Sukeban (professional wrestling)

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FoundedSeptember 1, 2023; 10 months ago (2023-09-01)
StyleProfessional wrestling
Joshi Puroresu
HeadquartersNew York City
Owner(s)Dream Slam Productions

Sukeban is an American independent women's professional wrestling promotion. In Japanese culture, Sukeban is an ode to the girl gangs in the 60's and 70's, which the promotion is influenced by as the roster is consisted by different units.[1][2]



On September 1, 2023, Sukeban released a press announcing their establishment.[3] Sukeban, referring to girl gangs, combining live action contact of professional wrestling with anime and manga, illustrated by Sakana Koji.[2][4] On September 21, Sukeban held their first event at New York City which aired live on their TikTok account.[5] During the event, Bull Nakano was revealed to be the commissioner of Sukeban, while unveiling the Sukeban Championship.[5]




Ring name Real name Unit Notes
Atomic Banshee Unknown The Vandals
Babyface Unknown Harajuku Stars
Bingo Unknown The Vandals
Commander Nakajima Arisa Nakajima Dangerous Liaisons Sukeban World Champion
Countess Saori Unknown Dangerous Liaisons
Crush Yuu Unknown Cherry Bomb Girls
Ichigo Sayaka Himawari Unagi Harajuku Stars
Lady Antoinette Risa Okuda Dangerous Liaisons
Maya Mamushi Unknown Harajuku Stars
Midnight Player Unknown The Vandals
Otaku-chan Kaori Yoneyama The Vandals
Queen of Hearts Unknown Dangerous Liaisons
Saki Bimi Saki Watanabe Harajuku Stars
Sareee Sari Fujimura Cherry Bomb Girls
Stray Cat Unknown Unaffiliated
Supersonic Natsumi Mizushima Cherry Bomb Girls

Other on-air personnel

Ring name Real name Notes
Bull Nakano Keiko Aoki Commissioner[5]


Ring name Real name Notes
Riko Kaiju TBA Retired[6]


Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held[7] Location Notes
Sukeban World Championship Commander Nakajima 1 December 6, 2023 229+ Miami, FL Defeated Ichigo Sayaka to become the inaugural champion.[8]

Sukeban World Championship

Sukeban World Championship
Date establishedSeptember 22, 2023
Current champion(s)Commander Nakajima
Date wonDecember 6, 2023
First champion(s)Commander Nakajima

The Sukeban World Championship is a women's world professional wrestling world championship created and promoted by the Sukeban promotion. The title, which is situated at the top of Sukeban's championship hierarchy, was introduced on September 22, 2023,[9][10] and the inaugural champion was crowned on December 6, 2023 when Commander Nakajima defeated Ichigo Sayaka to become the inaugural champion.[8]

The championship belt was designed by the Australian designer Marc Newson, who worked in collaboration with the Japanese illustrator Ayako Ishiguro [ja]. Special hats for the wrestlers were created by British milliner Stephen Jones.[11]

No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
Defenses Number of successful defenses
+ Current reign is changing daily
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days Defenses
1 Commander Nakajima December 6, 2023 Sukeban Miami, FL 1 229+ 0 Defeated Ichigo Sayaka to become the inaugural champion. [8]


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