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Mighty Express
Mighty Express Logo.png
GenreAnimated series
Created byKeith Chapman
Directed by
  • Clint Butler
Voices of
  • Jay Hatton
  • Zoe Hatz
  • Meesha Contreras
  • Dylan Schombing
  • Tyler Nathan
  • Leo Orgil
  • Michela Luci
  • Ian Ho
  • Evan LeFeuvre
  • Annick Obonsawin
  • Gracen Daly
Theme music composerCooper Maden
Country of originCanada
United States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons7
No. of episodes44
  • Jonah Stroh, Dan Mokriy, Christina Sang-St. Catherine, David Sharples (Ep 105B-121B only), Marise Kruger, Shayna Fine (Ep 117A onward)
  • Executive: Jennifer Dodge, Keith Chapman, Ronnen Harary, Suzanne Bolch & John May (Eps 101A, 101B, 102A, 105B only)
  • Co-Executive: Laura Clunie & Toni Stevens
Running time14 minutes (Seasons 1-3)
28 minutes (Season 4-present)
Production companiesSpin Master Entertainment
Atomic Cartoons
Original networkNetflix
Picture formatHDTV 1080p
Original releaseSeptember 22, 2020 (2020-09-22) –

Mighty Express is a computer animated children's television series created by the British producer Keith Chapman and Spin Master Entertainment. It is produced by Spin Master Entertainment in partnership with Netflix. Animation is provided by Atomic Cartoons.[1] It was released on September 22, 2020.[2] A Christmas special, titled A Mighty Christmas was released on December 5, 2020.[3] A second season was released on February 2, 2021. A third season was released on April 13, 2021.[4] A fourth season was released on July 27, 2021. A fifth season was released on October 12, 2021. A special, titled Train Trouble was released on January 18, 2022. A sixth season was released on March 29, 2022. A seventh season was released on August 29, 2022. A special, titled Mighty Trains Race will be released on December 5, 2022. Unlike the previous three seasons, which had ten-minute-long episodes placed in their regular ten-minute units, the episodes from the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons however, despite being ten minutes long, were placed back to back in half-hour units with two segments each, and unlike the previous six seasons, which all had ten-minute-long episodes, the seventh season however, despite still having ten-minute-long episodes, has a double-length episode and two compilation episodes featuring the shorts from the series.


The series takes place in Tracksville, a town located in a reality where human adults (with the exception of Santa Claus) have never existed and where kids run the stations and other locations and work together with the Mighty Express trains (who have the ability to talk and are intelligent) on epic adventures. The trains all have their own roles and duties within Tracksville, and their own individual set of tools and cargo cars to help them with their adventures so they always ensure to make their home a better place where trains and human kids alike live together in peace and harmony.




The series follows the adventures of eight trains each with a different purpose and skill.

