Bone Box

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Bone Box
Bone Box.jpg
Studio album by
Chris Bailey and the General Dog
Recordedlate 2004
StudioSous Sol Studios, Amsterdam
GenrePunk rock, alternative rock, rock, folk
LabelLiberation Blue
ProducerGeneral Dog

Bone Box is an acoustic 15-track collection of Saints and solo material recorded in Amsterdam by Chris Bailey and The General Dog.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "(I’m) Stranded"*
  2. "No Time"*
  3. "Let's Pretend"
  4. "In the Mirror"
  5. "All Fools Day"
  6. "Marie Antoinette"
  7. "Love or Imagination"
  8. "Grain of Sand"
  9. "This Perfect Day"*
  10. "MissUnderstood"*
  11. "Nights in Venice"*
  12. "Know Your Product"*
  13. "Ghost Ships"
  14. "Casablanca"
  15. "Just Like Fire Would"

All Tracks:copyright Lost Music/Mushroom Music Publishing except* published by Saints Music/Mushroom Music Publishing


  • Chris Bailey – voice, guitar, composer, producer
  • Caspar Wijnberg – voice, bass, organ, didgeridoo, rainsticks, sound engineer/ producer
  • Peter Wilkinson – voice, drum, percussion
  • Adam-Bar-Pereng – piano, organ
  • Sahand Sahebdivani – tar