Oddballs (TV series)

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Created by
Voices of
ComposerBen Bromfield
Country of origin
  • United States
  • Canada
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes12
Executive producers
  • James Rallison
  • Ethan Banville
  • Carl Faruolo
  • Michael Zoumas
  • Matthew Berkowitz
  • Aaron Behl
  • Jennifer Twiner McCarron
  • Sarah Soh (supervising)
  • Alex Cichon (supervising)
  • Caroline Lagrange (line)
  • Tini Wider (line)
EditorMegan McShane
Running time17–20 minutes
Production companies
DistributorNetflix Streaming Services
Original networkNetflix
Picture formatHDTV 1080p
Original releaseOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07) –
present (present)

Oddballs is an animated adventure-comedy streaming television series created by James Rallison and Ethan Banville for Netflix produced by Netflix Animation and Atomic Cartoons.[1] The series debuted on October 7, 2022.[2][3][4] The show features a total of twelve 17–20 minute episodes in its first season.[5]


The series takes place in the fictional Dirt, Arizona, following the main protagonist James, often partnered with his best friends, a dimwitted crocodile named Max and (as of the fourth episode) a time travelling girl named Echo. James' rants and questioning of social norms often result in disaster each episode.[2]

Cast and characters[edit]

  • James Rallison as
    • James, a fictionalized version of Rallison. He is a bubble-shaped teenage boy who enjoys insane misadventures and going on rants, including subjects like toasters, trophies and line cutting.
    • Sagu, the talking cactus that houses James' trailer/tree-house.
  • Julian Gant as Max, an anthropomorphic and dimwitted crocodile who is James' next-door neighbor and best friend. Max was previously seen in the music video for Rallison and David Brown's song Life is Fun.
  • Kimberly Brooks as Echo, a time-traveling teenage girl who comes from the future and loves eating food, as she comes from a future where processed food went extinct as the result of one of James and Max's actions.
  • Carl Faruolo as
    • Greg, Max's "father"
    • Stuart, a stereotypical bully slime who is capable of possessing people and a proficient chess player.
  • Erika Ishii as
    • Jenna, Max's "sister" who works at the "uBreakIdon'tjudge " electronics fixing shop.
    • Liv, Max's "mother" who shows a cold and calculating demeanor towards him.
  • Kari Wahlgren as Toasty, an artificially intelligent toaster created by James and Max who went rogue.
  • Harland Williams as Patrick, James' father who is usually mild-mannered and submissive.
  • Debra Wilson as Louise, James' mother who is an astrophysicist that shows a stricter attitude towards her son.
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Mr. McFly, a Fly who is a teacher at Dirt school, that everyone loves.
  • Nicolas Cantu as
    • Smooth Jason
    • Wrinkly
  • Emily Eiden as Maz Scare-ah, a goth unicorn.
  • Fred Stoller as Foodball Joe
  • Parvesh Cheena as Principal Loudspeaker
  • Stephen Stanton as Chef Throgbort
  • Misty Lee as Roxanne
  • Paul Rugg as
    • Dr. Bolster
    • Clerk
  • Bob Bergen as Geefus
  • Jane Lynch as Grandma
  • Ethan Banville as Bob Awman
  • Courtenay Taylor as Dr. Squats
  • Ryan George as Byron Sellers


Series creators James Rallison and Ethan Banville pitched the series to Netflix in early 2020, with the service picking up the series in August of that year. According to Rallison, the entire production of the series occurred remotely, amid studios locking down during the COVID-19 pandemic.[2][6]

Rallison announced the series in a YouTube video on June 23, 2022,[7] alongside a sneak peek of it. He also said in the video that the show would premiere later in the year.[8] On September 16, 2022, an official trailer was released on Rallison, Banville and Netflix's YouTube channels, with an official release date of October 7 announced.[4] Later the same month, Rallison uploaded a YouTube video titled "Pitching a Show", which goes over his process pitching the show and the show's screenwriting bible.[6]


