List of protected areas of Puerto Rico

Entrance sign to El Yunque National Forest.

The protected areas of Puerto Rico include an array of natural areas in the archipelago of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States, managed by a number of agencies and entities belonging to both federal and commonwealth government bodies. Although Puerto Rico has no natural units in the National Park System, the biodiversity of the island is recognized and protected through a national forest, a national wildlife refuge, a national wilderness, and numerous state parks (called national parks in Puerto Rico[1]), nature reserves, state forests, wildlife preserves and other designations on state, municipal and public-private administration levels.[2][3][4]

Federal level[edit]

El Yunque National Forest

National Estuarine Research Reserves[edit]

National Forests[edit]

Puerto Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay, Vieques

National Natural Landmarks[edit]

National Wild and Scenic Rivers[edit]

National Wilderness Preservation System[edit]

National Wildlife Refuge[edit]

Commonwealth level[edit]

Puerto Rico Northern Karst, Arecibo

Conservation Easement Sites (Servidumbres de conservación)[edit]

Conservation Zones[edit]

Marine Reserves[edit]

Nature Reserves (Reservas Naturales)[edit]

Mona Island ground iguana

Protected Natural Areas (Áreas naturales protegidas)[edit]

La Robleda, Cayey

Research Reserves (Áreas de investigación)[edit]

State Forests (Bosques Estatales)[edit]

Guánica State Forest

State Parks (Parques Nacionales de Puerto Rico) and other protected areas[edit]

Las Casas de la Selva, Patillas

Wildlife Refuges (Refugios de Vida Silvestre)[edit]

Municipal level[edit]


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