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Usarudivirus strain
Virus classification Edit this classification
(unranked): Virus
Realm: Adnaviria
Kingdom: Zilligvirae
Phylum: Taleaviricota
Class: Tokiviricetes
Order: Ligamenvirales
Family: Rudiviridae

Rudiviridae is a family of viruses[1] with linear double stranded DNA genomes that infect archaea. The viruses of this family are highly thermostable and can act as a template for site-selective and spatially controlled chemical modification. Furthermore, the two strands of the DNA are covalently linked at both ends of the genomes, which have long inverted terminal repeats.[2] These inverted repeats are an adaptation to stabilize the genome in these extreme environments.[3]


The following genera are assigned to the family:[1]


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