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A reformer is someone who works for reform.

Reformer may also refer to:

  • Catalytic reformer, a unit in an oil refinery that reforms lighter hydrocarbons into higher octane molecules and hydrogen
  • Methane reformer a unit for producing hydrogen from methane
  • Steam reformer a unit for converting natural gas into hydrogen and carbon monoxide
  • Hydrogen reformer, a device that extracts hydrogen from other fuels, typically methanol or gasoline
  • Kim reformer, a device reforming all carbonaceous substance most efficiently to produce syngas, invented by Dr. Kim, Hyun Yong
  • Protestant Reformers, influential people in the Protestant Reformation
  • Reformers (Hungarian party), an Hungarian political party, which is founded by Andrea Varga-Damm, in may 21, 2021.
  • Reformers Bookshop, an Australian Christian book distributor, with a theology consistent with that of the Protestant Reformers
  • Reformer (Enneagram), a personality type in Enneagram spiritual psychology
  • Pilates reformer, an exercise machine used in the fitness discipline Pilates
  • The Reformers (film), a 1916 film starring Oliver Hardy
  • Reform movement, a type of social movement advocating gradualist change