St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Awards 2006

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3rd SLGFCA Awards

January 7, 2007

Best Film:
The Departed

Best Directors:
Martin Scorsese
The Departed

The 3rd St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Awards were given on January 7, 2007.

Top Films of 2006[edit]

(in alphabetical order)

Winners & Nominees[edit]


Best Actor[edit]

Forest Whitaker - The Last King of Scotland as Idi Amin

Best Actress[edit]

Helen Mirren - The Queen as Queen Elizabeth II

Best Animated or Children's Film[edit]


Best Cinematography[edit]

The Painted Veil

Best Director[edit]

Martin Scorsese - The Departed

Best Documentary[edit]

An Inconvenient Truth

Best Foreign Language Film[edit]

El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth) • Mexico/Spain/United States

Best Overlooked Film[edit]

Running with Scissors

Best Picture[edit]

The Departed

Best Screenplay[edit]

The Queen - Peter Morgan

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

Djimon Hounsou - Blood Diamond as Solomon Vandy

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

Jennifer Hudson - Dreamgirls as Effie White

Best Visual/Special Effects[edit]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Most Original, Innovative or Creative Film[edit]

United 93


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