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date
1"Raising Toasty"Carl FaruoloJames Rallison, Ethan Banville & Carl FaruoloOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
James and Max have a sleepover and plan on making the perfect breakfast by making the perfect toast. However, the toaster ends up burning the bread, leaving Max and James upset. James proposes the idea of making a "smart toaster", and so he does with an AI chip. After he creates the smart toaster, it becomes sentient. James decides to call it Toasty and he tries to parent him. Max also tries to parent Toasty, but he does it differently than James since he was a lab experiment. James and Max try to raise Toasty, but they argue due to the different ways they parent him, which leads to Toasty becoming evil and firing toast towards them. James and Max try to stop him, but Toasty escapes and runs to a bread factory. James catches up to him and calms him, which leads to Toasty powering off due to James taking his AI chip off, with him making a perfect piece of toast. Back at James and Max's tree-house, they throw the AI chip and Toasty to the trash, but Toasty, without them knowing, becomes sentient again.
2"Breaking and Entering"Jouchelle MirandaJames Rallison, Ethan Banville & Carl FaruoloOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
James wants a smartphone instead of his busted flip phone, and so he tries to convince his mom to do so, also saying to Max that he'll give him the flip phone. Begrudgingly, his mom brings him to the lab where she works and fuses him with a smartphone, telling him that if he can go 24 hours without damaging himself, she will get him a smartphone. James, excited, decides to use his smartphone body to do things like instant cake delivery, show baby photos of his teacher Mr. McFly (which leads to him being fired), and give a restaurant a 1-star review. However, right when he's about to go home, Max high-fives him, cracking his hand. Max takes James to his sister to fix him in exchange for food from the restaurant he gave him 1 star. Max's sister also fixes James' flip phone for Max to use. James ends up having to apologize to the owner of the restaurant and is painfully burned being used as a thermometer, and he gets fixed. James gets back home with Mr. McFly because he became a rideshare driver after his firing. When James gets home, he accidentally confesses to his mom what happened. Max then angrily throws the flip phone to James, cracking him again.
3"Wanted Dead or Fly"Annisa Adjani & Sarah SohDarin HenryOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
While procrastinating on homework, James kills a fly that is interrupting. The next day, James and Max find out their teacher, Mr. McFly's grandma went missing around James' house and he's starting a search party, causing James & Max to believe they might have killed her. When they get home, James buries the body, returning to find that Max has murdered several more flies. When they go to a store to get a shovel, Mr. McFly comes in and tells the cashier that 8 more family members have gone missing. When they begin to go home they are pursued by Mr. McFly, who then comes to James' house with tools. When James confesses, Mr. McFly informs him that his grandma was just holding a party that he wasn't invited to and James' parents had hired him to clean their gutters. The next day, James is arrested after Max snitches to the police out of panic. James exercises in prison before he is released and meets up with Max. They are then chased by a horde of mosquitoes after James kills one of them.
4"Line Cutters"Chelsea KerDarin HenryOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
James and Max are in line to eat ribs when suddenly a girl who claims to be from the future cuts in front of the line. James, angry, tells Roxanne, a sentient rock guard, about the situation, but she brings all three back in line. The girl says she's named Echo and that she came from a future where processed food doesn't exist. She also says that a mysterious doctor in James' time period began the chaos in the future. James doesn't believe her, but Max does. James then plays Rock Paper Scissors with Roxanne, saying that if he wins, he'll go back to where he was, but if he loses he gets kicked out. James loses. Echo says that the cooks who made the ribs are aliens who plan on eating the humans. Max, desperate, sneak to where the ribs are located, and the trio eats them. Despite this, the cook (a parody of Gordon Ramsey) finds out and reveals himself to be an alien. James still doesn't believe Echo, but he does so after she says that they'll escape if he believes her, leading to them eating the ribs in peace. James plays another round of Rock Paper Scissors with Roxanne, but if he loses, he, Max, and Echo get kicked out again. He loses, and the trio is left alone.
5"Boy with 2 Brains"Sarah SohEthan BanvilleOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
James discovers that a group of lockers, including his, has been made tiny so that the participation trophies can be added. While James complains about trophies having no worth anymore, Stuart, a slime kid, attacks Mr. McFly for giving him a D. When James shoves a bunch of trophies out of the way to fit his books on the shelf, one of them hits Stuart, freeing Mr. McFly, who then awards James the nicest person award. Stuart, angry, enters James' body by making his body a liquid in James' trophy for him to drink, causing him to wreak havoc on Dirt. James, despite being controlled by Stuart, tries to keep his role as the nicest person, but constantly fails. Because of this, Max and Echo try to force Stuart out of James' body by doing an exorcism on him. In the exorcism, they read a children's book to Stuart and give him hot sauce, but they fail. Eventually, James realizes that Stuart just wanted an award, changes his award from Nicest Person to Wurst Person, and gives it to Stuart, convincing him to leave his body.
6"Emo like the Wolfstank"Annisa AdjaniNick LopezOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
