Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming

Diocese of Wyoming

Diœcesis Vymingensis
CountryUnited States
Ecclesiastical provinceProvince VI
Congregations44 (2022)
Members5,776 (2022)
DenominationEpiscopal Church
EstablishedJanuary 30, 1968
CathedralSt Matthew's Cathedral
Current leadership
Location of the Diocese of Wyoming
Location of the Diocese of Wyoming
St. Matthew's Cathedral in Laramie

The Episcopal Church in Wyoming is the diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America with jurisdiction over the state of Wyoming, except for one congregation in western Wyoming which is included in the Episcopal Diocese of Idaho. It was established in 1887 and is in Province VI. Its cathedral, St Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral[1] is in Laramie while the diocesan offices are in Casper.[2][3]

Paul-Gordon Chandler was the 10th bishop of Wyoming. His consecration was held on February 13, 2021, in Laramie, Wyoming, and he served until voluntarily accepting a sentence of deposition from ordained ministry in March 2024.[4] He succeeded John Sheridan Smylie.[5]

Missionary Bishops[edit]

The Missionary District of Idaho and Wyoming was created by the General Convention of October 1886. The first missionary bishop, whom the Diocese of Wyoming counts as its first diocesan bishop, was Ethelbert Talbot, a pioneering bishop who went on to become Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania (subsequently the Diocese of Bethlehem) and Presiding Bishop from 1924-1926.

From 1898-1909 the Episcopal Church in Wyoming was overseen by bishops with other responsibilities. Following Talbot's resignation in 1898, the General Convention, meeting in October that year, added Wyoming to the district overseen by Anson Rogers Graves, who had been elected First Missionary Bishop of Nebraska in 1889.[6] Graves oversaw the diocese concurrently with his work in Nebraska until October 1907. Thereafter James B. Funsten, first Bishop of the Missionary District of Boise in Idaho since 1899, and first Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Idaho from 1907-1918[7] had oversight of the Diocese until the consecration and installation of Nathaniel Thomas in October 1909. Thomas is counted as the second diocesan.

Bishops of Wyoming[edit]

Honorific & Name Dates
1st Ethelbert P.E. Talbot 1887–1898
2nd Nathaniel S. Thomas 1909–1927
3rd Elmer N. Schmuck 1929–1936
4th Winfred Hamlin Ziegler 1936–1949
5th James Wilson Hunter 1949–1969
6th David Thornberry 1969–1977
7th Bob Gordon Jones 1977–1996
8th Bruce Edward Caldwell 1997–2010
9th John Sheridan Smylie 2010–2021
10th Paul-Gordon Chandler 2021–2024

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