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Odynophagia is pain when swallowing.[1][2] The pain may be felt in the mouth or throat and can occur with or without difficulty swallowing.[3] The pain may be described as an ache, burning sensation, or occasionally a stabbing pain that radiates to the back.[4] Odynophagia often results in inadvertent weight loss. The term is from odyno- 'pain' and phagō 'to eat'.


Odynophagia may have environmental or behavioral causes, such as:

  • Very hot or cold food and drinks (termed cryodynophagia when associated with cold drinks, classically in the setting of cryoglobulinaemia).
  • Taking certain medications
  • Using drugs, tobacco, or alcohol[3]
  • Trauma or injury to the mouth, throat, or tongue[5]

It can also be caused by certain medical conditions, such as:

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