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Bloody Disgusting
  • Film[1]
  • Advertising
  • Podcast network
  • Streaming media
  • Online press
  • Television
  • Information services
  • Management[2]
Founded2001; 21 years ago (2001)
Key people
  • Brad Miska (Co-Head/Co-Founder)
  • Tom Owen (Co-Head/Co-Founder)
  • Peter Luttrell (Partner)[3]
  • Heather Luttrell (Partner)
  • Michael Green (Partner)[3]
  • Brad Miska, Tod Owen, Peter & Heather Luttrell (2001-2021)
  • The Collective (2007-2021)[4][5]
  • SHE Media Collective (investment partner)[6]
  • AMC Theatres (Collaborative business partner)[7]
  • Cinedigm (2021-present)
ParentCinedigm Corp.[3]
  • The Bloody Disgusting Podcast
  • Bloody Disgusting Selects
  • BloodyDisgusting TV
  • BloodyFM

Bloody Disgusting is an American multi-media company, which began as a horror genre-focused news site/website specializing in information services that covered various horror medias, including: film, television, video games, comics, and music. The company expanded into other media including advertising, podcast networking, film, television, streaming media, and management.

The film production studio, is perhaps most widely known for developing and producing the V/H/S franchise, which includes anthology horror installments.


Bloody Disgusting was founded in 2001 by Brad Miska (under the pseudonym "Mr. Disgusting") and Tom Owen,[8] who run the site along with current managing editor John Squires. By 2007, the site had 1.5 million unique visitors and 20 million page views each month.[9] In September 2007 a minority stake was purchased by The Collective, a Beverly Hills–based management company.[10] In 2011 Bloody Disgusting began distributing and producing films[11] that have gone on to win awards and spawned the successful V/H/S franchise.

In 2011, Bloody Disgusting partnered with The Collective and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. to create a distribution company named Bloody Disgusting Selects. The new subsidiary specialized in providing a wider release for independent filmmakers. The company purchased distribution rights from movies that were initially released at film festivals, with locations at AMC Theatres handling exclusive theatrical release. After this, the movies were distributed by the conglomerate through The Collective's partnership with Vivendi Universal and on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD platforms.[7][12]

Bloody Disgusting has notably worked on projects with genre writers, directors, and actors including, but not limited to: Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett, David Bruckner, Roxanne Benjamin, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, Amy Seimetz, TI West, Radio Silence, Glenn McQuaid, Steven C Miller, Jonny Weston, Jason Eisner, Eduardo Sanchez, Greg Hale, Gareth Evans, Timo Tjahjanto, Marcel Sarmiento, Nacho Vigalondo, Patrick Horvath, Sion Sono, and Trent Haaga.[citation needed]

In October 2021, Cinedigm purchased Bloody Disgusting from co-oweners/co-founders Brad Miska and Tom Owen, business parters Peter Lutrell and Heather Lutrell, and part-owner Michael Green who's company The Collective had previously owned a large stake in the company. Cinedigm intends to expand Bloody Disgusting on a large scale.[3] In October 2021, Cinedigm assigned management of their subsidiary streaming service Screambox, to the Bloody Disgusting team. The collaboration will reinvent the streaming service, with intent to expand its content and original releases.[13] In November 2022, the relaunch of the new "Bloody Disgusting approved" Screambox was announced. The streaming service included a redesign, change in cost, increase in variety of content, and accessibility changes. Upon its launch, the streamer included over 700 available titles. Bloody Disgusting's original streaming service, Bloody Disgusting TV, was moved into Screambox navigation.[14]

Film production[edit]

As Bloody Disgusting grew, it evolved into a film production company, releasing horror genre favorites and award-winning films.

Bloody Disgusting Selects[edit]

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