  • Freight Nate (voiced by Dylan Schombing; Ben Riley in the UK dub; Tony Daniels when singing opera in Big Bart's Wild Ride) – Freight Nate is a mighty and fast train. His job is hauling heavy freight. He is strong, fast, friendly and heroic. Nate is equipped with an onboard crane with a hydraulic claw at the end of his cable. He also has a set of stabilizer legs to help him keep steady while loading his cars. Nate is painted red, grey and yellow with black frames and bright blue eyes.
  • Mechanic Milo (voiced by Leo Orgil; Tom Rimmer in the UK dub) – Mechanic Milo's main job is keeping the tracks in tip top shape, but he will happily tackle any puzzle that gets thrown his way. He is curious and dependable and highly detail oriented. Milo has a hydraulic arm mounted on his back, with a claw on the end resembling a monkey wrench. He can also fire tracks from his front bufferbeam. His cab sports robotic arms in the sides and either drive spikes into the tracks he lays or welds them together. Milo wears silver safety goggles over his cab and is painted blue, white and deep orange. His eyes are green.
  • Build-It Brock (voiced by Tyler Nathan; Chester Podd in the UK dub) – Build-It Brock builds what the town needs - bridges, train bays, concrete pads, tunnels through the mountain,(you name it.) Brock loves to help, even though he can be a bit shy at times. Brock has a cement mixer on his back and is equipped with a set of front end loader arms on his front. He is painted yellow, orange and grey with black hazard stripes and brown eyes.
  • Farmer Faye (voiced by Michela Luci; Bethan Archer in the UK dub) – Farmer Faye is kind and caring, which fits her job profile. Her job is to move farm produce and animals and help out on the farm with feeding and fertilizing. Faye is friendly and community-minded, always keeping tabs on every train, kid, and critter in town. Her front section has a set of combine harvester reels, and she is painted green, orange and grey with orange eyes. Faye is the only mighty Express train not to run on bogies, as she has four small driving wheels joined by a pair of two larger ones, connected by a complex of coupling rods. She overall resembles a tractor crossed with a steam locomotive. She also speaks with a strong and powerful southwestern U.S. accent, and has a lasso in her roof to boot.
  • Rescue Red (voiced by Evan Lefeuvre; Harry Coomber in the UK dub)– Rescue Red is a fire engine/EMT train and the older brother to Flicker that makes breath-taking rescues and takes care of the safety of everyone in town. He takes his job very seriously and is always focused on reciting helpful or not so helpful regulations from his handy guide, Red's Rulebook. Red has a ladder on his back and set of emergency lights atop his cab. He is painted fire engine red, silver and white with green eyes.
  • Peoplemover Penny (voiced by Annick Obonsawin; Grace Mynard in the UK dub) – Peoplemover Penny is super friendly. Her job is to move kids from station to station and greets everyone in the morning with her bubbly personality. Penny can open her roof and elevate her seats to let her passengers into the open air, being painted cream, white and purple with green frames and blue eyes.
  • Flicker (voiced by Ian Ho; Oliver White in the UK dub) – Flicker is a tiny engine and the little brother of Rescue Red. Flicker is in charge of small rescues. He is energetic and playful, but sometimes a bit naive. Flicker features a singular light on his roof and he features a fire hose reel on his rear that can also discharge air. and is painted red, white and silver with greenish-brown eyes. Flicker is smaller than the other trains, and as such, his interior is meant more for Diesel the Dog to ride in.
  • Mandy Mail (voiced by Gracen Daly; Megan Cowlan in the UK dub) – A new female character that debuted in A Mighty Christmas. Mandy is very prideful and often expects important deliveries and at times will refuse help even when she needs it. Her job is to transport letters from kids and take them to either the North Pole for Santa Claus to receive or any destination around the world. She is painted white, blue, red, gold and yellow with purple eyes. Mandy joined the main roster starting with the Christmas special, and as a mail carrier, she possesses multiple compartments to carry packages and letters. Much like Flicker, Mandy's interior is meant more for animals to ride in, primarily Flap the Carrier Pigeon. She also has letter shooters.



  • Max (voiced by Jay Hatton; Theo Somolu in the UK dub) – Max is the leader of the team and the main kid in charge. Max is exuberant, energetic, inspiring and empathetic. Max is African-American and wears blue overalls.
  • Liza (voiced by Zoe Hatz; Isabella Cobley in the UK dub) – Liza is a train whisperer. Being a mechanical engineer, she is creative, handy, optimistic, and all around spunky. always tinkering and poking around to see how things work. Liza is blonde and wears green overalls. She is the only female human member of the Mighty Express team.
  • Nico (voiced by Meesha Contreras; Luca Bradley in the UK dub) – Nico is the trackmaster and cartographer. He is a quick thinker and multi-tasker, his nerdy enthusiasm also makes him a great puzzle solver. Nico wears blue glasses and red overalls.

