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Mick Ford (born 1 August 1952) is a British actor, screenwriter and playwright, best known for his portrayal of intellectual convict Archer in the cinema version of Scum. Ford was educated at John Ruskin Grammar School, Croydon, and was a member of the National Youth Theatre, along with appearing in the premieres of Zigger Zagger and The Secret Rapture.

Ford was born in Croydon, Surrey. He has written and starred in numerous British drama serials, theatrical productions, and has been used for many voiceovers and advertising campaigns. He had regular roles in the BBC drama series Silent Witness and Fish, and in the comedy Big Bad World.

He has also written the critically acclaimed television dramas The Passion and William and Mary. He is the writer of Single Father, starring David Tennant and The Last Weekend a three part adaptation of the Blake Morrison novel.

Scum and other film roles[edit]

Ford's most famous role came in the 1979 film Scum. Set in a borstal, Ford plays the character Archer, an intelligent vegetarian trouble-maker who just wants to serve his time "In (his) own little way.". This role gained Ford media attention and thrust him into the spotlight somewhat. Ford also had a role that year in the television film The Knowledge (for which he also performed the title song) in which he stars as an unemployed man who is encouraged by his girlfriend (played by actress Kim Taylforth) to apply to the Metropolitan Police Public Carriage Office to become a black cab driver. In 1980 he was the main character in the then successful European TV-miniseries Caleb Williams (film) by Herbert Wise with a special soundtrack.[1] He also starred opposite Trevor Howard in the film Light Years Away (1981), and appeared in the much-lauded play, The Promise. His later film career included roles in The Fourth Protocol (1987) and How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1989).

Personal life[edit]

Ford was married to the director of St Pancras Community Centre, Ruth Roberts, who died in 2010.[2] He later married former actress Rudi Davies, whose mother was novelist Beryl Bainbridge.


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