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Bob Murawski
Robert Lee Murawski

(1964-06-14) June 14, 1964 (age 59)
Other namesDutch Murawski
Occupation(s)Film editor, distributor
SpouseChristina "Chris" Innis (2008–present)

Bob Murawski (born June 14, 1964) is an American film editor. He was awarded the 2010 Academy Award for Best Film Editing for his work on The Hurt Locker, which he shared with his wife, fellow editor Chris Innis. He often works with film director Sam Raimi, having edited the Spider-Man trilogy, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.[1] Murawski is an elected member of the American Cinema Editors,[2] and is (with Sage Stallone) the co-founder of Grindhouse Releasing, an acclaimed film distribution company specializing in re-releases of cult films.

Early life[edit]

Murawski was born in Bad Axe, Michigan, and grew up in the thumb of the state. He was the valedictorian at his high school in Bad Axe, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan State University with a major in Telecommunications.


Soon after graduation, he interned with Detroit-based film sub-distributor, Bob Mason of Mason Releasing. Murawski then moved to Hollywood, where he worked as an assistant editor on several films, including Raimi's comic-book-inspired picture Darkman.[1]

Film editing[edit]

Murawski has largely worked as a film editor, primarily for director/producer Sam Raimi, on films including Army of Darkness, The Gift, Drag Me to Hell and the Spider-Man series of films. He also co-edited the Academy Award winning film, The Hurt Locker with editor Chris Innis.[1] Raimi has said of working with Murawski

He’d come (down to the set) to see how things were going and to let me know if he’d just cut something that wasn’t working the way he’d wanted it to, or to suggest a pick-up shot I should get for a piece he felt we needed in a sequence I hadn’t realized I needed. He’s very detail-oriented... So we’re very close collaborators.

Raimi finds editing with Murawski to be "relaxing", adding

I love it... I can watch the film come together, so it’s a time of discovery for me as Bob and I fit all the pieces together.[3]

Murawski has also cut music videos for such groups as The Ramones, Motörhead, and Sublime.[1] Bob Murawski appears in the documentary 78/52 directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, a post-modern breakdown of the iconic shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.[4] He is represented by International Creative Management (ICM).[1]

Film distribution[edit]

In 1995, born out of a mutual love for rare and unseen cult films, Bob Murawski and actor/director and son of Sylvester Stallone, Sage Stallone formed Grindhouse Releasing.[5] Murawski continues to run Grindhouse and partner Box Office Spectaculars, both companies that restore, preserve, and distribute classic cult and Euro-horror films. The two labels have digitally remastered classic cult films such as The Swimmer starring Burt Lancaster, The Big Gundown starring Lee Van Cleef and Tomas Milian, Lucio Fulci's spaghetti-horror masterpiece, E tu vivrai nel terrore (a.k.a. The Beyond) as well as Italian cannibal films Make Them Die Slowly (a.k.a. Cannibal Ferox), Cannibal Holocaust, American cult film I Drink Your Blood (1970) (directed by David E. Durston), and director Juan Piquer Simón's cult horror film, Pieces. The company is currently presenting the release of An American Hippie in Israel (on Blu-ray/DVD) and Duke Mitchell's previously unreleased independent feature, Gone with the Pope (screening theatrically).[1] Box Office Spectaculars and Grindhouse has also handled the theatrical re-release and negative restoration of director Sam Raimi's cult horror film, The Evil Dead as well as helming the digital restorations (in association with Columbia Pictures/Sony) of the rare spaghetti western The Big Gundown and The Swimmer directed by Frank Perry.[6][7]

Personal life[edit]

Murawski is married to film editor Christina "Chris" Innis. The two editors met while working together on the Universal/CBS television series American Gothic and married in 2008.[8] The pair has worked together on the Academy Award winning film The Hurt Locker, and on several Sam Raimi productions such as The Gift, and Spider-Man, as well as collaborating on Grindhouse Releasing/Box Office Spectaculars releases.[1]

Selected filmography[edit]

Film editing[edit]

Film distributor[edit]

  • Cannibal Ferox (a.k.a. Make them Die Slowly) - (Grindhouse Releasing) - released LD: 1997; VHS: 1999: DVD: July 2000, Blu-ray: 2015
  • Cat in the Brain (a.k.a. Nightmare Concert, Un gatto nel cervello) - (Box Office Spectaculars) - released LD: 1998, DVD: 2009
  • The Beyond (a.k.a. Seven Doors of Death, E tu vivrai nel terrore! L'aldilà) - (Grindhouse Releasing) - released DVD: October 2000, re-released 2008, Blu-ray: 2015
  • I Drink Your Blood (a.k.a. Hydro-Phobia) - (Box Office Spectaculars) - released DVD: 2002; re-released 2006
  • Cannibal Holocaust - (Grindhouse Releasing) - released DVD: 2005, re-released 2008, Blu-ray: 2014
  • Pieces (a.k.a. Mil gritos tiene la noche) - (Box Office Spectaculars) - released DVD: October 2008
  • Gone with the Pope (a.k.a. Kiss the Ring) - (Box Office Spectaculars / Grindhouse Releasing) - released 2010 (theatrical), 2015 (Blu-ray/DVD combo)
  • An American Hippie in Israel (a.k.a. Ha-Trempist, The Hitch Hiker) - (Box Office Spectaculars / Grindhouse Releasing) (Blu-ray/DVD release, 2013)
  • Corruption - (Box Office Spectaculars / Sony Pictures) (Restoration, Blu-ray/DVD release, 2013)
  • The Big Gundown (a.k.a. La resa dei conti) - (Box Office Spectaculars / Sony Pictures) (Restoration, Blu-ray/DVD release, 2013)
  • The Swimmer - (Box Office Spectaculars / Sony Pictures) (Restoration, Blu-ray/DVD release, 2014)
  • Massacre Mafia Style - (Box Office Spectaculars) Blu-ray/DVD release 2015

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