Recurring / Minor[edit]

  • Jubilee (voiced by Matilda Simons; Isabella Buck in the UK dub) - A disabled girl who is possibly the mayor of Tracksville since she organizes special events and gives speeches.
  • Clay (voiced by Benjamin Hum; Ollie Baulsom in the UK dub) - A young cowboy who runs Farm Station with May.
  • May (voiced by Lori Phun; Scarlett Harrison in the UK dub) - A young cowgirl who runs Farm Station with Clay.
  • Carrie (voiced by Maja Vujicic; Connie McGrath (Season 1 - A Mighty Christmas) and Imogen Dymott (Season 4-present) in the UK dub) - A young girl who runs Mail Station.
  • Amanda (voiced by Aaliyah Cinello; Cece Somolu in the UK dub) - A young girl who wears a headband with cat ears. She is Jaden's older sister, and appears to be the main kid in charge at School Station.
  • Jaden (voiced by Adrian Groulx; Ved Pattipati in the UK dub) - A young boy who is Amanda's younger brother.
  • Finn (voiced by Marcus Cornwall (Season 1-5; 7) and Javien Rankine (Season 5-present); Sam Hodge (Season 1–2) and Simeon Meadows (Season 3-present) in the UK dub) - A young boy who runs Beach Station and also acts as the local lifeguard.
  • Skipper (voiced by Chris D'Silva; Rhys Nosworthy in the UK dub) - A young boy who runs Port Station.
  • Dusty (voiced by Millie Davis; Efa Foncette in the UK dub) - A young girl who works at Building Yard Station. She helps with major construction projects in Tracksville.
  • Ivy (voiced by Abigail Nicholson; Megan Leavey in the UK dub) - A young girl who is the organizer and counselor of outdoor activities at Camp Itchiknee.
  • Marcus (voiced by Caleb Bellavance; Finn Kelly in the UK dub) - A young boy who runs the Central Square donut shop.
  • Rocky (voiced by Callum Shoniker; Issac Highams in the UK dub) - A young boy who lives at Pointy Peak Station.
  • Santa Claus (voiced by Ron Pardo; Wayne Forester in the UK dub) - Santa Claus is notable for being the only known adult human in the Mighty Express universe. His elves, however, are portrayed much more like the children of the Mighty Express universe. The head elf is voiced by Saara Chaudry; Megan Leavey in the UK dub.


  • The Popstar Piggies also known as ('Flashy, Splashy, Glitzy and Larry) (voiced by Bryn McAuley and Richard Binsley) - A quartet of pigs who perform at events in Tracksville.
  • Goaty McGoat - A goat who lives on top of Corkscrew Curve and has a tendency to get in trouble around Tracksville. Despite this, he is beloved by all who know him.
  • Diesel (voiced by Robert Tinkler) - A dog who wears an American locomotive engineer's hat and a red bandana with purple spots. He most often spends his time either alone or with Flicker, and serves to keep the young train on the right track.
  • Dippers (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - a dolphin that swims close to Port Station.
  • Chompy (voiced by Frank Welker) - A beaver who lives at Building Yard Station.
  • Cows (voiced by Richard Binsley) - A herd of cows that reside at Farm Station.
  • Flap - A carrier pigeon in a mailman's outfit who works with Mandy Mail. Unlike Diesel, Flap works with Mandy full-time.
  • Giggles - A baby octopus who swims close to Beach Station.
  • Snowball - A penguin who lives in Pointy Peak Station.
  • Big Bart - A bull who is the newest animal in Farm Station.
  • Tiny - A whale who lives within the waters of Beach Station.



  • Tricky Ricky (voiced by Christian Campbell; Rahul Joshi in the UK dub) - Ricky is a trickster who while charismatic at first glance is very immature compared to the other trains, focusing on causing trouble for others instead of helping them. He works as a part of a duo with Sneaky Stella, though the two often argue on whose name goes first. Ricky is equipped with multiple tools and gadgets that rival the main Mighty Express trains, including a few that are copied directly from them. He is painted silver, white, purple and black and has blueish-purple eyes. He and Stella debuted in the special Train Trouble.


  • Sneaky Stella (voiced by Shazdeh Kapadia; Ada Tracz in the UK dub) - Stella is a young girl who delights in causing chaos, and unlike the Mighty Express crew does not care about the problems of others. She works as a part of a duo with Tricky Ricky, though the two often argue on whose name goes first. She wears pink glasses and black overalls with white gloves and boots (both with pink trim). She and Ricky debuted in the special Train Trouble.

