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Virgin Music Group
IndustryEntertainment, Music
United States
Area served
Key people
  • JT Myers (CEO.)
  • Nat Pastor (CEO.)
OwnerUniversal Music Group

Virgin Music Group (VMG) is a global record label founded on 13 September 2022, and owned by Universal Music Group.[1]


On 18 February 2021, Universal Music Group announced Virgin Music Label & Artist Services, a new global network to deliver premium and flexible artist and label services.[2] Seven months after its announcement, Universal Music Group launched Virgin Music Group, as an entertainment and music company, to head operations of Virgin Music Label & Artist Services and Ingrooves.[3] Prior to its launch, UMG appoints Mtheory founders JT Myers, and Nat Pastor, to serve as Co-Chief executive officers of Virgin Music Group.[4]


On 21 February 2023, Virgin Music Group confirm a partnership between its subsidiary Virgin Music Label & Artist Services U.K division of Virgin Music and Modern Sky UK, a UK-based record label. Speaking with Complete Music Update Business Editor Chris Cooke, CEO of Modern Sky UK and North America, David Pichilingi says: “We’re delighted to sign this deal with Virgin Music UK, providing a global team who closely align with our values and ambition”, he goes on. “This deal will allow us to work more effectively globally and we are excited at the prospect of sending Modern Sky to new heights in 2023 alongside our friends and partners at Virgin Music”.[5]


Artistes signed to Virgin Music Group:


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