List of lighthouses in Puerto Rico

Layout of lighthouses in Puerto Rico as planned by the Spanish government, circa 1885

The lighthouses system of Puerto Rico consists of lighthouses that were built mostly during the last twenty years of the nineteenth century. These served as guides to important marine routes.

In 1869 the Spanish government approved the first plan for Puerto Rico in order to serve the ships that sail through its waters.[1] The lighthouses are located in prominent and isolated areas with good visibility towards the sea. The classification system of the lighthouses of Puerto Rico was based on the characteristics of the lens, and the structure.[2] The lights of the first and second order have a wider light to warn ships of the proximity to land, followed by the minor lights, whose scope was limited to smaller harbors and bays and to connect the primary lights in the system.

In 1898, the United States acquired the lighthouses of Puerto Rico as a result of the Spanish–American War.[3] In 1900, the United States Lighthouse Board acquired responsibility for the aids to navigation. The lights are maintained by the Coast Guard since 1939.

In 1981, the lighthouses of Puerto Rico were listed in the National Register of Historic Places.[3] In 2000, they were included by the Puerto Rican government in the National Register of Historic Properties of Puerto Rico.[2]

The Coast Guard has been transferring responsibility of the lighthouses to local government and conservation organizations. Some of the lighthouses have been fully restored and are open to the public. In 2001, under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act, Cape San Juan Light became the first lighthouse to be transferred to a non-governmental organization in Puerto Rico.[4]

Los Morrillos Light restored by the municipality of Cabo Rojo

List of lighthouses in Puerto Rico[edit]

Mona Island Light was designed by Gustav Eiffel, the only lighthouse built of iron and steel in Puerto Rico.
Guánica Light, the lighthouse is in ruins, though some parts of its unique architectural elements are still visible.
Punta Higuero Light, restored by the municipality of Rincón

The following is a list of lighthouses in Puerto Rico:

Name   Municipality   Established   Tower height
in meters (ft)  
Focal plane
in meters (ft)  
Current status    Current condition  
Los Morrillos Light Cabo Rojo 1882 12 m (40 ft.) 37 m (121 ft) Active Restored for tourism
Punta Higuero Light Rincón 1892 21 m (69 ft) 27 m (90 ft) Active It has been fully restored and is part of the El Faro Park, a tourist and recreation center.
Punta Borinquen Light Aguadilla 1892 18 m (60 ft) 89 m (292 ft) Active Operational
Arecibo Light Arecibo 1898 14 m (46 ft) 36 m (120 ft) Active Restored for tourism
Port San Juan Light San Juan 1846 15.5 m (51 ft) 55 m (181 ft) Active Restored for tourism. Also known as El Morro, Faro de Morro or Faro del Castillo del Morro or Puerto San Juan Light.
Cape San Juan Light Fajardo 1880 14 m (45 ft) 79 m (260 ft) Active Restored for tourism
Guánica Light Guanica 1893 N/A N/A Inactive Ruins
Cardona Island Light Ponce 1889 11 m (36 ft) 14 m (46 ft) Active Good
Caja de Muertos Light Ponce 1887 19 m (63 ft) 91 m (297 ft) Active Restored for tourism
Punta de las Figuras Light Arroyo 1893 15 m (50 ft) N/A Inactive Restored for tourism. Damaged by Hurricane Maria 9/20/17
Punta Tuna Light Maunabo 1892 15 m (49 ft) 34 m (111 ft) Active Restored for tourism. Damaged by Hurricane Maria, 9/20/17.
Mona Island Light Mayagüez
(Mona Island)
1900 16 m (52 ft) N/A Inactive Its condition is considered dire. Unless restored soon, many considered the lighthouse lost.
Punta Mulas Light Vieques 1896 10 m (32 ft) 21 m (68 ft.) Active Restored for tourism
Puerto Ferro Light Vieques 1896 N/A N/A Inactive Abandoned and deteriorating rapidly
Culebrita Lighthouse Culebra 1886 13 m (43 ft) 93 m (305 ft) Active In Ruins
Cabras Island Light Ceiba 1908 N/A N/A Destroyed Abandoned in 1965 and destroyed in 1966

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