NBC, Arthur Rankin, and Jules Bass The Hobbit[6]
WPIX-TV/New York, NY The Lifer's Group, I Am My Brother's Keeper, a documentary about prisoners at Rahway State Prison produced by Richard N. Hughes
MTM Enterprises The Mary Tyler Moore Show
KSJN/St Paul, MN The Prairie was Quiet
WBTV/Charlotte, NC The Rowe String Quartet Plays on Your Imagination
London Weekend Television Upstairs, Downstairs
KCMO-TV/Kansas City, MO "Where Have All the Flood Cars Gone?" which traced the re-selling of flood-damaged automobiles
WXYZ/Detroit, MI Winter's Fear, a documentary examining a series of child abductions and murders by the Oakland County Child Killer


Recipient Area of Excellence
Tomorrow Entertainment/Medcom Company and CBS The Body Human: The Vital Connection
CBS and MTM Productions Lou Grant
CBS News 30 Minutes
"The Battle for South Africa," an episode of CBS Reports reported by Bill Moyers
CBS Radio News CBS World News Roundup
WQED-TV/Pittsburgh, PA Award for the Once Upon a Classic adaptation of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Baptist Radio and TV Commission A River to the Sea, a documentary on the English language narrated by Alexander Scourby and aired on CBS' Look Up and Live
WENH-TV/Durham, NH Arts in New Hampshire
Four D Productions/Trisene Corporation and ABC Barney Miller
Newsweek Broadcasting Cartoon-A-Torial, animated editorial cartoons[7]
The National Radio Theatre of Chicago Chicago Radio Theatre
KHET-TV/Honolulu, HI Damien, a documentary profiling the life of Jozef De Veuster ("Father Damien") and his caring of patients at a leper colony on Molokai, Hawaii
National Public Radio Dialogues on a Tightrope: An Italian Mosaic, a documentary by Josh Darsa examining Italy's political turmoil
Titus Productions, Inc. and NBC Holocaust
Survival Anglia Ltd./World Wildlife Fund and NBC Mysterious Castles of Clay
NBC Radio Network Second Sunday
Jewish Theological Seminary and NBC Radio Network The Eternal Light
WMUK/Kalamazoo, MI Award for the station's presentation of live-performance radio dramas
KGO-TV/San Francisco, CA Old Age: Do Not Go Gentle, a documentary examining treatment of the elderly
KQED-TV/San Francisco, CA Over Easy, a program on aging hosted by Hugh Downs
Bob Keeshan Personal Award for Keeshan's work on Captain Kangaroo and his promoting of "quality children's programs on American television"
Richard S. Salant Personal Award for Salant's leadership at CBS News and "his staunch defense of the First Amendment guarantee of a free press"
WDVM-TV/Washington, DC Race War in Rhodesia, a documentary with Carl Rowan that examined political tensions in Rhodesia and Central Africa
Your Health and Your Wallet, a mini-series examining the rising costs of medical treatments
WABE/Atlanta, GA The Eyewitness Who Wasn't, a documentary examining how evidence against the Marietta Seven was manufactured
WOCB/West Yarmouth, MA The Last Voyage of the 'Cap'n Bill', which captured conversations with fishermen and townspeople affected by a fishing vessel's final voyage
Henson Associates The Muppet Show
WAVE-TV/Louisville, KY Whose Child is This? an examination by Alfred Shands of the effects of child abuse


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC ABC Afterschool Special, for the episode "A Special Gift"
Friendly Fire
Valentine, a television movie starring Jack Albertson and Mary Martin and directed by Lee Philips about a love story in a retirement home[8]
CBS News CBS News Sunday Morning
CBS Reports for The Boston Goes to China, reported by Ed Bradley[9]
Roger Mudd (CBS News) Personal Award for Mudd's CBS Reports interview with Edward Kennedy
CBS Entertainment, The Konigsberg Company, and Warner Bros. Television Dummy
WCBS/New York, NY "Follow That Cab: The Great Taxi Rip-off," an investigation into fraudulent overcharges by New York City taxi and limousine services
WGBH-FM/Boston, MA Currier Bell, Esquire, a presentation of Masterpiece Radio Theatre
WGBH-TV/Boston, MA World, executive produced by David Fanning
KNXT/Los Angeles, CA Down at the Dunbar, a documentary produced by Vin Di Bona which examined the entertainment legacy of the Dunbar Hotel[10]
Children's Radio Theatre Henny Penny Playwrighting Contest, a contest for children playwrights
WTTW/Chicago, IL Miles To Go Before We Sleep, a documentary on aging and retirement produced by Ken Voss and Chuck Collins
WTTW/Chicago, IL and PBS Little Rock Central High School, an episode of As We See It directed by Chris Pechin about the Little Rock Crisis[11]
Robert Trout (ABC News) Personal Award in recognition of Trout's near-half-century of work in news and commentary
Sylvia Fine Kaye Personal Award to the producer/hostess of Musical Comedy Tonight, which aired as part of Great Performances
KRON-TV/San Francisco, CA Politics of Poison, a documentary produced by John D. Rabinovitch and narrated by Michael Learned examining the effects of herbicide spraying in Northern California
WMAQ-TV/Chicago, IL "Strip and Search," an investigation into routine strip searches of female suspects by the Chicago Police Department
KTVI/St. Louis, MO "The Adventures of Whistling Sam," an animated editorial cartoon airing on Extra
KOOL-TV/Phoenix, AZ The Long Eyes of Kitt Peak, a documentary on the Kitt Peak National Observatory directed by Bill Miller and narrated by Mary Jo West
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation "The Longest Journey," an episode of Open Circuit about pregnancy produced by Eithne Black and written by Elizabeth Grove-White[12]
KSJN/Minneapolis, MN The Way to 8-A, which explored legal abuses in the mental health commitment process at Hennepin County General Hospital
NBC and Aubrey/Hamner Productions When Hell Was in Session
NBC and BBC Treasures of the British Crown a program by Huw Wheldon about the Royal Collection


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