Governor of Gagauzia

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Governor of Gagauzia
Gagauz: Gagauz Yeri başkanı
Romanian: Guvernator al UTA Găgăuzia
Russian: Башкан Гагаузии
Evghenia Guțul
since 19 July 2023
General Department of Affairs of the Governor (Bashkan)
StyleHer Excellency
TypeHead of Government
Member ofCabinet of Moldova
Executive Committee of Gagauzia
AppointerUniversal suffrage election (as governor)
President of Moldova (as member of cabinet)[1]
Term lengthFour years, renewable once (consecutively)
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Moldova
Law on Special Legal Status of Gagauzia
Inaugural holderGheorghe Tabunșcic
Formation14 January 1995

The governor of Gagauzia (Başkan (pronounced [ˈbaʃkan])) is the highest political position in Gagauzia, an autonomous territorial unit of Moldova. They chair the Executive Committee of Gagauzia and are an ex-officio member of the Cabinet of Moldova.


The position is created by the 14th article of the law on the legal status of Gagauzia No. 344-XIII (December 23, 1994), which entered into force on 14 January 1995. All state authorities in Gagauzia are subordinate to the governor. The governor is elected by universal, equal, direct, secret and free suffrage on an alternative basis for a term of 4 years. One and the same person can be a governor for no more than two consecutive terms. They must be a citizen of Moldova over 35 years old and know the Gagauz language. The governor can issue decisions and decrees valid throughout the territory of Gagauzia. The governor can also sign or veto laws, appoint the members of the cabinet, and grant pardons when allowed to do so by the People's Assembly.

Governors of Gagauzia[edit]

No. Portrait Name


Office term Political party Notes
1 Gheorghe Tabunșcic

(born 1939)

19 June 1995 24 September 1999 Party of Communists Massive economic recession during tenure
2 Dumitru Croitor

(born 1959)

24 September 1999 21 June 2002 Independent Forced to resign under pressure from the PCRM due to abuses of power
- Valeriu Ianioglo

(born 1957) Acting

21 June 2002 10 July 2002 Independent Appointed interim governor by Croitor, rejected by the People's Assembly of Gagauzia
- Ivan Kristioglo

(born 1952) Acting

10 July 2002 29 July 2002 Independent Appointed interim governor by the People's Assembly, tenure struck down by the Supreme Court of Justice of Moldova
- Gheorghe Mollo

(born 1939) Acting

29 July 2002 9 November 2002 Independent Sought the expansion of the Moldovan language in Gagauzia
3 Gheorghe Tabunșcic

(born 1939)

9 November 2002 29 December 2006 Party of Communists Sought to rewrite the constitution of Moldova to create a federalized state. Lost his re-election bid.
4 Mihail Formuzal

(born 1959)

29 December 2006 15 April 2015 Party of Regions Russophile, declared that Gagauzia has a right to self determination in the event of the Unification of Moldova and Romania.
5 Irina Vlah

(born 1974)

15 April 2015 19 July 2023 Party of Socialists First female governor, granted a seat on the Supreme Security Council.
6 Evghenia Guțul

(born 1986)

19 July 2023 Incumbent Independent Russophile, elected as a member of the Șor Party until the party's outlawing, took office as an Independent.

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