List of episodes[edit]

Season 1: September 22, 2020[edit]

NO. # Title Written by Description
1 1 "The Great Nate Chase" Suzanne Bolch & John May The Pop Star Piggies have to get to the fair for a performance, but Faye damages her brakes on Corkscrew Curve after the pigs cause a ruckus, forcing Nate to give chase for a rescue before she crashes into town. After 2 failed attempts, he quickly learns that speed isn't everything.
2 2 "Super Nate" Peter Steen Hunziker The new "Super Train" comic books haven't arrived in town yet, and as a big fan of the book series, Nate won't stop until he delivers them to Tracksville, but after he refuses help to deal with obstacles, it takes him a lot of effort on an open drawbridge to realize that even superheroes need a team.
3 3 "Bat Cave Tunnel" John Philip Loy It is camping time in Tracksville, but to finish her job, Penny has to go through a tunnel filled with bats, a type of animal that gives her the shivers. Her fear of bats causes her to take several detours causing delays, forcing Brock and Milo to help her out of a jam.
4 4 "Liza Live" David Rosenberg Milo and Liza are playing in a concert, but Milo has to bring Liza's drum set to the stage before they can perform. Things get complicated when the car carrying the drums starts to roll away and its cargo disappears and moves around Tracksville mysteriously in random locations.
5 5 "How the Ball Bounces" Peter Steen Hunziker Flicker has to deliver beach balls for his very first Mega Mission, but he doesn't want everyone else to know something's wrong, so he keeps his current situation to himself, and doesn't ask for help when he needs it. Ultimately, he finds he has to relent when the situation goes much too far.
6 6 "The Toppling Tower" Robin J. Stein Brock in charge of building a new tower, but the other trains make suggestions of their own and ignore his suggestion for a design. As a result, they begin piling their own materials onto his supplies and weigh him down. At the site, pressure from his friends makes Brock build in a way that causes his tower to end up extremely rickety.
7 7 "Pop Stars" Peter Steen Hunziker For Super Train's first movie, Faye is tasked with hauling over the popcorn for movie night, but the popcorn is also wanted by some hungry geese, which forces them to take a series of detours that cause them to lose much of the popcorn.
8 8 "The Donutty Day" John Philip Loy With Max at his side, Nate has to deliver a giant decorative donut to the new donut shop, but Clay and May's chickens believe it to be real, and having grown tired of chicken feed, the fed-up farm birds set out after Nate and Max to eat the giant fake confection, causing all sorts of mayhem for the two doing so.
9 9 "Let It Ride" Peter Steen Hunziker Milo is constructing a thrill ride of a rollercoaster with him as the main form of traction power, but Nico is afraid of rollercoasters and doesn't want to go. Things go wrong when the coaster cars run away with Nico inside them, and Milo struggles to get him to stop.
10 10 "Freight Nate's Fright Night" John Philip Loy When Flicker dresses up as a ghost train, Nate, who is secretly afraid of ghosts, mistakes him for a real one and almost jeopardizes his Halloween candy delivery. The car ends up starting to sink in quicksand, and Nate is forced to face his fear of ghosts to help Flicker save the candy.

Season 2: February 2, 2021[edit]

