From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, formerly Long Distance Voter, is a United States-based, nonpartisan[1] 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides online voter guides for every state, including voter registration forms, absentee ballot applications, and information on deadlines, directions, and ID and residency requirements.[2]

History[edit] was founded as Long Distance Voter (LDV) in January 2008 by a group of professional investigators and voter advocates who sought to provide greater access to absentee voting information online.[3][4]

In April 2016, funded by Y Combinator, Long Distance Voter relaunched as with funding with the explicit goal of reaching 100% voter turnout nationally.[5][4][6][7] In Fall 2016, worked with Hustle to run a nationwide SMS peer-to-peer voter registration program in which they sent 3.8 million text messages to nearly 2.8 million low-propensity voters in the final two weeks, including over 980K on election day alone. A quantitative evaluation of this program found that polling location texting significantly both outperformed "make a plan" texting and a no-text control condition by 0.2%.[8]

In March 2018, initiated a campaign (now branded as pushing companies to allow their employees time off to vote on Election Day.[5][9] As of 2020, over 1000 companies had opted to participate.[10]

In the summer of 2019, the organization's board terminated founder and CEO Debra Cleaver, citing "differences in opinion." Cleaver was replaced with former board member Andrea Hailey. This move that proved contentious to donors and partners[11] - donor commitments up to $4 million were withdrawn upon Cleaver’s termination, and scuttled partnerships include ViacomCBS, the Voter Participation Center, and the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund.[11] Cleaver has since founded VoteAmerica, a voter mobilization project that focused on increasing turnout among unlikely voters, especially by mail-in votes, during the 2020 general election.[12] CEO Andrea Hailey has secured new partnerships with organizations like the NAACP Youth and College Division,[13] the Transformative Justice Coalition,[14] the Black Church Action Fund,[15] GLSEN[16] and wikiHow.[17]

In June 2020, filed suit against Maine, in partnership with two citizens and the Alliance for Retired Americans, citing its inaccessible and out-of-date voting system. Some of the most prominent issues that flagged in Maine’s voting system were few voter registration options, a lack of prepaid postage, ballot collection hurdles, an Election Day receipt deadline, and rejection of absentee ballots that had technical defects.[18]'s development of numerous new digital and offline tools in 2020 yielded a number of important milestones for their organization, such as registering 34 million new voters, partnering with over 1,000 companies to allow time off work on Election Day, and feeding 40,500 voters by supplying food trucks to long voter lines.[19]’s partnerships with tech companies like Propel, developer of the Fresh EBT app, allowed for 60,000 low-income participants of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to register to vote before the 2020 election.[20]  

Current Work[edit]

In 2021, urged passage of the For the People Act, a U.S. bill which aims to expand voting rights.[21] also has campaigned heavily against the recent Georgia law requiring ID to vote.


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