MTV Movie Award for Most Desirable Female

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This is a following list of the MTV Movie Award winners for Most Desirable Female. This award was last given out in 1996, along with its counterpart, Most Desirable Male.

Year Actor
1992 Linda HamiltonTerminator 2: Judgment Day as Sarah Connor

Christina Applegate - Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead as Sue Ellen Crandell
Kim Basinger - Final Analysis as Heather Evans
Tia Carrere - Wayne's World as Cassandra Wong
Julia Roberts - Dying Young as Hilary O'Neil

1993 Sharon StoneBasic Instinct as Catherine Tramell Kim Basinger - Cool World as Holli Would
Halle Berry - Boomerang as Angela Lewis
Madonna - Body of Evidence as Rebecca Carlson
Michelle Pfeiffer - Batman Returns as Selina Kyle / Catwoman
1994 Janet JacksonPoetic Justice as Justice Kim Basinger - The Getaway as Carol McCoy
Demi Moore - Indecent Proposal as Diana Murphy
Alicia Silverstone - The Crush as Adrian Forrester
Sharon Stone - Sliver as Carly Norris
1995 Sandra BullockSpeed as Annie Porter

Halle Berry - The Flintstones as Miss Sharon Stone
Cameron Diaz - The Mask as Tina Carlyle
Demi Moore - Disclosure as Meredith Johnson
Sharon Stone - The Specialist as May Munro

1996 Alicia SilverstoneClueless as Cher Horowitz

Sandra Bullock - While You Were Sleeping as Lucy Moderatz
Nicole Kidman - Batman Forever as Dr. Chase Meridian
Demi Moore - The Scarlet Letter as Hester Prynne
Michelle Pfeiffer - Dangerous Minds as LouAnne Johnson