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Wiki Science Competition
Official logo of Wiki Science Competition
GenreScientific photography, Nature photography, Scientific illustration
Begins1-15 November [1]
Ends1-15 December [2]
Years active6
Most recent2023
ParticipantsPhotographers, researchers, students
Organised byWikipedia community members

The Wiki Science Competition (WSC) is a global science photography competition for students, researchers, and others to contribute freely licensed high-quality, well-sourced images and other media to Wikimedia Commons.[3][4]

It evolved from the Estonian Science Photo Competition. The first global competition took place in 2017[5] and is held every two years,[6] occurring for most countries around November or December.[7][8] It has been called one of the most important photo competitions in the world.[9] The main organizer of the competition is Ivo Kruusamägi.

The first competition saw participation from over 2,200 contestants, with the number of images exceeding 10,000.[4][6] In 2017, there were five categories: People in Science, Microscopy images, Non-photographic media, Image sets, and a General category. In 2019, a new category, Nature, was added; in 2021, Astronomy was added.[10] A special prize for "Women in STEM" is also offered.[5]

Media are evaluated based on the detail of their description, with sources from high-impact journals, datasets, and other reliable third-parties being prioritized. This incentivizes expert-driven contributions backed by verifiable materials.

Among the countries were it has been launched and regularly held there are Estonia, Switzerland, Ireland, United States, Poland,[11] Ukraine, and Russia (where it is held in Spring).[12]


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