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Modified "primorial" method, called nabla-deltorial[edit]

A modification of the "primorial" method was created, called nabla-deltorial, symbolically designated as ∇Δ(pₙ), and although the initial measurements of the "primorial" were ambitiously aimed at breaking (among other things) also cipher codes, it is still far from that. However, factoring large numbers with divisors of "intermediate" size, i.e. not too high - is supposed to go "surprisingly" smoothly.

The "paper" is available here:

I will soon start writing an entry about it on Wikipedia, its name will be nabla-deltorial ∇Δ      - I recommend it to your attention, and greetings to the titans of work...

BaSzRafael (talk) 11:05, 27 June 2024 (UTC)[reply]

No. Don't do that. If you persist in trying to do things Wikipedia is not meant for, you will be booted from the site. XOR'easter (talk) 21:11, 27 June 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Best wishes[edit]

Saw a comment and was looking forward to arguing with you, but upon mouse-overing your username see that you are under the weather -- will still argue with you, but also hope that you get well soon, or see a timely recovery, or whatever is appropriate to the condition. jp×g🗯️ 22:01, 6 July 2024 (UTC)[reply]

My device doesn't support mouseovering, and my disposition doesn't really support arguing, but adding my own well wishes / positive health vibes to those above 🙏🏽 Folly Mox (talk) 12:26, 7 July 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks both. XOR'easter (talk) 16:44, 8 July 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Was also very sad to see this. Happy to see that you can still turn out excellent edits like this seemingly off-the-cuff, and keeping you in my thoughts. --JBL (talk) 21:33, 8 July 2024 (UTC)[reply]
My thoughts are also with you—just wanted to let you know I'm still (slowly) turning red links blue on bios from your stellar APS fellows lists. Take care of yourself. — Grand'mere Eugene (talk) 23:09, 8 July 2024 (UTC)[reply]