Coronavirus HKU15

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Coronavirus HKU15
Electron micrograph of coronavirus HKU15. Scale bar indicates 100 nm.
Virus classification Edit this classification
(unranked): Virus
Realm: Riboviria
Kingdom: Orthornavirae
Phylum: Pisuviricota
Class: Pisoniviricetes
Order: Nidovirales
Family: Coronaviridae
Genus: Deltacoronavirus
Subgenus: Buldecovirus
Coronavirus HKU15
  • Porcine coronavirus HKU15[1]
  • Porcine deltacoronavirus
  • Swine deltacoronavirus

Coronavirus HKU15, sometimes called Porcine coronavirus HKU15 (PorCoV HKU15) is a virus first discovered in a surveillance study in Hong Kong, China,[2] and first reported to be associated with porcine diarrhea in February 2014. In February 2014, PorCoV HKU15 was identified in pigs with clinical diarrhea disease in the U.S. state of Ohio.[3] The complete genome of one US strain has been published.[4] Since then, it has been identified in pig farms in Canada.[5] The virus has been referred to as Porcine coronavirus HKU15, Swine deltacoronavirus and Porcine deltacoronavirus.

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