Cheeky Vimto

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Cheeky Vimto
Cheeky Vimto (left)
TypeMixed drink
Servedneat or with ice
Standard drinkware
Pub glass
Commonly used ingredients

A Cheeky Vimto is an alcoholic cocktail.[1]


The cocktail is made up of ruby port and Blue WKD. Though the owners of Vimto decided they would not manufacture an alcopop version, the company has encouraged its use as a mixer.[2] Many establishments give the Cheeky Vimto other names in order to avoid breaching the trademark of the soft drink. A variation consisting of the port and WKD, without the Vimto, was described in Amy Winehouse's biography as one of her beverages of choice.[3] In May 2018 WKD released a canned version of their drink called "Cheeky V", described as "Port Blue and Lemonade Flavour".[4]

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