The Invisible Man (1984 film)

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The Invisible Man
Directed byAleksandr Zakharov
Written byAleksandr Zakharov
Andrei Dmitriev
Based onThe Invisible Man
suggested by 1897 novel
by H. G. Wells
CinematographyValery Shuvalov
Edited byYelena Surazhskaya
Music byEduard Artemyev
Release dates
1984 (Soviet Union)
4 February 1985 (Soviet Union)
21 August 1986 (Hungary)
10 April 1987 (East Germany)[1]
Running time
89 minutes
CountrySoviet Union

The Invisible Man (Russian: Человек-невидимка, romanizedChelovek-nevidimka) is a 1984 Soviet science fiction film directed by Aleksandr Zakharov based on the 1897 eponymous novel by H. G. Wells.[2][3]


Dr. Griffin, with no other motive than curiosity, undertakes research on the concept of invisibility. Having become invisible, he finds himself in an unfortunate combination of circumstances consisting of being suspected of murder and hunted down, forced to abandon the notebooks containing the notes of his experiences that would enable him to carry out the opposite process. His former classmate Dr. Kemp promises to find them, but in fact intends to use them himself in search of absolute power.



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