NO. # Title Written by Description
11 1 "Chug-a-Love Day" Adam Beechen On Chug-a-Love Day, Mandy is tasked with transporting all of the cards to Central Square Station. Unfortunately, the importance of the occasion leaves her in over her head, and as she refuses to share the glory of delivering the cards, she does things her way after Flicker helps to catch any lost bundles.
12 2 "Oink-a-Palooza" Denise Downer Tracksville is celebrating the Oink-a-Palooza, a festival all about pigs. The Popstar Piggies have a sunset concert at the festival, but unfortunately it fell on one of the hottest days of the year, forcing Faye to try and beat the clock without overheating, which worsens after she gets stuck and needs a rescue from Red.
13 3 "The Treasure of King Toot" David Rosenberg While finishing up a construction job, Nico and Brock find a treasure map leading to King Toot's treasure and are tasked with delivering it to Museum Station. Although Brock lacks much confidence in himself as a treasure hunter, Nico's support and his own creativity allow him to succeed and realize he is a special train after he makes it through several booby traps.
14 4 "Octopus Express" Denise Downer While an upset giant octopus couple wreak havoc at Beach Station, Faye has to deliver their baby. Unfortunately, a detour causes them to encounter a rockslide that damages the aquarium wagon, and while Faye clears the tracks, Red and Milo now have to hurry and deliver the baby before the water leaks out of the car completely.
15 5 "Get That Goat" Clark Stubbs Faye has to take Goaty to his birthday party, but things get hairy when the guest of honor disappears mid-transit. Due to an unfortunate series of events, Goaty ends up causing trouble all around Tracksville while chasing his birthday present, and Faye and Liza end up chasing him everywhere to get him to his party on time.
16 6 "Milosaurus" Evan Thaler Hicky To complete Museum Station's new dinosaur exhibit, Nico needs one more giant bone to put the t-rex skeleton together, and Milo has to get it there. Despite his enthusiasm, Milo quickly encounters hiccups with his mega mission, as they end up spending much more time chasing the bone than carrying it.
17 7 "Brock's Beam Scheme" Joseph Clark Stubbs While Penny shuttles kids to school for show and tell, she ends up wrecking Bugle Bridge before fully crossing it, leading for Brock to get called on for a major repair job. Unfortunately, his tall, wide, heavy and noisy load keeps causing problems, especially when they pass through town.
18 8 "Balloon Hullabaloo" David Rosenberg Flicker is given the job of transporting large helium balloons to thank Jubilee for helping everyone. Despite being excited for the mission, Flicker worries that he's too small to deal with the large balloons, especially after they almost float him away, but with a little help from his big brother Red, he just might be able to make the delivery.

Season 3: April 13, 2021[edit]

NO. # Title Written by Description
19 1 "Rocket & Roll" Peter Steen Hunziker Milo has two big repairs to fix in just one day and he gets the bright idea of strapping a rocket booster onto his frame to speed things up. Unfortunately, his new attachment ends up causing sparks before going out of control, leaving it up to Rescue Red to catch up and rescue him.
20 2 "Freight Nate's Achoo-choo" Peter Steen Hunziker Clay and May need more salt and pepper for their yummy chili, but Nate will have to stop sneezing to make the delivery in time for the town picnic, especially after the pepper shaker loses its cap and disperses its contents everywhere.
21 3 "Knight Time" David Rosenberg Nate and Nico chase after Museum Station's newly polished suit of armor after some cheese-hungry critters (a group of mice who stowed away inside after it was polished) use it to try to catch their next snack (a large cheese wheel being taken to market by Marcus).
22 4 "Offline Zipline" Clark Stubbs Flicker is finally big enough to ride Camp Itchiknee's zipline, but the entrance is broken, and before Milo and Liza arrive to fix it, Flicker and Diesel become stranded, and the two unexpected rescuers have to save their friends before they float out to sea.
23 5 "Delivery Dilemma" Dan Danko Red has to deliver a boxcar full of pogo sticks and safety helmets to School Station before recess, but due to a mix-up at Port Station, his cargo accidentally gets swapped with a delivery of animal feed meant for Farmer Faye to take to Farm Station. Chaos ensues when the animal feed ends up flooding the school building and the farm animals start bouncing around.
24 6 "Sticky Situation" Dan Danko Nate and Nico try their best to avoid making a mess on the tracks while they deliver barrels of gooey maple syrup to the town's pancake party, but after they roll off, the two find themselves having to use their wits to get them back for the party.
25 7 "Nate's Crushing It" Robin j. Stein Penny has to deliver a large block of ice so that people at Beach Station can enjoy some snow cones to make it through the summer heat. Unfortunately, a rockslide hits, forcing Nate to help assist before the heat of the sun melts the ice block.
26 8 "Mystery of the Missing Wood" David Rosenberg After Penny almost falls down a broken track section on Corkscrew Curve, Milo and Nico set out to fix it, only to find that the fence at Farm Station and the pier at Beach Station have also been damaged. The two later discover a beaver was responsible for the damage, and set out to keep it away from wood that wasn't being used.

