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The political editor of a newspaper or broadcaster is the senior political reporter who covers politics and related matters for the newspaper or station. They may have a large team of political correspondents working under them.

In publishing, because of their seniority, a political editor's byline is often added to stories which actually are the work of more junior colleagues to give the story more credibility and to indicate their seniority within the publication. The political editor usually carries out the major interviews with a country's prime minister and senior government figures and covers major events like party conferences.

United Kingdom[edit]

Broadcast journalism[edit]

BBC News[edit]

BBC News introduced the role of political editor in 1970.[1] In addition to the nation-wide political editors, Glenn Campbell has been political editor for BBC Scotland since 2021, Felicity Evans has been political editor for BBC Cymru Wales since 2018[2] and Nicholas Watt has been political editor for Newsnight since 2016.[3]

Political editor Tenure Notes
Hardiman Scott 1970–1975 Then Chief Assistant to the Director-General of the BBC
David Holmes 1975–1980
John Simpson 1980–1981 BBC World Affairs Editor from 1988 to present
John Cole 1981–1992 Retired from political journalism
Robin Oakley 1992–2000 European political editor of CNN 2000–2008
Andrew Marr 2000–2005 Presented The Andrew Marr Show from 2005 to 2021, now at LBC
Nick Robinson 2005–2015 Political editor of ITV News 2002–2005, now a Today programme presenter
Laura Kuenssberg 2015–2022 Presenting Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg since 2022
Chris Mason 2022–present

ITV News[edit]

ITN produces news programmes for ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. The ITN brand was used on ITV until 1999, when it was rebranded as ITV News.

Political editor Tenure Notes
Julian Haviland 1975–1981 Subsequently political editor of The Times newspaper
Glyn Mathias 1981–1986 Subsequently political editor of BBC Wales and Electoral Commissioner
Michael Brunson 1986–2000 Retired
John Sergeant 2000–2002 Retired, previously Political Correspondent of BBC News 1981–1992 and Chief Political Correspondent 1992–2000
Nick Robinson 2002–2005 Political editor of BBC News 2005–2015, now a Today programme presenter
Tom Bradby 2005–2015 Now an ITV News at Ten presenter
Robert Peston 2015–present

Additionally, Colin Mackay has been the political editor for STV News in Scotland since 2019, when he replaced Bernard Ponsonby.

Channel 4 News[edit]

Political editors for Channel 4 News include:

5 News[edit]

ITN produced the 5 News programme for Channel 5 from the channel's launch in 1997 until 2005 and again from 2012, with Sky News providing news coverage in the intervening years. Andy Bell has been the programme's political editor since 1999.

Sky News[edit]

Sky News launched in 1989 with Adam Boulton as political editor. Faisal Islam took over the role in 2014 before moving to the BBC as Economics Editor in 2019. Islam was replaced as Sky's political editor by his former deputy, Beth Rigby.

Print journalism[edit]

The Guardian[edit]

Political editor Tenure Notes
Ian Aitken 1975–1990
Michael White 1990–2006
Patrick Wintour 2006–2015
Heather Stewart 2016–2022
Anushka Asthana 2016–2018 Asthana was political editor in a job share arrangement with Heather Stewart beginning in early 2016
Pippa Crerar 2022–present

The Sun[edit]

Political editor Tenure Notes
Trevor Kavanagh 1983–2005
George Pascoe-Watson 2006–2009
Tom Newton Dunn 2009–2020
Harry Cole 2020–present

The Sunday Times[edit]

Political editor Tenure Notes
Isabel Oakeshott 2010–2014
Tim Shipman 2014–2021
Caroline Wheeler 2021–present [6]

Rest of the world[edit]


ABC News[edit]

Political editor Tenure Notes
Chris Uhlmann 2015–2017 Position created; Political Editor for Nine News 2017-2022 [7][8][9]
Andrew Probyn 2017–present Previously 7.30 Political Editor [10][11][12]


Political editor Tenure Notes
Mark Riley 2004–present [13]

Nine News[edit]

Political editor Tenure Notes
Laurie Oakes 1984–2017 [14][15][16]
Chris Uhlmann 2017–2022 [17][18]
Charles Croucher 2022–present [19][20]

The Australian[edit]

Political editor Tenure Notes
Dennis Shanahan 1989–2021 [21]
Simon Benson 2021–present [22][23]

New Zealand[edit]

United States[edit]


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