In the locker room, Max is applying deodorant when James comes in upset he doesn't have a thing, such as Max being king of Competitive Feeling Squad. James complains about sweating for the first time and puts deodorant on his face, to Max's disgust. James begins sweating from his eyes, which he gets bullied for by Stuart, whom he stands up to. Mr. McFly is impressed and allows James to join the Competitive Feeling Squad for the big competition the next day. James officially joins, allowing him to find his thing. Max, angry, confronts James who is reveling in his new-found thing. The next day at the competition James is pulled aside by Mr. McFly who introduces Smooth Jason, Max's enemy, to James. Roxanne announces Smooth Jason against Max in the topic "Honesty in Sports". They both talk and Smooth Jason wins. James comes over to help and argues with Smooth Jason and wins. After winning one of the rounds, he finds he's run out of deodorant and goes to his stash, where he is confronted by Max. He refuses to give James the deodorant, saying that he's stolen his thing. James eventually gets it. James and Smooth Jason go against each other in the final round, a debate about stealing your best friend's thing. James confesses and then gives a speech about how it's Max's thing. Smooth Jason has a meltdown, calling James a cheater, but it's revealed the flower he's been sniffing the whole time was an onion because of their tendency to make eyes water, resulting in him and James getting disqualified. James and Max reconcile as Mr. McFly after bawling that he still can't win, so he wins the prize and mocks Smooth Jason.
7"Behind Frenemy Lines"Jouchelle MirandaValencia ParkerOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
As James and Max enter the RV at the top of Sagu, Max asks if Echo has found a place to live yet. James reveals he's allowing Echo to live there. They enter to find the place a wreck with trash everywhere, as Echo eats snacks and plays a video game. James is unable to tell her how he feels, leading to him becoming incredibly passive-aggressive. James claims Sagu is now a protected species, causing Echo to go to live on James' house, much to his chagrin. Echo begins to unintentionally irritate James by eating his favorite donuts, throwing her stuff everywhere, interrupting his favorite show and moving into his room. Eventually, James drives Echo out of his room by getting rid of the furniture. James and Echo get into a fight, leading to James confessing he lied and finally telling Echo how he feels. Realizing her mistakes, Echo agrees to clean it up and the two make up.
8"Pillow Fight Club"Jouchelle MirandaDarin HenryOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
9"Grandma's Boy"Chelsea KerKathleen Chen & Brian PolkOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
10"Blood Excuse"Jouchelle MirandaNick LopezOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
In gym class, James' gym coach, Doctor Squats, tells the whole class that they will be doing squat frogs for gym class, which James despises because he thinks that they don't have any real life value, but Mr Mcfly comes in the gym and reminds Doctor Squats that it's blood drive day. Doctor Squats gives everyone two options; stay and do squat frogs, or they can go to the nurse and donate blood. James is the only one that leaves, and then he donates more blood to get out of gym for a straight week that by the time the week ends, he has donated to the limit that he looks like a senior. When Echo and Max are getting ice cream, James appears and upon the sight of him by the cashier, the ice cream which was supposed to be around 70 dollars gets reduced to two dollars because of the senior discount. After that, Echo and Max go on a shopping spree with James as their discount and gets stuff for practically nothing. After that, James slows down because of his deteriorating body, and he ultimately ends up in a senior center, where he enjoys it there and stays there. Echo and Max visit him. When it's time to play bingo, Echo shouts "bingo" at the first ball to only get snacks thrown at her, which serves as a running gag at their time in the senior center. But the bingo announcer somehow recognizes Max and then he recognizes James by Pulling his face, so Max pulls the announcer's face and him and James recognize him as Smooth Jason, so Smooth Jason reveals his career was ruined, but he discovered a new career by donating blood, so he became "Wrinkly Jason". Wrinkly Jason proceeds to beat James up, with Echo and Max joining the fight, but Wrinkly Jason manipulates the clock so that it looks like the visiting hours are over, so Echo and Max get kicked out. At one point, James traps Smooth Jason in a wooly blanket, but Smooth Jason makes the bingo cage fall of and crush the elders, but James intervenes, does a successful squat frog, and the sudden increase in blood makes him look like his old self again. However, James gets kicked out. When he gets back to school, Doctor Squats announces that they will be doing push-ups. Then James starts to ramble about pushups, but Doctor Squats just make him do them anyway.
11"Almost Home Alone"Annisa AdjaniDarin HenryOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
In a parody of Home Alone, James wakes up at 8:15, almost late for school, but is too late and his parents drive off without him. So he decides to take the day off and tries to have fun, but a finicky salesman named Byron Sellers keeps repeatedly trying to sell him a state-of-the-art security system and makes James work on his day off, setting up traps related to school subjects like Science, Math, P.E, History, etc. James eventually gives up and buys Sellers' product, but it turns out it is a scam because James did not read the fine print that instantly gives the house to Sellers by payment. So James uses strategies from all his school subjects (the last one being a pun) to destroy the main unit. But just when James is about to do look in his parents' secret dresser drawer, his parents get back and are mad at him because the house got nearly destroyed by all the lasers trying to zap him. James confesses everything he did to them, but his dad said that it was Saturday the whole time and they make him clean up the house.
12"Nugget Nonsense"Annisa AdjaniNick LopezOctober 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)
When James wants Echo to try Dino Nuggets, the manager of the restaurant says he’s too old to order off the kids' menu. James protests then the manager kicks him out for not ordering. When Echo pays a kid to get the nuggets for them, the kid scams her by eating 11 out of the 12-nugget pack. After this, they go to Dirt's lab to clone the Dino Nuggets, but Max presses all the buttons and accidentally turns the nuggets alive. The nuggets come to life and chase the trio. After a long battle, they stop the nuggets when they attack the restaurant. When James and Max mention Toasty, Echo realizes that they were the responsible ones for the food-less future, as Toasty took over the world, and urges them to help her to stop Toasty before it's too late, ending the season in a cliffhanger.


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