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The following is a partial list of NXP and Freescale Semiconductor products, including products formerly manufactured by Motorola until 2004. Note that NXP and Freescale merged in 2015.[1]


Early microprocessors[edit]

68000 series[edit]

88000 series (RISC)[edit]

PowerPC and Power ISA processors[edit]

ARM cores[edit]


ARM920 based:

  • i.MX1 (MC9328MX1)
  • i.MXL (MC9328MXL)
  • i.MXS (MC9328MXS)

ARM926 based:

  • i.MX21 (MC9328MX21)
  • i.MX23 (MCIMX23)
  • i.MX25 (MCIMX25)
  • i.MX27 (MCIMX27)
  • i.MX28 (MCIMX28)

ARM11 based:

  • i.MX31 (MCIMX31)
  • i.MX35 (MCIMX355)
  • i.MX37 (MCIMX37)

Cortex-A8 based:

  • i.MX51 family (e.g. MCIMX515)
  • i.MX50 family (i.MX508)
  • i.MX53 family (e.g. MCIMX535)

Cortex-A9 based:

  • i.MX6 solo
  • i.MX6 dual
  • i.MX6 quad

Cortex-A7 based:

Cortex-A72 based:


ARM Cortex-A53 and/or ARM Cortex-M4 based:

Layerscape / QorIQ[edit]

ARM Cortex-A7 based:

  • LS1020A
  • LS1021A
  • LS1022A

ARM Cortex-A9 based:

  • LS1024A

ARM Cortex-A53 based:

  • LS1012A
  • LS1043A
  • LS1046A
  • LS1088A

ARM Cortex-A72 based:

  • LS1028A
  • LS2084A/44A
  • LS2048A/44A
  • LS2160A (16x Cortex-A72)[6]


6800 series[edit]



68000 series[edit]


The M·CORE-based RISC microcontrollers are 32 bit processors specifically designed for low-power electronics.[7] M·CORE processors, like 68000 family processors, have a user mode and a supervisor mode, and in user mode both see a 32 bit PC and 16 registers, each 32 bits. The M·CORE instruction set is very different from the 68k instruction set—in particular, M·CORE is a pure load-store machine and all M·CORE instructions are 16 bit, while 68k instructions are a variety of lengths. However, 68k assembly language source code can be mechanically translated to M·CORE assembly language.[8]

The M·CORE processor core has been licensed by Atmel for smart cards.[9]

  • MMC2001
  • MMC2114


ARM11 Application Processor with Modem[edit]

  • MXC275-30 (523MHz, 2.5G/2.75G)
  • MXC300-30 (523MHz, 3G)

ARM Cortex-M cores[edit]

Cortex-M0+ microcontrollers[edit]

  • Kinetis L series
  • Kinetis E series
  • Kinetis M series
  • Kinetis W series

Cortex-M4 microcontrollers[edit]

  • Kinetis K series
  • Kinetis KW2x series

see also: S32K

ARM7 cores[edit]

ARM7TDMI automotive microcontrollers[edit]

  • MAC71xx
  • MAC72xx

TPU and ETPU modules[edit]

The Time Processing Unit (TPU) and Enhanced Time Processing Unit (eTPU) are largely autonomous timing peripherals found on some Freescale parts.

  • MC68332 (TPU)
  • MPC5554 (PowerPC) (eTPU)
  • MPC5777C (PowerPC) (eTPU2+)
  • MCF5232, MCF5233, MCF5234, MCF5235 (ColdFire) (eTPU)

Digital signal processors[edit]

Note: the 56XXX series is commonly known as the 56000 series, or 56K, and similarly the 96XXX is known as the 96000 series, or 96K.

56000 series[edit]

96000 series[edit]

StarCore series[edit]

Note: "There is no native support for floating point operations on StarCore"[10]

  • MSC8101/3 Single SC140 core, 300 MHz (End of life)
  • MSC8102 Quad SC140 core, 275 MHz (Discontinued)
  • MSC8122/26 Quad SC140 core, 500 MHz
  • MSC711x Single SC1400 core, 200/300 MHz (Partly discontinued)
  • MSC8144/E Quad SC3400 core, 1 GHz
  • MSC8156/E Six-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
  • MSC8154/E Quad-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
  • MSC8152 Dual-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
  • MSC8151 Single-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz with MAPLE-B coprocessor
  • MSC8256 Six-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz
  • MSC8254 Quad-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz
  • MSC8252 Dual-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz
  • MSC8251 Single-core SC3850 core, 1 GHz

MEMS Sensors[edit]

  • MMA Series (Multi-G/ Multi-Axis Accelerometers)
  • MPX Series Pressure
  • MPR Series Proximity

Reconfigurable compute fabric device[edit]


  • CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment
  • MQX Real Time Operating System
  • FreeMaster
  • Processor Expert
  • PEG Graphical User Interface Development
  • Sensor Toolkit
  • Wireless Connectivity Toolkit


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