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Media Forest
Founded2005; 19 years ago (2005)

Media Forest is an Israeli service provider of Monitoring and Media Research for Music and AdvertiIndustries,[1] founded in 2005[2] in Netanya, Israel.[3] The company monitors broadcasting tracks and channels such as radio stations and TV channels, and accordingly, provides added-value content and information services.[4] The company provides subscription services through Internet interfaces that track content (mentions, commercials, speech, performances) and provide real time information to artists, media companies, and publishers.[5]

Since founding Media Forest, the company has established regional franchise owners operating in France, Argentina, Moldova, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Switzerland.[2] In Romania, Media Forest provided data for the country's national Airplay 100 chart.

Weekly charts[edit]

Media Forest publishes an airplay charts once a week, every Sunday. The airplay charts contain data generated by the Media Forest system according to any song played during the period starting the previous Sunday at time 00:00:00 and ending Saturday night at 23:59:59.[6][7]

The weekly chart was published by Mako,[8] and actually in the official website.

Media Forest publishes charts for several countries. For Romania's, see:

Media Music Awards[edit]

The Media Music Awards is an annual awards gala organized in Romania by MTV, based on radio and television airplay data compiled by Media Forest.[9]


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