Season 4: July 27, 2021[edit]

NO. # Title Written by Description
27a 1a "Knight, Knight, Dragon" Zac Atkinson Nate and Nico have to transport and inflatable dragon to Camp Itchiknee for the screening of a new Knight movie, but chaos ensues when the prop inflates prematurely, and the two have to get it there while keeping it safe, easier said than done when it flies away.
27b 1b "Bubble Trouble" Sarah Katin & Nakia Trower Suman Milo has the job of transporting a bubble blower to beach station for a party, but the solution used ends up lubricating all surrounding tracks and trapping anything and anyone, forcing all involved on an impromptu rescue mission.
28a 2a "Piggies Rock the House" Robin J. Stein Amanda orders a bounce house for Jaden's birthday party, and Red is in charge making sure it is safe for all. Unfortunately, the Popstar Piggies are determined to take a bounce, and the stakes get raised when the music-loving mammals send it on a runaway bouncing spree.
28b 2b "Big Bart's Wild Ride" John Philip Loy Clay and May are expecting a new bull named Big Bart, but Faye breaks her rods and is unable to move anywhere fast, so Nate is tasked with bringing the bull to Farm Station. Unfortunately, he takes a shortcut that startles the bull, and he now has to deal with a runaway farmyard animal across all of Tracksville.
29a 3a "Volcano Kablamo" Dan Danko Milo helps Jaden make a model volcano for the science fair, but even with Nate's help in transporting it they run into a large number of hiccups en route, including a premature press of the eruption button, launching a race against time before the model begins its eruption.
29b 3b "Brock's Rock-in Penguins" Marc Seal Flicker, Rocky and Snowball uncover a glowing crystal at Pointy Peak Station while playing hacky sack, and Brock is given the job of transporting it to Museum Station. Unfortunately, Snowball and a few other penguins aren't making his journey easy.
30a 4a "Clank!" Zac Atkinson Milo is tasked with helping Nico finish his new museum exhibit by picking up a giant magnet. Unfortunately, in their enthusiasm to experiment, the magnet creates all sorts of chaos around Tracksville, and the delivery is severely hampered when the magnet is stuck on full power.
30b 4b "Milo Reaches for the Stars" Robin J. Stein To see a rare comet at Pointy Peak Station, Milo is tasked with delivering a telescope for everyone to use. Unfortunately, the telescope's size and heft make it difficult to move.

Season 5: October 12, 2021[edit]

NO. # Title Written by Description
31a 1a "Sheriff Red" Peter Gaffney Brock, Milo and Nico find the long lost Great Golden Stagecoach while playing hide and seek, and to carry on his Great-Grandfather's delivery Red is chosen to deliver its cargo of gold bars to the bank. However, chaos ensues when a jealous Mandy takes it herself to get the glory.
31b 1b "Pizza Day" David Rosenberg Flicker is given the job of delivering a large load of pizzas around Tracksville before they get cold. Unfortunately, he ends up ruining his delivery while trying to make a fast one.
32a 2a "The Domino Effect" Robin J. Stein Milo and Nico set off to create Tracksville's largest domino chain. However, the delivery quickly falls into chaos.
32b 2b "Quack Express" Rachel Graham After losing Tiny the whale's favorite rubber ducky, Faye is tasked with delivering a bigger one as a replacement. Unfortunately, the duck's size and noise makes the delivery very difficult.
33a 3a "A Mighty Windmill" Ken Pontac After the Popstar Piggies break the windmill at Farm Station, Nate is tasked with delivering a replacement for the slumber party, but a period in Gusty Gulch forces several detours that causes the windmill to spin far too fast.
33b 3b "Robot on the Run" David Rosenberg A shipment of popular wind-up toy robots are expected to be shipped to Central Square Station, and Flicker is set to deliver it. Despite his gusto, the whole team has to pitch in and help; particularly when a giant robot heads for a crash course with Mission Station!
34a 4a "Diesel's Doghouse Delivery" Zac Atkinson Diesel the Dog is receiving a new doghouse after his old one gets wrecked in a game of catch, and Flicker is given the Mega Mission of delivering one custom built by Dusty and Brock. The only problem is Diesel doesn't want it dirty, but keeping it clean while in transit is easier said than done.
34b 4b "Monkey Wrench" Patrick Rieger A stowaway monkey arrives in a banana shipment meant for Flicker, and Faye is tasked with taking him back to the jungle. However, she has little experience with dealing with monkeys, which comes to be problematic when the monkey steals Skipper's monkey wrench.

