MTV Movie Award for Best New Filmmaker

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This is a following list for the MTV Movie Award winners for Best New Filmmaker. This award was last given out in 2002.


Year Director Movie
1992 John Singleton Boyz n the Hood[1]
1993 Carl Franklin One False Move[2]
1994 Steven Zaillian Searching for Bobby Fischer[3]
1995 Steve James Hoop Dreams[4]
1996 Wes Anderson Bottle Rocket[5]
1997 Doug Liman Swingers[6]
1998 Peter Cattaneo The Full Monty
1999 Guy Ritchie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
2000 Spike Jonze Being John Malkovich[7]
2001 Sofia Coppola The Virgin Suicides[8][9]
2002 Christopher Nolan Memento[10]


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