Season 6: March 29, 2022[edit]

NO. # Title Written by Description
35a 1a "Mighty Milo" Patrick Rieger Milo is tasked with delivering frosty ice pops to a Super Train event at Museum Station. However, he and Liza have encountered a serious problem; Tricky Ricky and Sneaky Stella have stolen the frozen goods!
35b 1b "Sing Out Proud" Peter Steen Hunziker Brock makes tracks with the DJ booth for Faye's big concert, but will have to get over his stage fright when the star of the show has lost her voice.
36a 2a "Piñata Express" Liam Farrell Flicker is earning his rescue team badge, and everyone is throwing him a surprise party. Red has to deliver the party's giant piñata, but keeping it both safe and out of Flicker's sight is proving to be a challenge.
36b 2b "Tomato Sauce Trouble" Rachel Graham When Marcus runs out of tomatoes for making Spaghetti Sunday's famous pasta sauce, Faye is tasked with gathering more. However, the tomatoes grown have reached a very large size that makes their transport very difficult.
37a 3a "A Beary Special Picnic" David Rosenberg When Jaden forgets to bring a teddy bear to Amanda's picnic, Nate is set to bring him a large one. However, the stuffed animal soon gets a real mother bear and her cub involved in hair-raising shenanigans.
37b 3b "Gimme a Lift" Dan Danko Brock is given the mission of fixing a broken bridge, but he suffers an unfortunate breakdown before he makes it. Milo and Liza have to fix him before he can fix the bridge, but they have to hurry when a traffic jam results in Big Bart going wild on the bridge.
38a 4a "Can Do!" Dan Danko Flicker is given the job of collecting piles of recyclables, but refuses to call for help, wanting to prove himself... though assistance may be the only way to stop a runaway pile.
38b 4b "Skunked" Andrew Blanchette Three baby skunks accidentally leave forest on a load of sticks brought in by Flicker, but when Red is tasked with bringing them home the noisiness of Tracksville quickly proves problematic.

Season 7: August 29, 2022[edit]

NO. # Title Written by Description
39 1 "Pirate Trains Ahoy!" Kris Hughes While delivering a pirate ship to Museum Station, the Mighty Express finds a treasure map that leads to a legendary train pirate's secret cave.
40a 2a "Nate's Castle Hassle" Peter Steen Hunziker Nate's on the way to the medieval festival, but Stella and Ricky have other plans.
40b 2b "Tub Time" Dan Danko Faye must deliver a big enough tub for Bart the bull's bath.
41a 3a "The Great Hubcap Heist" Peter Steen Hunziker Mandy's determined to get Flicker new hubcaps to thank him for being a pal.
41b 3b "Pied Piper Brock" Sheila Rogerson All of the farm animals follow Brock while he hauls Dusty's new alphorn.
42a 4a "Red's Green Thumb" Jay D. Waxman Red needs to be extra safe and careful while delivering fast-growing seeds for the farm.
42b 4b "Painting Pandemonium" Will Given Clay and May's messy barn needs a fresh coat of paint.

Shorts Compilations (Part of Season 7 on Netflix): August 29, 2022[edit]

Short Tracks Part 1

Short Tracks Part 2


NO. Title Written by Description
1 "A Mighty Christmas" Ron Holsey The entire Mighty Express fleet must pitch in when Christmas is jeopardized by delayed letters, an inability to make more toys, and a snowstorm so big the reindeer can't fly.
2 "Train Trouble" Scott Gray Flicker has a crisis in confidence when he is unable to help out on the same level as the other trains, but he might be the crew's last hope if they are to retake Mission Station from Tricky Ricky and Sneaky Stella.
3 "Mighty Trains Race" TBA Trouble on the tracks! Freight Nate gets tricked into participating in a high-speed race — with all the Mighty Express cargo cars at stake!


In 2021, an app based on the series was released for download on any smart device.


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